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A Room Full of Sunshine~ Inspirations

 Bold and  Beautiful.
(images via Google)
Cheerful and warm.

The color of  sunshine.

Yellow is a bright and vibrant color. 

(Why are there squirrels in this room?!?)
I have no idea... I didn't even see them until I enlarged the photo...I just liked the walls...
Okay... Moving right along...

Yellow is a color that brings warmth and smiles.

It can range from warm and golden to creamy soft pale to bright and bold. 
 I love yellow for it's warm and welcoming properties. 
As an accent color on a piece of furniture or pillows or even blanketing a whole room.
I love a sunny kitchen with white cupboards and yellow paint- so gorgeous.
Or yellow cupboards maybe?
A bedroom bathed in golden rays...
 or a bathroom enveloped in sunshine.
Yep, yellow is definitely a color I love... 

 I even painted my bedroom a beautiful yellow.

Though I have been thinking of changing it for a couple years now...
I haven't done it yet.
I love how warm it feels in this room even when it's cold outside.
What about you? 

Have you thought about adding a little yellow? 
Painting an entire room or maybe just adding a few accents?

Some of you had asked for Color Inspirations over here at French Country Cottage
which I think is a great idea.
I am always searching for inspiration for different colors or projects.
Yellow was one of the colors requested and 
so these are just some of the rooms I found inspiring for different reasons.
I will also start a Pinterest Board with color inspirations that I will add to as I find them
 if you would like to follow along.

I'm working on a little painting project today~
 it's not yellow but I am excited to see how it turns out! 

See you Thursday afternoon for Feathered Nest Friday!!


  1. You know what's funny about this post? I'm painting my family room yellow tomorrow. That is, after reviewing thousands of swatches in every color of the spectrum. The rest of my house is mostly yellow so I thought, why not? I was left wondering what the heck took me so long to come to that conclusion, because ever since, I've been seeing yellow walls all over the place, and now this post! It must be a sign that I'm doing the right thing. Have a great day!

  2. French Country is my Favorite Style! Love it!

  3. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT paint that beautiful bedroom!!! It is perfect the way it is! I am in love! XO Cindy

  4. Oh, what happy sunny spaces. I love the pictures you shared. Thanks, also for taking the time to comment on my paintings twice. I'm not sure what happened to your first one!

    Have a lovely day!

  5. I repeat too , DO NOT PAINT so perfect bedroom .It is my favorite.I love it!!!

  6. Love all the cheery yellow especially the yellow cabinets in the kitchen. How beautiful would that be every morning?

  7. LOL! That squirrel photo cracked me up! :-) When you talk about yellow you are definitely speaking my language my friend. I have soft buttery yellow walls throughout a lot of my home and I love it! When you live in the Pacific NW it helps it feel bright and cheerful even when the rain is pouring...and pouring...and pouring. I think yellow sometimes gets a bad rap but I will always be loyal to my love of it! :-)

  8. Hi Courtney,
    Oh Yes, I have a lot of yellow in my home. Most of my walls are a shade of yellow. I love this color its so happy and brightens up the darkest of days. Pretty, Pretty photos..
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  9. Great inspiration finds. I love yellow and these pictures make me longing for summer. Just a few more months...!

  10. I love yellow paired with pink. Yellow is so inspiring. A beautiful series of pictures today!

  11. These images are just beautiful, Courtney, but I love the picture of your bedroom the most! it is so warm and has a coziness about it.

    I just finished up my family room with a pale lemon yellow on the walls. I was afraid I had made a mistake but it is so pretty, during the day when the sun is shining through and even at night, it glows. I'm very happy with it!


  12. Your bedroom is so very magazine worthy!! really beautiful!

  13. I love the warm glow of yellow. It's a tough color to pick right, though. We painted our kitchen a horrifyingly bright burn-your-retinas yellow, before having the paint guy help us pick the perfect creamy, buttery yellow. Gorgeous images! Thanks for sharing.

  14. I think this has become my favorite color!! All these photos are beautiful. Brightened my day.

  15. Your bedroom is one of my favorites ever. I'll always love the sofa in there! And, as far as the photo with the squirrels, when you said "why are there squirrels in in this room" I thought that was just very funny!


  16. UGH! You are seriously making me reconsider my decision to take the red out of my house! All of your pictures are gorgeous!! Now I have to decide what I want to do...

  17. I have a lot of yellow and golds in my home.

  18. Have the most beautiful taste! the squirrels are cardinal rally squirrels! Just had to throw that in from a st. Louis girl!

    ~ jill

  19. Beautiful color! Beautiful rooms, especially the bedroom! How could the color of sunshine not be wonderful! thanks for the inspiration

  20. Love your bedroom. It looks so cozy and restful.

  21. I feel so much better! I've never shown pics of my bedroom because it's (shhh) yellow and NOT white! Maybe I need to spruce it up and actually let it be's my husband's favorite color and he painted it himself because he was tired of all that white! LOL Those are so pretty and sunny! Thanks!

  22. Gorgeous inpsiration pics! I had yellow in my house for years until I repainted about six months ago. Can't wait to see what you are working on :o)

  23. I am still cracking up over the squirrels. What was that?? Love all these wonderful bedrooms, but yours is the best. I still adore the settee at the end of your bed.

