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Working on...

I have a ton of projects that are in the works or on the schedule right now
and I am super excited to get them all done...
all at the same time!

Do you ever feel like that to- do list just becomes bigger the more projects you dream up or start tackling?
One project leads to another... and to another and before you know it~
1 becomes  3 or 5 projects all at the same time
and then spin your wheels trying to notch them all off?

So I am starting on this this morning...

That would be a very bare and lonely looking open cupboard in my kitchen.
as well, working on a tutorial for those double ruffled slipcovers,
 and a little something in the guest cottage
and a redesign in my daughters room
Okay... I better get off here and back to work!

On a side note~ 
some new things coming in the Interior Styling and Advertisement areas~
please refer to my Styling and Advertise pages if you are interested!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. The ad space you created is really pretty. Looks like you are really going forward with your blog. Good luck to you--your blog is one of my favorites! Your rose photos are so beautiful, I always enjoy them!

  2. yes!!! the lists do go on and your projects are sooooo worth it!

  3. I know how it feels to have a never ending list! lol But I always look forward to your finished projects - they are always so beautiful! :) Wishing you a fabulous day, Courtney!


  4. Your projects are always so beautiful, Courtney, I think design consultations are the perfect thing for you. I have a list of stuff to do too...none of it ever seems to get done though :)

  5. Hello!
    It's so nice to meet and follow your blog. I hope you have a great day..and stop by to visit with me if you've the time and are so inclined!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  6. My list keeps getting longer and longer and longer lately.I have many painting projects.In fact I am painting today.Just taking a little break.Love the roses.

  7. This must all be so exciting for you and yes, you did SAY IT OUT LOUD ... I heard it all the way here in Canada! As always, best wishes for great success! xox

  8. Congratulations!!! You are going to make life so much prettier for so many!! xo HHL

  9. I totally get that - my list gets longer and my time seems to get shorter!!

    Love the new layout - glad you got it figured out!! :)

  10. I know exactly what you mean, Courtney! I have got at least five different things I want to move onto. Tomorrow I hope to do at least three of them {they are fairly quick sewing projects}. To be fair, only one is for me, the others are for my Etsy! : )

  11. So funny that I should read this today. I'm painting the ceiling in the kitchen and Fm room and then comes the kitchen cabinets - white of course :) So many projects. Careful not to spin too much, I dive right in. Good luck with your list!


  12. Courtney~~ You have such a fantastic sense of style. I am sure you will be very helpful to many people. And yes, there is always something to redo;)) I kind of like that though.


  13. Courtney, I know what you mean. I've a got my list and it keeps on growing. I think because it's February, I am trying to do all my projects before the summer comes. Trips, weddings and other occasions planned. Love your blog and all your energy. It keeps me motivated.

    Love, Jody

  14. Doesn't it feel marvelous when you get to mark an item OFF that to-do list, though? :)
    Good Luck

  15. You have to finish your projects Courtney, so I have something to pin! ~ Maureen

  16. I just pinned a cupboard that was styled so prettily~it looks alot like yours.

  17. I agree with Maureen! Those roses are so gorgeous though!

  18. Love the roses!

    I have so many projects that I want to get done, and I want them all done at once. In the end, I knew I was going to drive myself crazy if I tried to do everything at once, so I created a list (I love lists!) - one is "can do immediately", another is "short-term projects" (ie, before summer), and the last is "longer term projects" (that might take a year to get done.)

    Good luck with your projects!