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What is it about little white pumpkins...

& delicate dainty roses?

A teeny tiny pale cutie...

or maybe several of them
nestled up to a bouquet of pink & pale peach roses

just beautiful.

I love Autumn.
It's earthy colors, falling leaves, pumpkins
and warm days and cool nights.
But truth be told...
oranges and rusty reds are not my favorite colors
for the season.

I love bold pinks, pale peaches, creamy whites & vibrant lime greens.
With sweet white pumpkins and shabby old paint...

I'm smitten.

This weathered potting stand was a yard sale find several years back
This is just how it looked when I picked it up-
minus lots of dirt and cobwebs.

It was inside an old shed & when I pulled it out
and saw it's dreamy chippy paint...
well let's just say I couldn't get my $20.00 out fast enough.

The paint appears to be decades old
It's worn. It's faded.
It's missing more in some areas than it has left...

It's perfect.

So excited to share a couple projects coming up-
one of which involves chalk paint!
Whoo whoo!!
Thank you to Robyn Story Designs for sending some my way!

See you Thursday for Feathered Nest Friday!