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I have had several questions and emails about how to make the chalkboard
that hangs on the wall behind my dining table.
You can find the original post HERE if you missed it.

It is really so simple to make one of these for your home.
I'm not an expert by any means but here is how we made ours.

I wanted a BIG chalkboard.
Not medium sized.
not pretty big sized.
but a BIG sized chalkboard.
I designed one that was fairly easy to make using standard sized measurements-
the less cuts the better!

Here's the supply list:

(1) 4x8 sheet of 1/4" smooth plywood
( any smooth back hardboard will work)
Wood screws
( I have wood walls you can use regular screws and anchors if you need to)
Wood trim (3) 8' lengths
Chalkboard paint
Paint for the trim

To get your 'chalkboard' up on your wall~
Attach the 4x8' sheet of plywood
to your wall using screws
My husband used several on each end and several across the top and bottom
to make sure it was secure.

We do not usually have a problem with hanging heavy pieces on our walls.
They are thick old knotty pine wood and a couple of screws holds things easily.
If you have sheetrock walls, make sure you anchor the screws so you don't have
any problems.

Here is a picture of my Harvest table in progress (from November)
showing the plywood in the background.
Obviously, I forgot that I had set it there to see how the size was
and snapped a couple of pictures for lighting adjustments
before noticing that big blank piece of wood staring at me.

Oh well.

Once the plywood was up,
I painted chalkboard paint over it and did 2 coats to get
a nice even coverage.

I searched for a thick trim that was detailed but not overpowering.
I have knotty pine walls that have several grooves every 12"
so I didn't want something that was going to add more busyness
We found this trim at HD or Lowes and bought (3) 8' lengths.

If accuracy on mitering isn't your strong point
you will probably want to purchase an extra length or piece of trim
because the 3' lengths are EXACTLY what you will need to go around
a 4'x8' sheet of plywood.

Measure twice- cut once.
Uhm yeah, don't ask me how I know.

Using a nail gun or finish nails,
attach the trim to the top and to the bottom of your chalkboard.
Both the top and the bottom piece will use an 8' piece of trim.

The 3rd 8' piece of trim needs to be cut in half.
(Carefully~ lol!)
so that you have (2) 4' sections.
Cut the same angle on each end of the 4' trim piece so that you can
push each end right against
the top and bottom trim and create the frame.

You have trim on your chalkboard!
Though I first considered using French Linen chalk paint for the trim
I really wanted a brassy old antique looking gold finish
to make the frame look a bit more vintage.
So I went to the craft store and purchased a 2 oz bottle of
Metallics gold craft paint.
It took just 1 little bottle to cover the trim.

That's about it!
Have fun writing~ drawing~ wine listing , doodling etc.
and enjoy your chalkboard!!

Excited to share that my chalkboard and dining room 
are cover girls in Europe!!


  1. Only you could make a chalkboard beautiful!! lovely...I think you just inspired me to make one for the cabinet side that surrounds my fridge in the kitchen...If only I can make it look this pretty!!..., Mariaelena

  2. Your chalkboard looks so nice. I really need to talk hubby into letting me have one. He hates the feeling of chalk so just the thought of a chalkboard gives him the creeps.

  3. I love your chalkboard, the embelishment makes it even prettier!

  4. Oh my goodness, this is spectacular, and I really want to do something like this. I thank you for sharing your idea and how to!

  5. The frame is what makes it so beautiful also having a helper is always nice

    that gives me an idea to paint the door going out of my kitchen into the garage.
    I have a door in the studio painted with chalkboard paint but would like one upstairs in the kitchen

    Merry Christmas

  6. What a charming holiday scene! So heartwarming!

  7. Very pretty. I love the look of the Joy embellishment in the center.

  8. I LOVE this board Courtney!! Another A plus !!

  9. Love it! I am all for writing on the wall. I do have green walls and I have been writing on it with chalk. Can you believe it? I used eggshell paint and it wipes off easy. What every comes in mind I write. You are so talented my blogger friend.
    Buon Natale. Ciao Rita

  10. Lovely!
    ..thanks for sharing :)

    Greetings from Australia♥

  11. your chalkboard looks amazing! thanks for the how to.

  12. I love your chalkboard....but I really like how you have the "JOY" displayed in front of it....and those chairs! Fabulous!

  13. So pretty. Thanks for the how to!!!


  14. How smart you were to attach the plywood to the walls first! I love this idea for above a buffet.

  15. I love that! I'm totally going to talk my husband into it.

  16. That looks great and I love the finish on the trim!