  24. I'm a fan of yellow! A few years ago I re-did a bedroom in yellow with pink roses. The yellow on the walls turned out brighter than expected, but I love the room. You can see it here:

  25. Great inspiration photos! It reminds me of spring :)

  26. The images are gorgeous and your bedroom, oh so beautiful as the rest of your home. I too love yellow..My main floor is painted in SW Blonde, a subtle soft yellow...My bedroom is currently in the same color, however, thinking about painting it SW Silvermist, but will still have some pops of yellow...This will be done after I change out my bedding to PB Lewis of my 2012 projects...Yellow is my favorite is such a Happy color!

  27. Pretty pictures and beautiful bedroom! I'm following you now on Pinterest:)

  28. lol! I just cracked up with that photo of the squirrels, Courtney! What in the world....???? lolol! Maybe they live in a really fancy tree someplace in Sherwood Forest or something..... hehehe!

    Love your inspirational photos. I'm not really a fan of yellow, but in these photos, it is such a nice warm cozy color. :)

    xoxo laurie

  29. Before seeing this post I would have said I am not such a fan of yellow -
    Gorgeous - and your bedroom is to die for Courtney - by far the nicest on your post.
    Oh and I would so love to own the sofa in the 3rd pic,lol

  30. A little sunshine is never wrong.Yellow is one of the colors obviouslythis spring here in Norway too...such a energi boot isn't it? But for me I want only a little bit,here and there:)
    I'll look you up on pinterest right away!!!

  31. Wonderful inspirational rooms, yours is number one filled with inspiration!


  32. I can't get over those squirrels!!! Too funny!

  33. Lovely images. Especially the bedrooms! How I wish a bedroom makeover were in the budget!

    I'm an interior painter and I once worked in a kitchen with yellow cabinets and trim. In fact it looked a lot like the kitchen in the picture. Sorry to say it was the ugliest kitchen I've ever seen. It might look pretty in pictures but in real life ... oy!

  34. So pretty. I've been crushing on a little yellow myself too (as an accent)...along with pale pink, raspberry, pale light green, etc. Your bedroom is so awesome.

  35. No yellow in my house, but I love all the inspirational pictures you've shown, and of course, I just adore your bedroom.

    Have a wonderful day!

  36. Oh what beautiful spaces in yellow...I love yellow too and my bedroom walls are yellow too. It is just such a warm and happy color to me. By the way Courtney your bedroom is absolutely beautiful.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  37. This was so fun, I think yellow is so happy and the rooms are truly inspirational. I just added a tad bit of yellow to my entry...maybe I need to brave up a little and add a tad bit more.
    Love your blog.


  38. love your blog. i'm a major fan of shabby chich and french country. i have a cape cod home that i decorate in yellow and white and its so fresh and fun. don't change a thing. your home looks great!

    -Jennifer (

  39. I have long-term love affair with yellow. I like the creamy buttercream all the way to bright clean yellow. I really hate mustard, brownish muddy yellows. I think your bedroom is beautiful, and I am in love with that sofa.

  40. I need some yellow in my house! Great inspiration photos.

  41. I loove your pics!! Can you tell me what paint you used in your bedroom?? Thanks! :0)

  42. Can I ask where you got the photo of the white cabinets and yellow dishes? Is it yours? I would love to use it for my design portfolio but need permission. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ellie~ That is not my photo-just an inspiration photo. I would try pinterest or google for a source.

  43. Your bedroom is so beautiful. What is the paint color?

  44. I am not much of a "yellow person" (maybe because that's my mother's favorite color), but all of these rooms look really beautiful. Anybody has any ideas for neutrals (beiges and light browns)? I will be moving into a new house in a couple of months, and I love the colors of the rooms as they are (mostly beiges and light browns with laminate flooring and beautiful GREEN walls in the kitchen with bright white cabinets and woodwork). It's just hard to come up with a concept for furnishings that would brighten the space short of refinishing all of my furniture in white. :-)

  45. Courtney, the squirrels cracked me up! Even though your post was written over a year ago, I do love pale, pale yellow but I didn't want any yellow in my home after having a yellow kitchen for 8 years (it was the wrong shade of yellow) Don't know why I lived with it so long, guess it wasn't a priority to repaint the kitchen. I just redid my living room and wanted a soft pale cream so i chose Benjamin Moore linen sand. Guess what? It had yellow undertones and at first I didn't like it but now I love it! If I had painted my room a beige or taupe it would have been too much beige. It's a very soft color and really looks good for the coastal cottage look I was going for. Yellow is a great color in the right shade. Hope to link-up my new room on Friday. Love, love, love your bedroom!

  46. ...I think the squirrels are statues if you look closely, because 3 are in one pose and 2 are in another pose. It was likely just a bit of whimsy! ;o)

  47. I have never been a yellow person...just not my choice of color BUT now all of a sudden, I love it. I love all these pics. I wish I knew all of their brand names. I want to paint a room in my house yellow...not sure which one yet but definitely will go for it. Right now I am loving BM's Hawthorne Yellow but if you know of any other good ones, please share! Love your bedroom! So warm and cozy...

  48. Glad to see recent comments to this lovely older post. I'm freshening up our home after 12 years and was going to have the bedroom and bath walls repainted in an aqua-blue for a coastal touch. But after reading this, I realized that my gorgeous buttercream walls which look so warm and inviting would be the sunshine backdrop to a touch of coastal decor. Our home falls into the warm English/French country decor with a touch of the sea thrown in! :)