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A Passion for Purple~ Inspirations

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Deep plums,
sparkling grapes and elegant eggplants and aubergines...

grape juice
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Soft sweet shades of lavenders, pale lilacs and old world regal amethyst tones...

How do you feel about purple in your rooms?


Do you love the bold tones or the soft subtle shades?
Do you like it as an accent or as a focal point?

Purple can be inspiring.
 Quietly complimenting. 
Or boldly making a statement.
It is a passionate color either way for sure.

It can move you and excite you with it's rich deep, dark shades covering the walls.
Accented by silver, white and black- it's elegant and so gorgeous.

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Or purple can calm you and relax you- wrapping it's warmth around you like it does in this
 lavender room filled with irresistible pale shades and detailed patterns...
(I just have to say that I love that settee in so. many. ways...  *sigh*)

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What about on a chair, window covering or pillows?
Paired with other bold colors- it gives a space a lot of wow factor.
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Or paired with pale creamy whites and grays
 just a drop of it's dazzling color speaks for itself.

 This antique chair speaks to me- LOUDLY.
I love the elegant fabric and frame and with the cream- delightful.
Purple chair
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 I love light walls with purple drapery and accents

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As much as purple is not my first choice for decorating my spaces with 
I have to admit this dining room is knocking my socks off with it's bold dark color 
on the walls and white accents.
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My daughter loves purple. 
LOVES it like she wants it covering every surface in her room Loves it.

I have been itching to get into her room and make it over for awhile now
and in my attempt to start getting those projects wrapped up- 
her room makeover is now on deck.
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She has morphed from a little girl to a bit more of a glam girl this past year
and she will be heading off to high school next year.. *GULP*
so she wants something more grown up than those PB flower drapes and little girl colors.

She finally agreed to let me do a mini-  (mind you- just a mini)
makeover in her room but ONLY if it was purple and only if she LIKED what I was doing.

Sigh ...
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Purple is definitely not one of my usual colors to decorate with but I am game to play
 with her favorite color and her style. 

Just possibly though....
maybe just possibly could I convince her that something
 quiet, soft, and shabby would be perfect in her little cottage bedroom?
 oh I don't know ...
 Pale sage or soft buttery yellow?
well with that look she gave me with raised eyebrows and disgust at the thought of that
 I'm thinking it's not likely.

So I am off to create a vision board with some purple inspirations for her room 
and I'll share more about my plans for her space soon
You can also follow my Glam Bedroom board on Pinterest as well
if you would like.

Go  HERE  to enter to win!

See you tomorrow for Feathered Nest Friday!! 


  1. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. I pinned and pinned and pinned some more!

  2. Love it!!! And that front door? Well they say paint your front door your favorite color, it will make you happy to come in. These are all very pretty purple photos!

  3. That daybed in the fourth photo almost made me faint dead away! I don't decorate with purple either, but i have been feeling the tug to do my bathroom is a soft muted lavender, it's such a calming, mystical color. It is associated with the crown chakra which is the seat of higher consciousness... which is pretty cool!


  4. For the last couple of years, I've been pairing the lighter tones with mouse grey. It's very old world mellow. ~ Maureen

  5. So pretty. I don't decorate with purple either, but I really do love the silvery lilac color and the deep, dark, faded eggplant color. Good luck with your daughter's room. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  6. Isn't that funny...just the other day I was dreaming of a purple sofa...I just love that color in all forms!!! However, it would mean a major transformation...have to get rid of tooooo many things!!!But I use a purple touch in each room instead of black, like they used to tell you, and it makes all the other colors pop!! hugs...cleo

  7. I love purple, but it has to be in the right doses~I remember being a little girl and my mom letting me do my bed in lilac. Loved it!! I guess I still do. I had a question about linky tool~we both have it on our sidebars, but mine is showing every single person that joins and the linky box is getting too big for my taste. Do you know why yours is not doing this? Is there something I can do to change it?

