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A Little Box of Letters...

The past couple of weeks I have been sorting through boxes of things at my grandparents house.
Going through different things from someone's life is not easy emotionally.
Just looking through someone's personal items or stuff... it's hard. 

Though it hasn't been hard to actually find things~
 my grandmother was an unbelievably organized person.
(Ahem... unfortunately, I did NOT get that trait from her.)

She had several file cabinets filled with checks and paperwork from 30 years ago 
Labels on everything- alphabetized, sorted and organized
Boxes of vinyl records - yep that they actually used to play, a library of movies
and photo albums for every occasion.

One of her favorite mottos was
 'A place for everything and everything in it's place'

As I was loading up several boxes of legal paperwork,
old cards & photos to bring to my mom to look through
I noticed some scribbly handwriting on pink paper that looked familiar in a box of letters.

It was a letter from me sent to Grammy when I was a little girl.

As I opened it, it was almost like I was that little girl writing to my grandmother again.
The words were familiar and the stationary was a favorite of mine.

I set the box down and looked through and found more letters I wrote to her
and soon had several stacks to read through.

I talked about Goldie & Punkin the dogs 
or how she and Gramps helped re-do my bedroom with that princess canopy bed
 or how much fun I had visiting them.

I found letters from when I could barely write
all the way through to when I moved out of the state
and there were even a few from my kids sent to Grammy and Gramps mixed in too.

Some of them were a reminder of that giggly girl 
and the crazy things I used to dream up.
 Talks about the cups of cocoa we would share while doing a puzzle 
or the fun we had watching those late night thrillers on tv when I visited.

Some of them were just simple notes to say hello. 

Some of the letters were harder to read. 
 They brought back the struggles I was having or the insecurities that I felt at the time.
 Several letters where I was wishing I was with her up in the mountains 
or how I was searching for my way in the world 
There were apologies for my teenage girl attitude
some broken heart moments
 more than one letter wondering why someone important in my life didn't 
 place any importance on me and always
 left me feeling not good enough.

 I was so lucky to have a lot of incredible people in my life who loved me and encouraged me
 but my grandmother and I had a very special bond
and these letters are sweet treasured reminders.

The words in these letters showed what a huge presence she has always been in my life
  How I knew I could always depend on her and tell her anything 
and knew she would love me no matter what 
even when I felt like I was un-lovable.
That my Grammy was not just my grandmother
 but she was always one of my closest friends.

These letters brought a lot of laughs about some of my goofy thoughts
  remembering so many good things.
Of course, they also brought some tears.
But surprisingly, they brought something else too.

Finding these old handwritten  letters from that young
daydreaming girl that I used to be 
has inspired me.

Inspired me to move forward with something that my grandmother encouraged a long time ago.
Something a little daydreamy and crazy - kind of like I used to be.
Something that has been waiting and waiting 
  to be planted and to bloom.

It's incredible to think that even though she has been gone for over a year now
just by saving all of the letters and notes from years ago
Grammy is continuing to encourage me to follow my dreams
 and to believe in myself.


Happy Sunday Everyone


  1. WOW Courtney, what a wonderful thing to have...those letters are precious. It is awesome that even now, your beloved grandmother is comforting you and encouraging you. We can all only hope to be that kind of a positive influence on someone's life. Thanks for sharing that beautiful story.

    Happy Sunday,

  2. This post brought tears to my eyes. If only more grandparents knew the difference they could make in their grandchildrens lives. I only had one set of grandparents and rarely saw them. Grandchildren were not their priority. My own parents aren't much differerent with their grandchildren.

    I'm so sorry for the loss Courtney. You were so fortunate to have such a caring woman in your life to help guide you into the woman you've become.

  3. What a beautiful gift for you to find. You and your grandmother were lucky to have each other and that special bond. Enjoy your treasure and the pleasure that they brought your grandmother. She kept them all of these years and now you have the opportunity to relive long ago moments any time. That is a gift in itself.

  4. How sweet! I love sending letters to my grandmother, who I actually call Grammie (so similiar to what you call your grandmother!). I was very lucky to have three sets of grandparents growing up, they certainly do make all the difference in young children's lives. :)

  5. Courtney, how sweet that you found these and were able to go down memory lane. I wish I had been closer to my grandparents.

  6. I am bawling like a baby.

    And to think she saved them, oh how special.

    What a sweet from-the-heart post, Courtney.

    You must miss her terribly.

    May you be comforted in your memories and love of her, and in your Faith.

  7. Beautiful and touching.

    I went through this with my dad's things, just a few months ago, much less organized though. So many feelings and memories came flooding in, I could feel what you felt. Finding handwritten letters and notes are something to cherish, what a gift they are! I do wonder what the next generation will find? I doubt many emails will be saved.

    Thank you for posting this, such a sweetness to it.

  8. What a beautiful post Courtney. What a special relationship and source of encoragement, even today, your grandmother was. My Dad recently passed, and he had a great relationship with my two children. I wish they had more time with him, but I do hope that they will treasure the memories they have, and remember him always. Thanks for reminding everyone that grandparents can make a huge difference in the life of a child.
    Kris of Cricket Acres Studio

  9. Courtney,
    That is so amazing to find those sweet letters.How sweet that she kept them all those years.It shows how much she loved you and how special you were.What an amazing Grandmother.Sounds like your Grandfather was pretty special too.

