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Pinning away...

I have been pinning away on Pinterest...A LOT.
I think I am what you might call a Pinterest Addict.
So much inspiration.
So many beautiful fantastic things I want to pin everyday...

If I haven't eaten in 3 days because I am too immersed in pinning- please send reinforcements.

I believe there is a support group for those of us who need it...
Pinterestaholics Anonymous.
It seems once you start pinning- it's hard to pull yourself away from the pin button.
So... what are you supposed to do?
 I say Pin Away!
Here's some of what I have been pinning recently:

Places I am dreaming of...
Ooooohh this house! 
Perfect symmetry gorgeous architecture, beautiful gardens...  Such a dream house!

  I also have pinned Frenchy inspired finds like this chair

and rooms like this-
 beautiful beams, chairs and tablecloth- ok- pretty much love the whole room!

or some color inspiration like the color on this gorgeous island

Loving the checkerboard floor in this space!

I'm loving all the inspirations I am finding over there and it is so easy to keep track of them.
One of my favorite boards to follow is my baby sister
She actually has a couple boards of quotes-
 one of which is pretty sassy like she is ;)  and her other quote board
 is filled with inspirational quotes.
I grab a quote from this board and share it over on Facebook several times a week.

(all photos via pinterest)

What about you?  Have you been bitten by the pinterest bug yet?
 If you would like to connect over there
here's where you can find me
and if you need an invite to join Pinterest~  just drop me and email and I'll send you one!

Also you probably noticed a couple of  new followers gadgets on my sidebar.
Please note that I am using Google Friend Connect 
and keeping it on my blog for as long as Google keeps it around 
I appreciate you clicking the follow button there too.
I have added Networked Blogs and also the linky followers tool
as alternative ways to follow.
You can always subscribe to Email as well and follow my blog on Facebook.

Here's why bloggers are concerned:
Google is removing GFC from NON- BLOGGER blogs- 
that means Wordpress and other platforms will be affected and lose the followers they have 
and the ability to stay in touch with other blogs
While Blogger blogs will have the GFC button ~ there is speculation that at some point GFC
 could also go away on blogger blogs  
Bloggers are adding other options to their blogs and encouraging people to follow there as well
just in case.
 Honestly it looks redundant to me over there-and it's already making me just a little crazy...
 but I'm just trying to stay connected with everyone

Hope your weekend is going great!
See you soon for a little project!


  1. The dining room is really wonderful !
    Have a great day !

  2. I am totally addicted to Pinterest! It is so much fun! I love what you have been pinning!!

  3. Lovely pins! Happily following via the new linky!

  4. Oh yeah, I have a pinning problem. I saw that first house a few weeks ago, and thought "Maybe I shouldn't pin that, because it will make me unsatisfied with my own home...:)" But here it is again. Gonna have to pin it. LLOOOOOOVVVEEE that room with the beams too. Oh heck, I love it all. That's my problem with pinterest. Three hours later, I have 8 million things I love, and I haven't done anything. I have to limit my pinning to stay productive :) Thanks for the dreamy places and spaces!

  5. TOTALLY ADDICTED! Love these images - thank you so much for finding them for us to enjoy! Have a marvelous SuUnday

  6. I have a pinterest addiction the last few days too. Hope you have a good day :)

  7. I have been on there more and more lately too.Lots of inspiration.

  8. I've joined pinterest, but have yet to pin anything, so I haven't really become hooked.

    For non-blogger blogs, I've been manually adding subscriptions to my google reader, so that that all my subscriptions stay in the one place (the reader shows manually added, or those who I am connected to through GFC) - I hope you don't lose too many followers!

  9. Great pins. Love the chair. I am using Networked blogs instead of Linky. Way less steps and the posts will still be linked to dashboard where it isn't with Linky.

  10. Oh my lord pinterest is sooo addicting and I am right along with you too!

  11. I almost get into trouble as a pinning addict because I forget to get permission to pin photo's sometimes.

  12. I have only just discovered pinterest and it is the best thing ever! What did we ever do before it came along? x

  13. Raising my hand in Michigan as a pinterest addict. My ideas from it are so backed up on the list there isn't enough days left in my life to get through them!