  8. I love your blog, the style and class in each entry, I invite you to visit my blog, now I become a follower of yours, I would love to appear in your list of blogs.
    I hope your visit, greetings

  9. love the color purple - gorgeous examples of the royal color.


  10. The pictures are great. I love the one with the satee That is my favorite. I also thinkg the headboard and chair are really nice!!

  11. I think I like just about every room! Purple, lavender, lilac are all favorites especially paired with green! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Carolyn: My favorite color of purple is my lilacs. I can't wait until they bloom. Been there, done that, with the teenage girl! The time for your input is waaaay behind you now.. Thanks for the beautiful pictures..Judy

  13. Sorry, Courtney, I think I got your name wrong in my comment. Judy

  14. The photos are all gorgeous, but I don't think I could live with lots of purple. Good luck with your daughter's room. I know anything you do will be beautiful.

  15. Wow - I've been loving all shades of purple lately!!

  16. I don't know where to look first! Those rich purples are divine! What a great colour to decorate with.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha In Oz

  17. First, thank you SO MUCH for all of your help at the blog workshop held at the Vintage Bricoleurs. Looking forward to the next one. Also, love your rose photos! Would make a beautiful calender. I'm getting close to "launching" my blog.

  18. I think at least once in a little girl's life her favorite color would be purple...Gorgeous images of that beautiful color...

    I believe Oprah's Guest Suite is all done in shades of purple...

  19. Love the pictures, especially the daybed. Beautiful!! It is one of my daughter's favorite colors as well. When she was small her room was filled with pink and purple plastic. Now as an adult with her own home she mostly wears purple - It's her "power" color. Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. I'm afraid I'm a "closet" purple-lover! I hope the color is coming back in style because I just love it! These pictures are stunning -- love that purple doorknob.

  21. My favorite thing in Spring....the blooming lilacs. I just have a little bush but my neighbor has huge bushes and she lets me pick bushels. :) I think it would be fun to decorate a purple bedroom. Have fun and can't wait to see it. xo

  22. I have to say I want purple now! Such pretty inspiration here Courtney. Have fun!

  23. Beeeautiful, Courtney! much inspiration!

    I tend to lean toward the soft, gray/plummy purples or the soft lavenders like lilacs....

    xoxo laurie

  24. Beatiful pictures, I want some purple now. thanks for posting.

  25. This is wonderful! We tend to forget how calming purple is .. these are all gorgeous and to soak in the tub with the candles.. love it.

  26. I love all of these purple inspirations! Purple is a color that I adore but have never been brave enough to decofrate with. When we moved into this hosue, myh oldest daughter's bedroomwas already painted purple - she loved it! It was exactly what she wanted! Paired with off-white and sage green, it was beautiful! Some day, she wants to do an apartment bedroom with purple and silver. Go for it! Hugs, Leena

  27. Oh, these are so pretty! I would've never thought I'd like a purple front door, but I sure love that one in the first photo.

  28. These are all beautiful ways to displplay the purple palette.

  29. Ooooh! Sexy post! Purple is such a passionate and yet fun loving color. I tend to wear it more than use it in my decor, but I love these rooms and that door is eye-catching. My favorite is the large ornate bed with crushed velvet headboard; scrumptous!
    By the way, Courtney, if you have the time would you please help me with a paint problem? I need suggestions. You'll find it in my newest post 'Paint Dilemma and also my post 'Welcome Frugal Treasures Tuesday Party' with more details. Thank you and any of your readers who can help and leave some options.

  30. Courtney, I LOVE this post about purple! I'm a big fan of the color, though I rarely use it in my home, and I don't wear much of it either. Still, I'm attracted to it and I love to see it used elsewhere. I DO buy practically every shade of purple flower I see for my garden. :)

  31. Sharing this one with a purple-loving friend...she LOVES it SO much she works at FEDEX and wears a purple uniform everyday! :-)

  32. I often hear people say you need a little black in every room. I do. But lately I've noticed that I like a bit of purple in every room too. Love that glass door knob and the alcoved bed space.