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While in Santa Cruz last weekend my sister and I
shopped a funky little bookstore where
I found a little weekend reading...

It came with a few ooohs...

and a couple ahhhhs...

and lots of
'ohh, I Love this!'

It's par for the course when finding the
latest copy of

I am drooling over that bedskirt.

and this dining space and kitchen
~ love~

I am always so excited when I find that a new issue has come out
This one is fantastic as usual and I will be delving into it over and over.
I also found another good read at the same bookstore

Beach Cottage style is another love of mine.
The sand, the surf, the starfish and shells...

Colorful, bright and cheery.
Relaxed, casual, warm and inviting.

The rooms are always breezy and beautiful.

Loving this magazine as well.

So fun to find a new favorite bookstore in Santa Cruz
especially since Borders has closed it doors.
I always enjoy stopping to pop my head in a couple local shops downtown.
Santa Cruz is an interesting, funky beach town if you have never been.
So while the kids were at the Boardwalk ~ my sister and I shopped.

While we shopped,
we might have had a little mishap that involved
an uneven sidewalk
my right ankle
and a cup of freshly brewed Peets coffee...
Well, it kept us laughing for hours AND I saved the coffee!
Only a few drops spilled!

Did I ever tell you that I am a great source of entertainment?

I am finishing up a couple of projects this weekend~
I will be off to the fabric store this morning and am keeping my fingers crossed that
they have what I am looking for.


Also since it is my Birthday month...
I just might be adding a little something to the
to help celebrate
Don't forget to enter!!
You can find the details

Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. Aside from your mishap, it sounds like a lovely time! That magazine surely is "dangerous" in, dangerous to my wallet, since I'd want to buy everything in it!

  2. I picked up that same issue of Country French and have devoured it! I pour over the pages and just love getting so many great ideas! :-)

  3. My husband always tries to guess what part of the house or garden I will tear up next when he sees the books and magazines I am reading! LOL! Inspiration!


  4. These pictures look like they came right out of your home, Courtney!! Beautiful. It sounds like you both had a wonderful day...I love beachy little towns!! Take care of that ankle!


  5. I have the Country French book too already and then picked up another one because I forgot I had one already. Funny that my cover is different, but the same title.

  6. Thisphotos is making me feel so peacefull in à them all, thanks for sharing / Marie

  7. Yaay, I can't wait to hit the bookstore!! I feel like Christmas morning when these new issues come out!!

  8. Great eye candy for sure. So many things to love in those images. Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you didn't hurt your ankle too bad.

  9. The pictures remind me of your wonderful style! Hoping the ankle is ok!

  10. I am going to santa Cruz for the first time in early October...any shopping tips? or fun, casual dining?

  11. Love the photos!
    Happy birthday! I just turned the big 4-0 last week! Fun, fun! (and I really mean that!)


  12. I just found your blog, it is very well designed. Just added it to my Favs. Thanks

  13. I absolutely love this magazine and will definitely be picking up this issue, as well! Glad you had a great time, but sorry for the mishap (great save on the coffee though). LOL

  14. I am LOVING your blog! Thank you so much for your comment on mine, I will absolutely link it to your linky party!

    Oh, and I am your newest follower!

  15. I've got to go right out and get mine! It's the magazine I always save.
    Sorry to hear about your spaz dance- hope you're on the mend!

  16. Thanks, Courtney. I did not realize that the latest edition of Country French Magazine was out. I love it, too! :D

  17. Thanks for giving me inspiration. I love checking out what you've come up with. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Yay! Check it out.

  18. I too have tracked down the lastest issue of French Country Magazine. It isn't easy to find.
    Don't know if I'll bother again because I found it to be the most disappointing issue. Colors too bland, very few accessories and nothing much that says "pretty".
    You have the best of the mag on your blog there simply was nothing else for me. And it cost $10!