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Yes... it's true.
I am having a love affair
and I simply cannot get enough of my muse...

pretty ruffled petals
sweet blush color
an intoxicating scent...

Ohh those gorgeous cottage blooms!

On the dining room table,
in the living room,
in the kitchen,
the bedroom...
A vase overflowing with them
is just perfect.

They bring a bit of romance,
sweetness & french cottage charm.

Yes, I am entranced by these beautiful Peonies.

Loving the pretty shade of pink mixed with
mercury glass candlesticks
and a ruffled drop cloth tablecloth.
On the chalkboard behind them~
a favorite inspirational quote for the New Year

"The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream.
The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird waits in the egg;
and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs.
Dreams are the seedlings of realities."

I absolutely love this quote.

I'm feeling so drawn to the muted grays,
creams, silvers and pale pinks right now.
They are so serene and they are inspiring a few photos
and changes around the house.

The look of the weathered silvered wood
of this bistro chair next to the
delicate pale pink...
so delightful!

Just a little touch of Spring in January today!

I have a list a mile long of things I am
am planning to work on right now... isn't that how it always is?
new year, new goals
to actually cross things off the list instead
of bumping them further back!

do you follow French Country Cottage on Facebook?
I shared 2 links yesterday that my baby sister found and sent over
that I feel are fantastic reads for the New Year.

Here they are if you would like to take a peek
The first one is about what to START doing for yourself...
The second about what to STOP doing to yourself.
and if you don't follow
I would love to see you over there too!

Hope everyone's New Year is off to a great start!
Happy Monday!

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  1. BREATH TAKING!!!! i shared you flowers on my Happy New Years post! sending hugs and tons of thanks for all the joy your bring!

  2. gorgeous. and OH, the smell of a peony.

    i'll have to wait months for ours. white with the slightest touch of burgundy on some edges. from mom's garden.

    they are glorious.

  3. Your peonies are gorgeous, Courtney! I love to buy flowers at the store, but I've never really grown them. We have a couple of small rose bushes in our front yard, but I have never considered cutting off the blooms to display them in the house. I think I need to plant more rose bushes so I can have fresh home-grown flowers in my yard.

    I have just re-opened my blog, and have revamped it, and would be thrilled if you would come over for a visit!

  4. Beautiful pictures. Fresh flowers always make me smile, but those peonies are just lovely. They are such a femine flower, romantic but casual. Not daisy casual, theres just something cozy about them though.

  5. Wow...beautiful peonies! Love your photos and that chalkboard is lovely. Happy New Year to you!

  6. Just stunning Courtney!!! I too love the pink and gray together, so beautiful! And that chalkboard is to die for!!
    Happy New Year!

  7. Ah, definitely one of my favorite flowers ...the peonie. It photographs so well and holds beauty for so long. It looks so lovely in your photos today.

  8. LOVE peonies. Beautiful quote and gorgeous pics. Happy New Year!

  9. Everything is gorgeous. Love your new profile pic.

  10. And I think I'm having a love afair with your post! This is stunning I love the flowers and the soft grey of the chalkboard and oh the pleets!

    Gorgious post, gorgious house, gorgious set up, gorgious pictures!

    Thanks for bringing beauty to my day.


  11. Beautiful post, Courtney- I love peonies-they always remind me of overdressed, blousy old women ready for church on a Sunday morn.

    I have soooo many things to accomplish this year, too...can't wait to get started. xo Diana

  12. As you can see from my blog banner, pink, white and grey are some of my favourite colours, too, Courtney! Love your blog! Hugs, Lisa

  13. Invigorating and inspiring touch of spring color for a cold January day. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Courtney! These took my breath away!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us!!

    Happy New Year!!

  15. I ***love*** the gray and pink...very lovely!

  16. I have many peonies in my yard. When they are in bloom, I feel decadent as I fill every vase in the house with them! Beautiful pic! ~ Maureen

  17. Courtney:

    Peonies are one of my favorites too! I had several bushes where I used to live but no now....Fresh flowers add so much beauty to a room!

    Your pictures are wonderful!

  18. Ohhh I am so jealous! Peonies are my favorite but you can't easily get them in Chicago in January :(

  19. Beautiful, beautiful peonies Courtney. One of my very favorite flowers and the settings you present them in are stunning. Thanks for sharing on this cold wintery day.

  20. LOVE, LOVE the peonies!! Where are you finding them??? I am in Pasadena.


  21. Just beautiful Courtney!I am so enjoying my pale pink roses that bring such a touch of spring too!Dont you just love natures beauty?! Have a wonderful day my friend~ xoxoxo

  22. I love, love, LOVE peonies and I can't get them to grow here. :(

  23. I've always loved these fresh and soothing. The peonies are beautiful and the chalkboard quote is beautiful too!

  24. So lush and romantic. We have a whole row in back of our house. They'll appear before we know it! Hope you had a great holiday season.

  25. Courtney I fell in love with your peonies as soon as I saw them in your post and headed off to find out if I could grow them in my cottage garden... but alas, they like the cold and I live in a year round warm climate. I will have to be content admiring yours. They look so perfect in your home.