  10. Courtney: Such beautiful memories. Wasn't it wonderful to have had the precious time with you grandmother and I'm so glad she kept all those memories for you. I'm trying to be that kind of grandmother to Jake and so far I think I am succeeding..Thanks for sharing your memories with all of us..Happy Sunday..Judy

  11. That was such a great story. I'm so glad you were able to find them, rather than them being tossed and you never had the chance to see what she had saved. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  12. What a beautiful post! So glad you shared this with us today. It brought back a lot of memories to me of my grandmother. She was also my best friend and I miss her terribly.
    I now have a grand daughter of my on and we exchange letters. I hope someday she will find the ones I have kept of hers and remember me with love as you have now with your precious grandmother.
    Thanks for sharing

  13. This is such a sweet post, Courtney. You really knew how to open your heart up to your grandparents and your life is richer for it. Both sets of my grandparents passed away when I was young so I never knew them I have big plans though, to be the best grandmother ever...if that ever happens!!


  14. Thanks for sharing you are very blessed that your Grandma kept those letters..
    Hopefully this post will inspire us to teach our children to do the same.They really don't do that anymore the letter writing...
    Blessings Lori

  15. WOW!! how wonderful to be reminded of the fun and growing times and knowing how much you were loved and how your letters were a treasure.

    Thank you for sharing this, it is a reminder that their is no greater gift we can give someone than a handwritten letter. Many blessings to you, I am certain your Grammy is looking over you each and everyday and continues to be in thought, heart and memory!! xo Blessings, HHL

  16. You are blessed to have such incredible, cherished memories of your grandmother.

  17. what a beautiful post. How special that she would keep your notes and for you to go back and read after all these years. I love the image of your hand gesture in one of your notes- obviously you were a "cool" teen at this point. Thanks for sharing.

  18. What a sweet find. I confess I'm not very good at keeping things so my girls and grandkids won't be finding much like that I'm afraid. Maybe i should start saving more...

  19. Very touching post, Courtney. Thanks for entrusting us with your story.


  20. Many times when I look at blogs I skim through just looking at pictures, But I read each line of yours today. Such a sweet post. My mom kept stuff, stuff, stuff, she is still here(but very sick). I know the time is coming sooner than later that I will have the chance to go through her things, I dread it but will treasure it also. I wish I would of held onto more for my children and grandchildren. You were blessed. Have a great Sunday!

  21. well i wasn't expecting this wonderful story, i was hooked from the first moment...its like i know a bigger part of you, and you laid it all out there girl. Most of us had those years that maybe we would rather not live through again, but to find this lovingly cared for pile of letters just shows how much you were loved. Its awesome.

  22. What an wonderful sweet legacy, Courtney. And an amazing sweet post.

  23. What an incredible post filled with such emotion that made me remember my own grandmother and how she saved every letter I ever sent her because she loved me that much. So very sweet dear and moving

  24. What a very precious thing to find in your Grammy's things.
    It must make you feel so wonderful to know that she cherished the letters so much to save them. It's not so much what you wrote to her...but that she kept every single one! I can tell it means a lot to you.

    Count your blessings. -Pat

  25. Oh, sweetie. What a bittersweet day you must'ave had. I got tears in my eyes reading this. But what treasures you discovered. I'm sure that you will cherish them grandma looks down from above with a smile on her face. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  26. Courtney,

    Your Grandmother loved you so very much to treasure each and every note and letter you sent to her...My little granddaughter writes me little notes and leaves them everywhere in the house..I treasure them and keep every note..most of them just little stick drawings with hearts...My hubby's bulletin board in his office is jammed with her drawings that she has given to him to proudly...

    For you see, a grandparents love is unconditional..they would sacrifice and go to the ends of the earth for you and want you to "hitch a wagon to a star"...

    I am so very happy that you had that very special relationship with your Grandparents...I strive to have the best relationship with mine, as I never knew my grandparents....

  27. Courtney,
    What a wonderful post. I am so glad you decided to share that little piece of your past. I bet those were just a treasure to find! It's like traveling back in time when you look at keepsakes like that. There is no one like our grandparents.

  28. i can feel the love right through the screen. what a gift, having access to this correspondence.

    keep dreaming. keep reaching. keep aiming higher.

    smiles to you.


  29. This is one sweet post that I enjoyed and read every word! How wonderful to have your grandparents to inspire you!


  30. oh, Courtney, how utterly wonderful!! so great you shared with us...


  31. this is so sweet, and now that i'm a gramma to 3 granddaughters', i hope i inspire them as your grandparents have you! ps: each of the grandgirls have their own special box and file i keep their things in too, priceless!

  32. Your post just choked me up. What a treasure of love and memories that you found. How wonderful now for your children to read. What a true blessing to your and your family. And I can tell you right now you had one fantastic loving grandmother. What a great example she is.


  33. This is really wonderful that your grandma kept all of those memories. It is always great to go down memory Lane with the people who are so dear to you. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Thank you for this post- I've been feeling like I'm drowning in a sea of papers that my kids (especially my girl) produce. Drawings, notes, doodles, etc. I've been feeling conflicted about saving everything or getting rid of some. . .
    This has inspired me to just make a place and keep them. Paper doesn't really take up that much room - and to think that they might have this kind of experience sometime in the future -to know, beyond the time when i am with them, how much they meant to me. . .
    well, thanks,
    breida with a b.

  35. Court.....this is such an amazing touching post!

  36. What a sweet post. I hate that hand written things are becoming such a lost art. What are my kids going to look back on? Old emails? TFS :)

  37. Such a beautiful post, Courtney! You have prompted me (actually Grammy has), to organize my kids letters and pictures in such a way that they show they were cherished and loved. Here's a big *hug*.
    xo, Amber

  38. That is so wonderful, Courtney! I know I would have tears rolling down my face while reading these letters. I felt that way about my maternal grandmother, too. I could talk to her about anything.

  39. Oh Courtney, this is such a sweet and touching post. I'll bet it was wonderful discovering those old letters and reminiscing about your grandma and what a big role she played in your life. She sounds like she was a pretty special person...just like you. Big hugs ♥