  14. Courtney your pins are beautiful. As for GFC and all the other seemingly annoying changes within Blogger and Google I'm considering either switching to Wordpress or moving away from blogging entirely. For business purposes I suppose blogging can be advantageous but scrambling to figure out complicated codes and keeping track of the next 'new' and 'better' thing on the web is more time than I wish to dedicate. Ugh.. I'm frustrated with all of it. :/

  15. I love to see what others have pinned but I just don't have time for it myself...I know I would be doing it all day!!

    I love that chair...very elegant and looks comfy, too!


  16. I hear ya. I have been SOOOOOO bad with Pinterest. I spend more time pinning than blogging lately. More than crafting. More than eating (okay, not more than eating). I keep hoping the novelty will pass. Until then, pin away.


  17. gorgeous photos and oh yes, I am totally addicted as well to pinterest! a great place to dream...


  18. Love the new linky follower but I'm keeping the other up just in case!
    I'm also addicted to Pinterest and it's funny because in the beginning I wasn't to excited about it. LOL

  19. Too funny...I see a couple rooms we have both pinned! The Google thing is making me crazy too! I followed you on Linky and have installed it on mine as well.....annoying...

  20. My name is Cheryl and it has been three hours and twenty minutes since I last went on Pintrest ..... hahahah I am also addicted - love your pins!

  21. Those are some gorgeous pins, especially the island, I am so inspired to duplicate this on a piece of furniture. I too love pinning, I used to have bulletin boards and files full of inspiration ideas, now I just have my online bulletin boards, with links right where I can get to them for tutorials and other details. Isn't technology amazing! Happy pinning!

  22. I love all your pins!! Such beautiful things!

  23. Nice pinning Courtney. LUV that chair. The whole follow thing is making me a little crazy too. I added my Linky Follow today. I'm following yours.

  24. I always seem to be one step behind the trends and have only just joined Pinterest. I'm still learning the ropes.

  25. I have not pinned anything yet, but now that I know it makes a gal not want to eat for 3 days straight, I better get at it!


  26. I have been pinning for a few months. It's a lot of fun. I was already following your boards

  27. It seems like everyone's spending more and more time in a Pinterest coma, Courtney! :) I lose myself for hours on end. Of course I had to Pin that awesome aqua island....

    I wanted to thank you, too, for the explanation and prose on the new linky follower gadget. Hope you don't mind that I used some of for my own upcoming post.

    xoxo laurie

  28. Oh my goodness. I used to wonder what all the hoopla was about Pinterest then I started pinning. I too have to tell myself only 30 minutes and no more. Now I need to tell myself to actually DO some of the things I have pinned. So many good ideas, so little time!

  29. I'm hooked too! What wonderful ideas and such a great way to share! Love your pins!

  30. Already following you on Pinterest and yes, it's very addictive. Your boards are pretty awesome! Who would've thought a few years ago we would have this much design inspiration at our fingertips? This whole process of blogging, pinning, FB, etc. is amazing. Wonder what will be next?

  31. oh my Lord....pinning..... b-4 i know it, its 2 a.m. its HORRIBLE, but a good horrible. my kids will be happy. there wont be as much magazine rip outs in tons of folder notebooks to go thru when i leave this world lol.

  32. Gorgeous inspiring! I am addicted to pinning too! LOL
    I follow you on Blogger and now can't decide which other ones I should be following all the blogs on?!?! It's so confusing with all the choices out there now...

  33. I love finding similar boards and styles out there--it's awesome to find so many who love the French Shabby Gustavian style. I also use it for color and mood boards--open it up and just soak in the beauty for some inspiration for my art! I signed up to follow you--thank you for sharing.

  34. I believe you need a 12-step program for this LOL! I haven't been on for a week or so but now all of a sudden, when I do a search, only one page comes up and I KNOW there are more pages out there? Any suggestions? Did something change while I was gone?

  35. i love pinterest too. So much inspiration easily captured in one place.