  26. My dear, I'd like to wish you and your dear family a so Happy and Wonderful New Year full of so much blessings and so much love! Thanks, my dear, for all the beautiful inspirations you share with all of us! Love all of them so much! Kisses, Rachel :))))))

  27. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Yes, we have a club... Peony Lovers Unite! I can't seem to get enough either. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Here's to a happy and prosperous new year.

    Check out my 30-Day New Year's Resolution Challenge at

  28. I love peonies too--my favorite are the pink like you have but my gardens also have a beautiful burgandy colored one. Thankfully the lady who owned this house before us planted all my favorites! Mine won't bloom for months--so looking forward to it!

  29. Pure And Pink Perfection...
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  30. Gorgeous! I love your new profile pic! Thanks for sharing such inspiration!

  31. If I had a whole garden filled with Peonies I don't think it would be enough! Very lovely images for January : )

  32. Those have to be some of the prettiest new year photos of them all. Wow,... absolutely beautiful post... and look at you in your new photo.. you're just as pretty as those peonies!


  33. I agree...I love the peonies and am also being drawn to grey and soft tones....
    Maybe I should see if we can grow peonies here...
    Happy New Year!

  34. Hi,
    I also love the pinks, muted greys, cream and silver. I am not a fan of the Pantone 2012 color of Tangerine, you won't find it in my house. I am going to stick with what I love whether it is in or not. I love all your photos, they are exactly what I like.

  35. Simply gorgeous~one of my favorites too! I love everything you do, so its no wonder!

  36. It's such a treat to see your peonies! I never see them in North Texas. The pictures are lovely!

  37. Oh my, the Peonies are just wonderful. Great post. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  38. Oh Courtney, peonies are among my favorites. I have so much "I want to's' on my list, but because it feels like Spring instead of being blanketed with snow all I can do is think of gardening. lol! Hopefully, I can get this ole girl a movin soon. Resisting the temptation to get out an rake.

  39. Where o where are you finding peonies this time of year!!?? They are my absolute favorite. We only seem to have them here when they are already growing in my own garden. For 2.....short.....weeks....they are heaven. Your photos are absolutely lovely.


  40. My heart is singing with yours, Courtney. :) Peonies are the one flower in my garden that I miss the most. They never bloom long enough at all. Your photos are so incredibly beautiful, my friend. I had to Pin a couple. :) I ADORE the silver, pink, and weathered gray together. So elegant yet rustic. ♥ So, how would you change up my home to look more like yours? I'd love to have some input from you!

    xoxo laurie

  41. Thank you beautiful Courtney
    For all you inspire and for taking the time to visit me.

    Have a perfect year 2012

  42. They are beautiful...probably one of my favorite floweres. Thanks for sharing them.

  43. Oooh, so gorgeous and pink and pretty! I love them!

    We do have a peony plant in our garden but it is sooooo painfully slow at producing them!! I'd love to be able to pick my own...but I might have to buy some more plants for 2012!!


  44. I just pinned those amazing photos on pinterest then found you through Burlap Luxe, serendipity?
    Your home is stunning!

    Best wishes from Ireland


  45. I love this look girl..Hugs and smiles to you my dear friend,Gloria

  46. What beautiful images! The peonies are gorgeous, of course, but how you have displayed them is even more beautiful. I have tried to grow peonies without much luck. Perhaps I should try again because I do love fresh flowers in the house.

  47. Happy New Year Courtney ~ Aah, that lovely quote is exactly what I needed today and what has been lurking in the back of my head for awhile. Yes, those colors are whispering to me as well and as soon as I get rid of all this red and green, I will introduce it as well. Off to check out those sites you mention. Many Thanks - Dee

  48. Your peonies are stunning everywhere you place them. The pretty pink color is perfect in every setting.

  49. Thank you for linking this lovely post to Potpourri Friday!

  50. Oh my gosh! Those peonies are gorgeous!!! Wow!!! Thanks for joining in on Show and Tell Friday!

  51. Gorgeous, Courtney. Lovely, lovely pictures.


  52. Oh my Gosh! Those are amazing. You know, this would be the perfect post for Fresh-Cut Friday. I would be so honored if you would join us. :)

    Just Lovely!

  53. Yay! :)

    Thank you for joining in!!


  54. Flowers can bring such happiness in one's life...these are beautiful.
    Enjoy time,

  55. I do NOT have a green thumb, but I DO have a great eye. And those beautiful flowers stole my eye ... heart and soul.

    Thanks for a New Year's gift.
    Mary @ Sea Quilts

  56. Beautiful peonies! I love them! The color and the smell, just devine!!


  57. Beautiful! I absolutely love peonies and yours are gorgeous. Enjoy the weekend.

  58. Seriously, is this your dining room? I am in heaven. It's beautiful! The pink peonies are gorgeous too!

  59. I've just been scrolling through a lot of your posts that I've missed, and enjoying my time here so much. You always inspire! laurie

  60. You take some of the best pictures! Love the feeling they give me when I look at them. Hope you're having a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse