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A Little Faux French

Ohhh... I love wood walls and the character they bring to a home!
Bead board. Board and Batten. Grooved knotty pine like we have in our cottage...
Love them.
There is something about walls that have details in their structure-
it brings so much character and charm to a space.
My absolute favorite type of wall is called

Those carved, appliqued, painted, detailed, gilded, oh my gosh over the top beautiful walls...
I LOVE them.
If you aren't familiar with Boiserie here are some examples:

(Images from Google)
From Wikipedia:
Boiserie (French pronunciation: [bwazʁi]
often used in the plural boiseries) is the term used to define ornate and intricately carved wood panelling. 
Early examples of boiseries were unpainted, but later the raised mouldings were often painted or gilded.[citation needed]
 Boiseries were popular in seventeenth and eighteenth century French interior design and the Palace of Versailles has many fine examples.[citation needed] The panels were not confined to just the walls of a room but were used to decorate doors, frames, cupboards and shelves also. Often pictures would be set into the boiseries, the carving framing the picture rather like a conventional frame.

after I made that simple ribbons and bows accent the other day....
 as I was photographing it on that little table... 
an idea popped into my head.

An Inspired thought?

Or it might possibly simply be just another crazy wild woman project 
I have a beautiful antique French wardrobe armoire that was out in the little cottage before my oldest son 
moved out there.

I had originally painted it pink and cream with gilding... beautiful but needless to say
 Ryan didn't really want that big old pink armoire in his 'man cave.'

So it was disassembled and moved and stored
 As I was photographing that appliqued piece...  I thought about beautiful Boiserie panels... 
& doors as backdrops and decoration
& the doors on that French Armoire came to mind.
They are subtly detailed.  So simple but elegant.
I wondered...
I grabbed the 2 outer doors from the armoire and set them together
 and set the appliqued piece on top.


The board actually fit perfectly atop the doors- strangely enough and so
I grabbed my paint brush and several different paints and painted away while dancing to Pink

 Then I stood back to see how it turned out

A perfect frenchy backdrop for photographs 
or for simply a leaning against a wall 
or maybe even to bring a little french charm to 
somewhere else I have in mind

 It's not as over the top knock your socks off gorgeous as real boiserie by far
but I think it turned out charming.

I'm kinda loving it.


  1. Charming is an understatement! gorgeous is better description,


  2. Oh that is just sheer genius!

    You are such an artiste magnifique!

    Well done, Courtney!

  3. Oh girl, I'm lovin' it too!!! It is inspired~I love the look!

  4. That looks exactly like an armoire that I am about to paint. Now I know what it will look like - tres jolie.

  5. Courtney, this is so pretty! You are such a talented lady! I always enjoy seeing your designs!

  6. I did not know about those walls being called that so thanks for the info. What you did is so beautiful. Love the dark chair with the roses, too.

  7. Oh my God, that is absolutely insane it is so gorgeous! What a fabulous idea... and i soooo pinned that on Pinterest!


  8. Oh I am totally kinda loving it too. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  9. Just Gorgeous, Courtney! I learned something today! and btw, the book arrived last weekend, thanks so much, I just love it and will do a post soon!! xoxo

  10. Worthy of a book or article, Courtney!



  11. Happy tuesday!
    Very beautiful......
    dee dee

  12. That last photo should be in a frame, it's still art at it's best!


  13. I've been having trouble with my comments disappearing lately, so I'm sorry if this is a repeat. BUT, what I said was that your last photo is worthy of being framed, it's still life at it's best.


  14. I think you might be the most gifted blogger yet -- I am so impressed.

  15. Hi Courtney~~
    I am not kinda loving it... I am 100% loving it. Simply stunning

    Have a great night
    Fresh Vanilla For C

  16. It turned out gorgeous! I absolutely love it! You always have the most beautiful photos.


  17. Courtney, you're so clever. It's a beautiful backdrop.

  18. What a beautiful backdrop for your lovely vignettes! You gave the doors a wonderful patina. Pinning again! ~ Maureen

  19. This is just gorgeous, Courtney! When I saw the first picture, I thought it was from a book or magazine! You did an amazing job! Love it!


  20. Courtney I love how that turned out.Great back drop for photos.But looks great just leaning against a wall.~Perfection~.

  21. Your inspired thought is pure genius and not to mention BEAUTIFUL!! I was just looking at a website yesterday for a shop in Paris that makes these wall panels.
    Totally amazing stuff!!
    I love how you recreated yours!!
    Have a great day XO

  22. Love it! Don't you just love getting those wild crazy women moments ?? LOL.

  23. Boiserie? I learned something this morning and I thank you for sharing.
    It's beautiful. Jill, from three-stories.blogspot

  24. I absolutely love boiserie, too! Your version turned out great! Thanks for the inspiring post.

  25. I love it! I have a movie about Coco Channel that is in french and there is a living room that alot of scenes are shot in that have alot of boiserie, I could do that to my walls as I am in process of painting white my lawyers bookcase paneling, love the wash you did, absolutely stunning!

  26. I am in love with this application. It is so heavenly. Great job! I want my picture taken in front of it! ha Ha

  27. You've created a lovely backdrop for photos or just, whatever!

  28. The first and 9th photos down are just blowing my socks off! I had to pin it.

  29. Spectacular in every way...and a great backdrop!

  30. This is definitely knock your socks off GORGEOUS!! I LOVE IT Courtney and that fabric chair looks beautiful up against it! Love the chair with the ruffles too.

  31. Just over the top gorgeous! Since they are portable, ... even better! Great idea! We'd love to have you link to our WIW party and share it there as well.

  32. I had no idea that was what that sort of wall treatment was called! Your whole vignette is just stunning!!

  33. It's far more than charming Courtney. It's stunning. Love it.

  34. LOVE!!! You are so amazing Courtney and I'm just sad we didn't get to see any footage of you dancing to Pink! LOL! :-)

  35. You are so good it's scary my friend..I love all you do..Hope to see you Sunday..send you an email with my phone # Hugs and smiles Gloria

  36. So gorgeous! I always admire panelling in the stately homes on shows like Downton Abbey and Atonement. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a home with beautiful detail like that! Lovely photos!

  37. That turned out fantastic Courtney! And you can move it around which is even better!

  38. Just stunning Courtney!!! See ya at the party.


  39. Wow, you did an amazing job. Such a peaceful vignette with the roses!

  40. Beautiful, Courtney! The chair and roses are gorgeous too. Hugs, Sherry

  41. I agree with everyone Courtney...It's gorgeous!! I wish I had an ole armoire sittin' around because I'd try this for sure *winks* Vanna

  42. Amazing Courtney!! Can you make me one now!?;) Thanx for coming to the party!

  43. Love the look! Great Job.

    Thanks for linking up to our weekly Chalk Paint Linky Party.