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I searched high and low for the perfect very first candidate
for a makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk paint.
It had to be just the right piece...

I think I must be the last blogger out there who hasn't tried it...
but today...
I got my chalk paint on!

I have had this little red mirror for probably 6 or 7 years.
A thrift find for $15.00 if I remember correctly
It's dainty in size...

but covered in charming details.
I love red- it's one of my favorite colors...
but I have long pondered painting this white, or pink...
or more recently...
Duck Egg Blue

That lovely pale shabby creamy delicious blue...
Somewhere between old sea green
faded farmhouse blue
with maybe some gray & white mixed in...
it's gorgeous.

So the red mirror got a little chalk paint makeover
with Duck Egg blue...
and I have to say...

I'm loving it.

Loving it.

Loving it!

Can't wait to paint the next piece!!

Have you tried Chalk Paint yet?
If so, what are your thoughts on it?

See you tonight
Feathered Nest Friday!


  1. Oh, that is to die for...I had never heard of Annie Sloane but am going to find something to try this paint on!

  2. LOL, at when I saw that first pic I thought......oh, she didn't paint that sweet mirror red ;) i love red too. but ever so much better now that you've done your thing. btw, i haven't tried annie sloan yet either. but it's on the list!

  3. Excellent color selection, Courtney. That looks beautiful. I must be the last person who hasn't given chalk paint a try now :)

  4. Courtney that is a very unique frame, I'm working on this beautiful baroque frame for my booth, it will serve as my store's sign.
    I've still yet to try Annie's paints, but plan on doing so in the future, so much to do to get ready for my opening.
    Your project is wonderful, and the mirror is so vintage and pretty, tami

  5. LOVE it! You really need to sell it to me! lol xoxoxo

  6. I absolutely love how the mirror turned out! So vintage with an update!

  7. I still haven't tried ASCP ... but every time I see the duck egg blue I love it even more! Your mirror turned out so pretty!

  8. Very pretty! I think I am going to get Duck Egg Blue the next time I buy ASCP! I love it on the mirror frame!~Hugs, Patti

  9. This is my favorite color too! I bought some at Mes Amis :)

    Your mirror is beautiful!!


  10. You are not the last to try AS chalk paint...I have yet to give it a go but love the look it creates. Beautiful mirror, I especially like the starburst at top...very unique.

  11. Duck egg blue is one of my favorites, it looks great! My daughter just tried coco and she loves it!

  12. oh wow! You did a great job! Beautiful.


  13. I just love Annie Sloan Chalkpaint. Every sense I found it I have not stopped painting with it. You can paint anything with it. Duck egg blue is my all time favorite. I love the mirror it is stunning. Happy Painting!

  14. You are not the last person, there is me! I just posted tonight that I just now bought some myself. It's about to go on my hutch. I'm a little nervous but excited to give it a try!

  15. Oh gosh, I forgot to say how much I love the mirror!! I wish I had gotten some duck egg now. Wonderful color and perfect for the mirror.

  16. I love anything, in any shade of aqua. This is no exception. Looks darling. How did you like the ASCP?

  17. Hey Courtney! I haven't tried the chalk paint yet. I would love to though. A friend gave me a link though to make your own chalk paint, so I'm going to try that first actually :)

    The mirror looks amazing! I love the color you picked and everything!

  18. Your sweet mirror looks even prettier painted soft blue.
    I have tried the AS Chalk Paint and I like it, but not the price!
    I have tried making my own and it looks just as good.


  19. The little red mirror looks fantastic in Duck Egg Blue, Courtney! Great piece to choose for your first project.

  20. It is gorgeous Courtney! I love the new color.
    I also love chalk paint, but the waxing not so much.

  21. Gorgious! I too love red but your transformation is enough to make me turn my back on the color all together! Love how you have it stages also.

    And you are not the last blogger to have tried chalk paint, I still havn't gotten my hands on any. And then I'll have to find something to paint, which shouldn't be a problem, but like you it needs to be just the right thing.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  22. I can't believe it! I have been eying up a mirror EXACTLY like the one you just painted, but it is priced at $68 which I think is way too high. Yours looks fabulous painted with ASCP!

    No. You are not the last one to try the paint. I've got my project picked out, but that's as far as I've gotten.

  23. Very pretty! I have heard/seen chalk paint recently on a few blogs lately....I hear it's all the rage right now. It looks beautiful.

  24. LOL! Your not the last to use chalk paint, I still haven't taking the plunge!

    The color you picked for the mirror is amazing! Such a unique shape for the mirror, I love it.

  25. Courtney, this is one of my favorite ASCP colors! Your mirror looks amazing! This is a lovely transformation!

  26. What a transformation! I just recently tried ASCP and am really liking it.

  27. Actually I think I am the last one on earth that has not tried that paint...I.must.find.some! Beatiful job!

  28. OMGosh that's gorgeous! I love that Duck Egg Blue and what a wonderful find in that mirror.

  29. I can see why you are loving it! I just got my paint as well (slow off the mark as usual) in Duck Egg and Old White and have been "playing" but didn't paint a piece yet. Maybe I will do it tonight.

  30. I know what you mean by LOVING the chalk paint! I, too, just recently tried it....and LOVE IT! Your mirror turned out gorgeous!!

  31. Heard of the paint, but never used it yet. The mirror looks like a million bucks!

  32. I think I need some chalk paint in my life.....

  33. I'm loving it too Courtney! That blue is so perfectly you! Vanna

  34. I haven't tried it how this came out!

  35. The mirror turned out just lovely ~ I must find some chalk paint. ;-)

  36. I've not tried Annie Sloan's paint probably mostly because I'd have to order it online since there's no place around here to purchase it. And I'm wondering....does anyone out there use her paint without distressing it and/or waxing it? I'm just not that into the distressed look all the time.... But I do so love your mirror in this color!

  37. This is so beautiful! The color couldn't be more perfect. I made some of my own chalk paint and love it! Thing is I haven't used the "real" chalk paint so can't compare.

  38. What a pretty mirror!! It looks beautiful in blue!! I love chalk paint... going to try and make my own soon :)

  39. Love your batty mirror and white pumpkin mantle! Thanks for stopping by from FJI to say hi. I'll be back to peruse when I get some time. So much goodness to see! :)

  40. You did such a beautiful job Courtney! I love the color you chose for your mirror!