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Spooky Kmart Halloween Party

Our schools have a break in the fall-

which is great for a mini vacation and get away...
but not so great for a having a Halloween party.

To include out of town friends,

my daughter and I planned an early get-together

and went to Kmart for supplies.


Vintage inspired lanterns from Kmart light the steps to the front door


a branch becomes a spooky tree with a little black spray paint

and bats nesting among it's leaves.

a creepy skeleton greets you at the door
and invites you to
if you dare...

With just a few changes to my white fall mantel-
it was ready for Halloween

The feather boas are from the costume department
They are fantastic as garland and I also made them into wreaths
to use as accents for the french doors and dining chairs

A black mesh overlay works perfectly as a tablecloth

What's on the menu you ask?
Crusty heels... Roasted rump... Eye of newt punch..among other things
and there are treats and candy on the table

but you better hurry before they are all gone.

A portrait of a special partygoer that has been lingering
from another time joins the fun.

Be careful not to get too close...
She's not very friendly.

It seems one of our guests missed the party

We wondered where she was.

The witches tights and hat are from the costume department.

My daughter enjoyed picking out some of the more 'creepy' treats
(the 'hand' is her favorite- though the portrait is a close 2nd)
and we had lots of fun getting the party together!

For great deals and ideas for your own party, decorations or the perfect costumes-
check out all thats going on right now at Kmart's 50 ft Party website.
Plus you can enter to win a Monster Bash Halloween party on
Kmart's Facebook page as well!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for collective bias
but all the designs and opinions are my own.

Happy Haunting!!!


  1. Ooooh you did an AWESOME job on your party!! LOVE It!

  2. That skeleton at the door is too spooky!! Great ideas.

  3. Great job Courtney! Perfectly spooky and whimsical!! xo

  4. I love all your decor. Great inspiration!

  5. Hi Courtney~what an amazing job you have done!!! I love the witches legs in the!!


  6. Great job with the decorations! I love all your great ideas, thanks for sharing!
    ( I made a wreath with a black feather boa too! Mine has spooky "eyes" on it!)

  7. Fantastic job! So impressed you did it at Kmart. Amazing ideas.

  8. This is the best Halloween decorating I have seen Courtney! Kmart is lucky to have you~the mantel is fantastic without being tacky..a hard line to walk at Halloween.

  9. Oh Courtney!!!

    This is soooo perfect!!! I really love what you've done to your home for Halloween!!! Too bad I don't live close to a K-mart, otherwise I'd hop on it and buy some of that awesome stuff!!! Absolutely fantastic!!! You've given me some great ideas to decorate for next year...this year our home is still in that "fixer-upper" phase where most of it is in complete chaos! lol


    P.S. I am hosting my first giveaway on my blog, and would love for you to join if you are interested. :)

  10. Love what you did with all those goodies. I'm a bit anti-Kmart right now but I do love everything you did here!


  11. Wow, you did good! That hand and legs in the urn, how creative and spooky!

  12. So cute, Courtney, you girls did great! Love the tights and that black mesh looks fab! xoxo

  13. What a FABULOUS party!!! Love everything. You are full of great ideas Courtney.

  14. This is right up my alley Courtney. I love Halloween and parties. This year my boy are not having a party. I think because we just had a big one in August and we are kinda partied out. I still decorated though. I love your decorations. I just was in Kmart the other day, been a long while since. We do not have one that close to us.

  15. Fall greetings, Courtney!

    Spooktacular! I loooove the witch's legs sticking out of the urn! So creative...Haha I think I just may have to try that and, while I'm at it, enlist the assistance of my 7-year old grandniece to have some Halloween fun. Great ideas! Thanks.

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  16. Great, spooky and whimsical Halloween decor, I love it, specially the black feathered wreath. Have a terrific week! FABBY

  17. FABULOUS!!! Love, love, LOVE the decorations!! :)

  18. Awesome decorating! I love what you did and the kids will have a blast! andrea@townandprairie

  19. I have never seen Halloween look so chic & pretty, yet spooky all that the same time. Of course, YOU would pull it off! Love it.

  20. Your Halloween decor is just so cool & spooky. I love it!

  21. Hello Courtney! Your Halloween decor looks like it came out of a Martha Stewart Living Magazine! I love it! I just found your blog, and I am your newest follower. Thanks for your inspiration! Who knows, I have a Kmart 40 minutes away. Might have to make a little road trip!! :)
    Have a great Sunday,

  22. Now that is Halloween
    the way I like it! Can't
    wait to share this post
    with my 16 year old.
    Next year, when she is
    a senior, she wants to
    throw a big Halloween
    bash and she will love
    all your great decorating
    xx Suzanne

  23. Spooky! I love the portrait with the glowing red eyes AND the ghoul hanging on your front door. I can almost hear the door creak.

  24. Courtney, your Halloween decorations are so cute *and* creeptastic. I love the witch who missed the party, LOL! Too, too cute.

  25. Wow, this is all fabulous!! Thanks for the great resource...will be checking out Kmart tomorrow!!

  26. How I wish I knew how to make things look like that. So professional! Such talented women bloggers..and I enjoyed visitng your blog and looking at your idea better than any home magazine I have read lately. Wonderful!!

  27. Your party looks amazing!!! Love all the creepy little details! Wonderful job :)

    Coley @

  28. Spooky Halloween post! Great ideas and nice creepy details. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  29. You did an outstanding job ... everything looks fabulously spooky! I can't pick a fave ... you sure now how to throw a party!

  30. You've thought of everything. Looks great. Love the boa garland.

  31. i love everything you do!!! shared, pinned, tweeted, etc. XOXOX here's my Eerie Soiree:

  32. You are so clever. Everything looks great! laurie

  33. My goodness, what fun decor. I love the black feathers the most.

  34. I'm not a big on Halloween decorations, but this is too fun! Love your branches with bats and mantle!

  35. That is fantastic! I love the black and white... Great job!

  36. Seeing your photos is always a much halloweeny fun. Really cool.

  37. Absolutely fabulous Courtney, you did an amazing job, love it!

  38. I can tell you really hate Halloween and just can't get into it. :P Kidding aside, this is what is lacking in my country. People aren't into Halloween and kids (in general) don't go trick or treating. Yes, they do in some places but it's rare and the French just don't go all out on this time of year even though All Saints Day is a day after Halloween. Americans and Canadians really know how to do this holiday and by the way, I love your design. It has a classic feel to it but it manages to be creepy for Halloween and fun, all at the same time!