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Boiserie Tutorial

Last week I shared the little Roses and Swags pediment piece
and also the faux boiserie that I used french armoire doors to create.
Here's a quick tutorial on how to get a similar look

Several years ago- I ordered a few moulding pieces from a company called Do It Yourself Chic
They make fantastic shabby molded swags and bows and all kinds of yummy pieces!!
I chose a couple of different pieces to try out... you might remember one that I used last year to make the architectural interest on that vintage headboard I placed behind my bed
(excuse the terrible iphone picture!)

I also ordered the small wreath pictured below
 and the one that I used on the pediment piece is a dainty swag that comes in 3 pieces.
They are white in color and highly detailed.

~To make the pediment piece with the applique~
I started with a simple piece of scrap plywood that I had 
and I took the swag and laid it out in the center of the board until I was happy with the placement
and attached it using regular glue  and let it dry overnight with chalk paint cans on it to hold it down.
 (Wood glue or White glue should work)

If the appliques are too stiff you can set them in the sun in a window to warm them a bit to 
make them more pliable and bendable.

After they were dried, I used Country Grey Chalk paint and gave it a once over. 
Country grey to me is more like a tan almost... not really a grey and I was wanting a bit more grey...
the next coat that went on was Coco  which is basically a brownish grayish color.

Finally, I dry brushed a bit of exterior white  on it to lighten it in areas 
(no tint- just right off the shelf at the hardware store)
and then used Annie Sloan Dark Wax to go over the entire piece 
and also work the the dark wax into the nooks and crannies of the applique to accent it a bit more.
Here is how it turned out:

 I mentioned before that when I was photographing the board a little thought popped into my head about 
making a faux boiserie wall and using the architectural detail at the top.

I have an old French armoire that was disassembled and being stored 
(it's one of those that comes apart in about 15 pieces)
I grabbed two of the doors from it and brought them inside to be transformed
When I started to paint the doors were pink with faux silver leaf detailing.

I covered it in a creamy layer of Country Grey chalk paint first and then took some of the Coco 
and dark wax and brushed in places giving it a bit of a streaky aged looked.

There was no specific method to my madness
 I just brushed it where I liked it and added extra wax in the detailed areas and corners.
I also painted the handles and used the wax on them to age them a bit more as well.

After everything was dried- 
I sanded the edges and the detailed edging that is on each of the doors.
and placed the architectural piece on top of them- there are little pins that are
at the top of the doors that easily hold the board in place.

 I didn't want it to be super distressed
 I just took a bit of the paint off to reveal some of the faux silvering and pink.

That's it.

A little applique... a little chalk paint.. and a little elbow grease.

See you Thursday for Feathered Nest Friday!


  1. Courtney, this is gorgeous! You always amaze me! I love it so far- I can't wait to see the total reveal! Happy painting!

  2. Thanks Courtney for the tutorial.I just found a cute headboard that I am going to try this on.That looks amazing.I love the technique you used.

  3. Courtney- Everything you do is just beautiful. xo Diana

  4. Just beautiful Courtney...I have an armoire in the garage I want to do but have just been so busy! Maybe this've inspired me. Thanks for the tutorial. I've never used that gray...just Paris Gray and I use it cut 50/50 with Old White most if the time. I think I like the French Linen color too....saw it in a pic. Your armoire is lovely.

  5. Great Tut my dear friend..Like I say your so good at this it's scary..I will see you tomorrow at the front gate say 10am..if that works for you if not call my cell and I'll find you and Sandy..Maybe this summer you can even bring who ever and come see me at my house..Just bring a dust rag ha ha!! I would love to give you the nickle tour..I don't show alot on my blog post..Hugs and smiles Gloria
    ps. can't wait to meet'll love second Sunday..

  6. I love appliques. These are beautiful, Courtney. Love your design.

  7. Magical!
    I have a source in Illinois called Decorators Supply Corporation. They did all the original detailing in the old Marshall Field's, downtown! They are really inexpensive...and there is nothing else like their ornaments! I just discovered they are also on Facebook!
    I want to do my ceilings with due time!


  8. Beeeeautiful, Courtney! Those little pediments make all the difference in the world on furniture! Truly adds alot of vintage deliciousness! Thank you for sharing how you created this awesome piece. I pinned it.... :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. AMAZING!!! Your style..I'm speechless...I invite you to check out my new blog..Blessings Lori

  10. Thank you for the tutorial. You have made something really pretty. You really are very talented.

  11. It looks just amazing how you transformed those doors from great to fabulous.

  12. Thank you for your tutorial - I love those little swags.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  13. Breathtaking transformations as always!
    Thanks for hosting Feathered Nest Fridays. I so enjoy it.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  14. It's just gorgeous! You are so talented, I always love to look at your photos.


  15. This is wonderful. Thanks for your tutorial. Love the end product it is beautiful. Love from South Africa.

  16. That turned out beautifully! I love appliques, I recently used some on my fireplace redo. They just add so much to a piece.

  17. Hi, Just came here from Pinterest! Love your blog, I love French style too. Great tutorial, mouldings are great to add interest! I find them hard to find where I live. Looking forward to reading all your other posts.


  18. Great tutorial. I love this project it is beautiful!!! Great job.


  19. I forgot to mention that I am trying thischalk paint for the first time on a project. I am very excited!!


  20. Courtney I love everything that you do! Thank you for the tut! I just found a few old oak doors at the thrift and I think this treatment would be perfect! Thanks again. Vanna

  21. Thank you ever so much for sharing your beautiful transformations. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  22. Everything is just beautiful ~ love it and I love the appliques

  23. Great Job! it is lovely....smiles

  24. i just got my order of country grey.. after seeing this i can't wait to use it...

  25. This could easily be the cover of a magazine.... Congratulations!

  26. Gorgeous! Shared this on my facebook page! XO, Aimee

  27. Beautiful Courtney! Thanx for coming to party!

  28. How Romantic and what Lovely Images... Loving that Annie Sloan color palette too! Thanks for sharing the How-To... I'm Hoping to paint some Furniture this Spring and do some color wash on the walls of this Old House.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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