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The Opportunity to Sail...

Have you seen the movie
'What About Bob' ?
One of my favorite movies- makes me laugh the whole way through.
So I was thinking about the year in review...
and I thought of Bob Wiley.

Bob is afraid to go anywhere or do anything.
In his effort to grow he goes to a therapist-
Dr. Leo Marvin
(who Bob drives completely crazy!)
and he becomes a baby stepper.
He 'baby-steps' his way everywhere-
onto the elevator... out the door... and into Dr. Marvins life!
There are bigger things too...
He has a chance to sail on a boat
he is afraid
(it makes his lips numb to even think about it lol!)
but he is baby-stepping...and growing...
and he wants to do it..

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they strap Bob to the boat and the boat sails out across the water
and it occurs to Bob that he is doing it.
HE is SAILING and he yells out:

'I'm SAILing!!
I'm a SAILOR now!'

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I love 'What About Bob'
not just because it was a fantastic hilarious movie
but because I love the message of how even if it's a baby step
it's a step either way
and eventually all those little steps add up
and before you know it-
you are a 'sailor'.

2011 was definitely a year of taking baby steps
The year started off rocky for me
and I struggled to find my footing at times...
2011 also brought so many good things to my life
that were just incredible.
Including some amazing opportunities
and chances for me to grow &
stretch my creative wings a bit
and to sail.

(uhmm, yeah,
so happy my family was able to tie me to the boat!)

I have been blessed this year in so many ways
and as I think back on 2011-
I am so grateful...
For the experiences, opportunities and friendships that have formed...
and that includes the wonderful friends I have met through blogging~
Thank you for your support and friendship!
I appreciate it so much.

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So here's to the New Year
to new possibilities
and experiences
and opportunities to sail!!
Follow your heart & dream big!
I know I am!
Wishing health, happiness and blessings
for everyone in 2012!


  1. Great lesson for the new year. Baby Step... I hope all your dreams for 2012 come true. Happy New Year!

  2. Courtney~
    love,love,LOVE that movie.

    Like you said of Bob.. there was so much I wanted to but was afraid.

    Sometimes we just have to do it afraid... I'm learning to do that.
    I learned to do that in 2011!

    I'm hopeful for a wonderful year!
    Love the picture of your kiddos!

    Happy New Year!

  3. I love that movie
    "What about Bob"
    Baby steps and all can be achieved.

    Thank you for a year of beauty! Looking forward to all you inspire 2012
    Happy New Year

  4. That show was hilarious! Your new profile picture is darling.
    Holly @ down to earth style

  5. Happy New year my dear friend..I also hope to meet you this coming year..Much love and Blessings to you girl..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  6. Absolutely perfect. I've just found you, Courtney.

    Happy 2012.

  7. what a great post. Very inspiring. Happy New Year!


  8. Hi lovely girl, I haven't seen that film......but it's gone right to the top of my must-see list! It's been so nice getting to know you better this last's to 2012! Sarahxx

  9. Happy Healthy 2012 to you & your Family!

  10. Happy New Year Courtney!
    What beautiful children you have.
    May the new year bring you
    much peace and happiness, good health and cheer, and the courage to climb mountains, sail boats, or whatever your heart desires.


  11. Happy New Year my sweet blogging friend. For the record, I'm 'sailing' right along side of you...the whole way! Here's to a beautiful year of facing fears, conquering demons, and embracing our authentic beautiful selves. Hugs from the north! Lisa

  12. I couldn't agree with your more, Courtney. When I look back over the past year, I learned to step outside the box, fear a little less, trust a little more, and feel free to be ME....all because of my treasured friends out here in blogland. :) Thank you for being such a sweet, encouraging friend, a great inspiration to me. I'm so looking forward to "sailing" through this next year with you! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. Great post, Courtney! Looking forward to following your blog in the upcoming year!! M.

  14. Well I know exactly what you are talking about Courtney! So glad to have you as a blogland friend. Good for you and all the mountains you have conquered and your new sailing skills!

  15. I know you will sail far Courtney!!

  16. What about Bob??? Pretty much the best movie, ever!!! Your kids are beautiful just like you. Love the new profile pic, too!!!

  17. I've always loved What About Bob?. And, btw, your kids are gorgeous! Seriously, they should model. Looks like they have good hair as well. lol. I'm a hair freak. Anyhoo, Happy New Year! Have a grand evening! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse