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This week- there are tons of recaps and re-shares on the blogs
which is good since I am not getting ANY projects done right now! lol!

So today sharing some of your (and mine) favorite before and afters of the year
in no particular order
Just click on the title to view the post.

Here's the Before- Before:

If you followed my blog in the spring-
you will remember that our pergola collapsed into the house
(and through the french doors)
under the weight of the ridiculous heavy snowfall we had overnight.
We had nearly a dozen HUGE old trees that broke off or fell over and
caused LOTS of damage on our property
and there were similar stories all over the county.
It was a record year for snow in California.

In an effort to get that pergola up in time for the Kmart backyard posts,
my husband and sons rebuilt the pergola in just a few days

Here it is part way finished- in the BEFORE
Yes, it was freeeeeezing outside while they worked on it
and yes, it did snow again after it was built.
In May. In California.
Absolutely insane.

Luckily we were able to re-use a lot of the wood from the original
and we rebuilt the pergola in a different spot behind our bedroom.
Whoo Whoo!!
They did an amazing job!!

It was perfect for the table setting in the Kmart post.

Here's the pea gravel patio /beach area

and after:

As part of the Kmart makeover-
I picked up French style bistro chairs for the outside table.
They started out looking like this:
but bright turquoise and not the shabby french look I was going for.

They ended up looking like this after paint & a little stenciling.

Love them.

I made over this old antique chest of drawers in a copy cat challenge.
Love the Americana look. So classic & proud.

The little chalkboards were readers favorites
They were made out of frames I found at the thrift store

These were a big contrast to the
that we made for the dining room
There was the Swedish Clock
makeover using a clock from Walmart

that started out as bedskirts that I found at
which I also made into a ruffled ottoman slipcover as well.
(Laurie... I am working on it soon! REALLY!)
One of my favorites this year was the bathroom refresh.
We remodeled this bathroom several years ago but it got a little bit of a new look this year.

What started out as a few pieces of burlap from Home Depot's garden department...
turned into this

got a little refresh as well
and you loved the open
that were created by taking the doors off
and using a large platter & a jigsaw to make the arches.

(I will be sharing more photos of the refreshed kitchen soon!!)

So that's the review of some of your favorite makeovers of 2011!
Back with my favorite posts soon
and Feathered Nest Friday this Thursday!!

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  1. All gorgeous projects Courtney.
    Happy New Year ~ Kerryanne

  2. Each foto has its own beauty! Wow! Great job!

  3. simply stunning and positively amazing! thank you for sharing! sending morning hugs..

  4. Everything looks so beautiful--amazing how you can take something ordinary and make it divine!

  5. Courtney, just have to tell you that I'd have a hard time picking a favorite of your projects...although I still say that your bathroom is THE most beautiful bathroom I have ever seen...want to take a cup of tea in there with me...hehe...thanks for sharing your beauty browsing through...xo, Mariaelena

  6. YOu had an excellent year Courtney! I told you this already, but sooo many great results over here at the French Country Cottage. I don't think I had seen the kitchen, is it new? I will search your blog to see if I find more. It looks so pretty!

  7. Beautiful makeovers! A few of my favorites: the Swedish clock, burlap tablecloth and bathroom makeover.

  8. Great before and afters, Courtney! I think I missed the pergola collapse, but you would never know it now! Such a gorgeous outdoor space you've created. Love your master bedroom post, too!

  9. I love it all! Everything is so romantic and elegant. You are so talented! God Bless you in 2012!

  10. You have created the most magical home I have ever seen!!! I need to come over and make you a vegetarian dinner =))

  11. Wow - I feel so lazy in comparison! Lots of great inspiration! Hope you have a fabulous New Year!

  12. Beautiful projects. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2012! Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  13. Oh, Courtney, everything is just so amazing and seeing it all again just makes me remember the very first time I visited your blog and how inspired I was! :-) Your talent and love for all things "home" is so obvious and we can't wait to see what you come up with in 2012!
    Happy New Year friend,

  14. I'm in complete awe, they are all so beautiful.

  15. This post today just reminds me why I frequent your blog so much :)

  16. All I can say is YOU DID GOOD GIRL

    Happy New Year

  17. WOW! You were a busy girl!;) LOve it all~ xoxo Rachel

  18. I love all your before and afters Courtney. I couldn't pick just one. Who needs new projects, the recaps are way more fun. lol I've jumped in to, and have been enjoying them all over blogland.

  19. I love all your transformations this year. Your bedroom, which I love, is huge!

  20. The pergola was quite a job and one of your best! It's beautiful! Love all of your projects and can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for 2012!!


  21. Loved the review, especially the outdoor settings which are so nice to see in the middle of winter, a reminder that summer will come! I bought the same bedskirts after seeing them on your blog and used them as tablecloths at my vintage markets this year, and I had so many comments and queries about them. Adore them! In fact I think I need to get one out for a little staging....

  22. You had some amazing transformations Courtney. I really heart your outdoor area and those chairs are awesome in their new color.

  23. Your vignettes do not disappoint! I always love your ruffled tablecloths and I am sooo hoping to find those bistro chairs at Kmart this spring. Loved your year in review!

    Happy New Year!


  24. LOL! You had me laughing when I read your little comment, Courtney! lolol! I thought...."Who's Laurie? Wait! She means MEEE!" lolol! I feel so blessed to have met you this year, and am soooo looking forward to more of your inspiring posts, girlfriend! Hugs!

    xoxo laurie

  25. What a beautiful and productive year you've had! You deserve a break! Happy New Year!

  26. So beautiful, Courtney! Each and every one. You are amazing.
    Happy New Year!

  27. I'm already a follower, but I've missed a couple of these projects. I love the bathroom makeover.

  28. Such beautiful projects! Just loving the numbered bistro chairs ...

  29. Hello, Wonderful review - love the pergola! I hope KMart still has those Bistro chairs - the ruffles are fabulous - and those chalkboards! My favorites! I hope you have a very Delightsome New Year!
    God Bless,

  30. BEAUTIFUL before & afters! Your always an inspiration Courtney!

  31. Your bathroom is divine! I'm waiting to see your kitchen...
    Wish you a very Happy New Year!

  32. Courtney, Everything you touch turns out beautiful. I love everyone of your projects. Thank you for joining my party and I hope you have a wonderful 2012.

  33. Hi Courtney, what wonderful and inspiring projects! I've enjoyed visiting your blog all year, and have appreciated your support as well. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see what 2012 brings, hugs, tami

  34. You really had some amazing projects this year Courtney! Love the KMart posts and the open shelving is so pretty! Still have my eye out for some rufflishious something to make a tablecloth!

    Happy New Year

  35. Just Beautiful! I think I must be your biggest fan, I have really enjoyed following your blog.
    So inspiring. And congrats on your features this year! That is so impressive to be featured in a publication.

  36. You have had a year of fabulous projects! What a great recap post!

    Thank you for being a friend to me and 2805 and for sharing at Potpourri Friday. I wish you a healthy, prosperous and sparkling New Year!

  37. You really have one of the most inspiring blogs around Courtney! It is such a pleasure to visit and read about your projects. Blessings in 2012 to you and yours.
    Eileen@ cottage beach house

  38. Courtney,
    You French Country Cottage is a real treat to visit! I also love how you create these awesome looks with very affordable tricks. I will be watching for all the great things to come from you in 2012! I am sure it will be another great year. Thanks for joining me for HSH!