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Shades of White~ Inspirations

I love white on white in decorating.
Creamy pale hues mixed together create interest & beauty & inspires
with it's serene quiet palette.


White mixed with natural wood is warm and inviting

and a touch of faded color in the rug is perfect in this room.


The pop of pink in the bouquet is a lovely touch with the white drapes and white walls

 country living

Or maybe a little yellow? 
Pale cream colored walls, white trim and old weathered wood- with a soft yellow-

 country living

I love the subtle touch of gray in these walls- 
it sets off the white even more.

 country living

Probably my favorite combination is a creamy vanilla 
accented with crisp white and dark stained wood


I love it. 
Love it.   Love it.  Love it.

 country living

White bedding, white walls, white furniture... 
and dark, rich wood.

Elle Decor


 country living

As much as I love white on white in a room... 
It always seems like I am not able to live with it for too long
before I have to add some color back in.

 country living

Red especially... 
one of my favorite colors and so gorgeous with white

country living

I love the subtle yellow pillows here-
 so pretty.

Decor Pad

Love the pale pink here too- it is subtle and understated and a sweet touch.

I am getting ready to do a little refresh on my living room with a new coat of paint
and a freshly painted ceiling.
I have not decided on the exact color I am going with yet 
but while chatting with my sister about it- 
 this was her comment

"Oh you are painting the living room?  
Let me guess... 
you are painting it ANOTHER shade of white?"

Yep...  that's from my sassy little sister.

I'll keep you posted on which shade of white I go with


  1. I go back and forth too. I did the all white things right when the shabby chic books came out, in the mid 90's. Then I went dark italian colors, then I went white with bright cottage colors and now I'm going back to white. I must be crazy with 2 little kids and a shedding black lab!! LOL Excited to see what you do...

  2. Hi Courtney~ Im moving to a new place and need to find a great shade of white..what do you recommend?? xoxo

  3. I love white also! Your pics are beautiful!

  4. I agree with you on white. I love it, but for me shades of gray keep creeping in. I have the best intentions when I start out and then some where along the line it makes a left turn and there I am!
    Beautiful pictures and I am seriously going to do some editing to my living room again...!

  5. I do so love the white...but I agree, there needs to be a little pop of color or it becomes too monotonous...

    Your white interiors always seem to have the perfect balance...

    Have a wonderful day...

  6. All the rooms are beautiful but my fave is the one with the shabby union flag rug!

  7. Loved them all, but that first photo had me ready with a white paint can

  8. Courtney, This post was perfect timing! I am trying to decide what white to paint one of my guest rooms.
    I think I like the creamy whites in your post!

  9. I adore white but I have to admit... I can't live without color... come springtime I wish my house was white, then fall rolls around and I must have those rich warm colors. It's impossible to settle on one beautiful color scheme... I need 4 homes! Happy Monday.

  10. Getting ready to paint my living room too. I need to find just the right white since the room faces north... that and my fabrics are very creamy... but I want white paint. Though to choose a white. I will be checking back to see what you choose.

  11. Beautiful rooms Courtney! I so wish sometimes our home spoke white to me...but it does not. I sure love looking at though.

  12. Love the first image with the white drapes {puddling} on the gorgeous hard wood. So elegant!


  13. Love all the pictures. White is just so beautiful!

  14. Courtney: Couldn't you just get a peaceful night's sleep in that first bedroom with the portrait over the bed? I know your living room will be beautiful whatever shade of anything you paint it..Happy Monday..Judy

  15. Love Love this post...
    Grey Mist by Benjamin Moore is one of my favourites you should check out this color...
    Blessings Lori

  16. White is just soooo dreamy. Those rooms are all amazing. I can't wait to see what shade of white you decide, I need to paint, too. I hope you will share with us!


  17. Can I just vacation in one of those homes for a day?


  18. Knowing's going to be the perfect color and look absolutely fabulous, Courtney! :) I'm drawn more and more to pale grey walls with white trim for some reason. Like Maria's @ dreamywhites. Looking forward to see the color you choose! :)

    xoxo laurie

  19. White on white - ageless classic to be sure.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

  20. I love that first hallway with that pine floor. When we first built this house I was trying to achieve that white with pine look. I failed!


  21. Just when I think I have a room just the way I want it. . . BOOM, a white post comes along to inspire and make me think I need to edit once again!!

    Love the pink pastel pillows on that casual but dressy long sofa!!

    Great little post!! Loved it.
    Mary Anne ox

  22. Wow, love that number 4 box/ coffee table!

  23. I love white, it is so clean looking.
    All the photos are beautiful.

  24. I bought 5 gallons of a paint from walmart called "The Perfect White" by Better Homes and Gardens. To paint our new place! Tausha from the blog Simply Me recommended it and it is perfect!! xoxo

  25. Yummy photos... i'll will be very curious about which shade of white you go with!


  26. I can't even pick out a room that is my favorite-they all are! :) chris

  27. what a beautiful post! thanks for the inspiration!


  28. All wonderful inspirations Courtney!

  29. I think everyone likes the classic white look. You can create different looks with just the color pieces which just pop. The first photo I like with the warm color of the natural wood. The curtains are so elegant. Love this post.


  30. Love all your lovely white rooms ,I to love it as a pallet to have fun creating on.The longer I live the more often I seem to need to change things around.Thanks for the inspiration.
    Blessings fron Ontario,canada.

  31. I've always loved white, so clean & crisp yet soft. Color is great but when you have to look at it day in...white wins for me. Lovely post. In the pic with no 4 what is hanging over the fireplace? What is it made of? Love the looks of it. Thank you Nicole

  32. I so wish you could come here and decorate for me! I think I am a creative person but when it comes to paint colors, I totally lose it. My brain just freezes and I get to the point where I wish I'd just gone with my FIRST impulse! So I am trying to find a pretty color combination to go with my NEW blush/pink Target quilt(thanks to your recommendation!). I want to put it in my son's old bedroom(he's grown now and has his own home) I am redoing it. Please give me a few paint names that might go well with it. It faces west...three windows. THANKS SO MUCH! I LOVE YOUR DECOR...but so glad you kept that ceiling...gorgeous.