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We came.
We saw.
We junked!

My friend Sandy from the Olive and Rose and I went junking on Friday -
and what a day we had!!!

We laughed A LOT!
We cried a little.
We got lost...
we even found a few treasures
in all the junk.

The day started off at
a flea market/auction/ farmers market
Meandering the aisles, we found several interesting little trinkets,
sorted through rusty crusty stuff and
we came upon this little treasure.

I thought it was so cute that this little guy was manning the booth
and just standing there just like this on his toy car!
Loved it.

After the flea,
we headed north towards a couple of big Estate sales in another town
and chatted away so much so that we missed the exit.
We ended up heading up to Newcastle and we stopped to shop
Andersons Junk.

(Old friends!)

Mr. Junk proceeded to tell us he had already been to the sales
and cleaned out all the good stuff..
including this darling stack of vintage wheelbarrows.

He has TONS of great treasures to be found in shop- if you are in the area- stop on by!
Sandy found a few pieces for her booth at Remnants and then we grabbed a
quick bite to eat.

When we finally found one of the Estate sales we found another treasure.
A sweet lady named Nancy.
She is a caregiver & we spent a few minutes chatting with her about things
and she told us about a woman she cared for who was very special to her.

The woman who had been disabled by polio since she was 18 years old
and was unable to live on her own.
When she ran out of money for care
Nancy moved her into her own home and took care of her for 3 years.
During that time, Nancy asked her what she had always wanted to do
or where she wanted to go and for those 3 years,
they tried to do some of those things.
Just before the woman passed away,
she told Nancy that the past 3 years of her life were the best.

you know what happened next.
Nancy was crying.
Then I started crying.
Then Sandy started crying.

It was so touching...
what an incredible person Nancy is.
Sandy and I felt so blessed to have met her.

After regaining our composure...
we headed to the Antique Trove for a quick look
where we not only found lots of fabulous booths filled with treasures...

We even found the perfect man.
Yeah, Sandy and I were fighting over him..
(Aren't you just loving that outfit?)

After that awesome find...
we knew we couldn't top it so it was time to pack it in
and head home.

I didn't find much but did pick up this little treasure along the way...
I am LOVING it...

I'll share more of it at Feathered Nest Friday~
See you tonight!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! Junking is always more friend when you can do it with a friend. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a FUN day, and an inspiring story!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Charming post, of course you went to all my places so fun for me to see you ladies having fun, I even know that dog Ha! Surprised we did not run into each other I was there on Friday morning! Was fun to hear about your day and the pic of you two is adorable :)

  4. Looks like lots of fun. I think the 'found treasures', were the great people you met. Great stories! Thanks for sharing them.

  5. New junker here. I think i'm addicted. Lol.

  6. What a wonderful day filled with a lot of treasures!

  7. Wow! I'm in tears thinking about what a wonderful lady Nancy is! Imagine doing that for another person - what an inspiration!

    It sounds like you had a fun day out! Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a fun day. I just spent the day with my mom and sister doing the same thing.

  9. It sounds like a great day! And I love the story about Nancy!

    Great find on the copper piece. It is beautiful.

    Have a great day.

  10. Great story about Nancy...and I would really like to hear more about the male mannequin and those CLOTHES! LOL Sounds like you had a wonderful day! xo Diana

  11. What a fun time you two had! I love the little dog and the stacked wheel barrows. The people you meet treasure hunting are the icing on the cake, aren't they? ~ Tina

  12. What a fantastic day Courtney! And I totally needed to hear Nancy's story tonight to help put some things into perspective. Thanks for that my friend! :-)

  13. Aaah, that such a lovely story about Nancy. How moving!

    I love your new find. It looks gorgeous with the flowers. Yum!


  14. Fun fun! That mannequin is a creeper!!! lol Somebody wore that plaid outfit at some point!! Ugg. Hysterical!...but the best part was the little doggie on the toy. Love those unusual things that happen. So cool that you captured it!

  15. oh so fun....and that is the perfect man!


  16. What a great day to spend with a friend. I love the man, he is truly perfect. :)

  17. Thanks for capturing our day Courtney..I had sooooo much fun and dont think we can ever recreate the moments! But I sure would like to try again!!

  18. Courtney,
    Sounds like a fun day and that was a great story about Nancy...the world needs more people like her:) See ya tonight!


  19. Such a fun day, and such fun things. And what a treasure Nancy is. Too bad there aren't more like her, huh?

  20. What fun! Love the "Perfect Man"!

  21. Your day sounds so great. Spending it with a good friend, making new friends and seeing an old friend. I love the galvanized bucket and with the roses its just so French. I have to say I much I love those pics from your Ruffles post. Gorgeous!

    The French Hutch

  22. That little dog is too cute! I haven't been able to do much junking lately but hoping to this weekend!


  23. Sounds like such a wonderful fun day of junkin!
    Love the sweet story from Nancy!
    Love your treasure too!
    Can't wait to see ya tonight!
    hugs, Cheryl