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Tall, Dark & Handsome

Talldark & handsome.
What girl doesn't like a little something 
(or maybe someone ;)
that is tall, dark and handsome?

I love old antique armoires and cupboards that are stately and charming
Covered in oodles of elegant carvings and finished
 in old dark stains with hand rubbed wax adding the perfect patina...
so delicious.

I have long drooled over the gorgeous buffets and armoires in Charles Faudree's rooms.
In French Country design 
a stately armoire is a staple piece.
They are a focal point with their intricate detailed carvings 
and rustic finishes

 A French buffet deux corps is a piece of furniture that is simply 
a buffet with 2 parts.
The top is thinner and taller than the bottom
They have short cabriole legs and wear a simple but elegant crown

An antique buffet deux corps 
can cost all the way up into the tens of thousands of dollars (yikes!)
 but reproductions can be found for much less.

I found this antique buffet deux corps about 6 years ago on craigslist
while looking for a piece to put a television in
(media out in your face bothers me- it's a pet peeve of mine)
I didn't realize that this was a buffet deux corps or a pricey antique one
when I emailed about it-
 it just looked like a large armoire in the  tiny blurry picture in the ad.

When we looked at it something seemed so familiar about it..but I hesitated.
She had several other pieces of beautiful painted french furniture and I bought them
so I didn't have much more room in my car and
it was so tall and maybe too dark for a little old painted cottage...
so I told her I needed to take some measurements and think about it.

Just a couple days later we were on the way to Disneyland
when I had one of those moments.

You know those moments- 
the ones where you saw something at the flea market and hemmed and hawed and then passed on it 
and five rows later you start completely obsessing about it?
 Your heart races as you turn around and you start sweating
 worrying  that someone else will buy YOUR piece before you do
since now you have decided you 
HAVE to HAVE it.

 I had one of those moments.
In the car. 
On the way to Disneyland
Somewhere near Bakersfield and no where near MY buffet deux corps.

 I emailed the lady when we got there and waited and waited keeping my fingers crossed 
that I hadn't just missed the opportunity to buy such an incredible antique  piece like this
 for only a few hundred dollars.
she emailed me back that evening and told me she hadn't shown it to anyone else yet
 and she would save it for me until I got back to pick it up.

I know it was big time lucky to find this piece.
It is probably from around the mid 1800's from the Normandy region of France
It is held together by chunky old wood pegs and the wood has the most beautiful perfect patina.
I love it.

It is gorgeous to display china or books inside
 and leave the top doors open.
I reversed the doors here to show the carvings when they are open.

Though I actually prefer it with the doors closed- 
there is something so elegant about it just all by itself.

Tall, dark, handsome & perfectly charming...
I'll take it.

I have been a crazy woman painting over here but the good news is-
I am almost done with all.that.painting and am finally getting onto re-designing!

So I have a little room reveal coming your way next week...
 a couple of giveaways that I know you will love!
So stay tuned!

See you tonight for Feathered Nest Friday!


  1. This is GORGEOUS!!! and I wouldn't even paint it!!! {amazing, right!?}

    Tall, dark and Handsome!? Sounds good :)

  2. He's a looker for sure. Like an silver screen leading man! Yum.

    Looks so gorgeous all filled up with treasures too =)

  3. The armoire is beautiful!
    I love how good you are at coloring just the flowers in your photos. Like the last one in your post!

  4. It's a gorgeous piece, Courtney! It looks even more beautiful with those top doors open showing off your displays. You've had such great luck with Craig's List finds!

  5. HI Courtney! OH, what a beautiful piece and lucky you that you were able to purchase it. It's huge and I love how you've dressed her up! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you're up to.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Courtney, that is a gorgeous piece. You have the most beautiful furniture.

  7. Courtney you always find the most fabulous pieces lady!! This is gorgeous!

  8. Such a beautiful piece. I'm glad it worked out for you.

  9. Yes, indeed. He is a vision of beauty.

  10. Tall, dark and most totally HANDSOME!!

    p.s. and I have those "moments" all the time.

    p.s.s. It was meant to be yours!!

  11. This if so 10x gorgeous can you tell i love it, I have had many of those moments. Thanks for sharing.

  12. GORGEOUS Courtney, it looks beautiful both ways!

  13. Yep, he's a described him perfectly...tall, dark and handsome...except I'd add very handsome! lol Love it opened or closed!


  14. What a lovely piece. That wood is beautiful!

  15. Courtney,
    That is a gorgeous piece.I would have been regretting not buying it too.I have had those moments too.Love the idea of switching the doors around too.I also do not like media in your face.But I let my husband have his big screened tv and with that there is not cabinet like that to hide it.I wish there was.I may have to think of a creative Idea to hide it.

  16. This is an amazing piece! I love it and the eway you decorated the inside is just fantastic.


  17. Your cabinet is beyond gorgeous and Charles Faudree would love it too!


  18. Magnificent piece...your instincts were right...that piece was meant for give it a great home among your many beautiful things...

  19. you did good by getting it and to think you almost missed it

    it is beautiful and stately

  20. Courtney,
    WOW! How in the world do you find things like that? I don't think they even have things that are so wonderful sold for so little in the Northwest....I just have to keep looking. However, I did find an armoire for my bedroom NOT very old, just 12 years, but pretty and will work exactly for what I need it for! I will show a picture when I get finished with that project!

  21. LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and will happily follow.
    If you want some swedish country decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great weekend.

    LOVE Maria at

  22. This piece is spectacular! And I loved it the way it is until you posted the last picture in black and white and now I am dreaming of finding a pc like that and painting it graphite!!!!
    Sorry - cannot help it - I am most definitely a paintaholic! ( seriously, I am - I should go to some sort of meetings for this addiction, lol )

  23. Oh and turning the doors inside out?

  24. Courtney: Your piece is sensational! Beyond words! I kept creeping down the page because I just knew that in one of the photos we would see it painted. And I wouldn't even have minded that. The wood is beautiful, quarter sawn oak, but if you do decide to paint it that will be beautiful too. I have faith in you girlie..Happy Thursday..Judy

  25. Oh my, it was yours a very long long time ago

  26. That is beautiful! You really got a deal. Enjoyed the story!

  27. Tall, dark and handsome is where it's at! Good job. I'm so glad it was still available when you had your epiphany :)

  28. What I wanna know is, why can't I find pieces like this on Craigslist? Your piece is absolutely beautiful!

  29. What a beautiful buffet deux corps... I feel so french typing that :) I'm so glad it didn't sell while you were deciding, not only because your beautiful home deserves a piece like that, but because I probably never would have seen it! Thanks for the peek. Oh, and while it is beautiful open or closed, I love your charming display inside and love it open with the doors clever!

    Have a lovely week!

  30. GAHHH you get the best stuff on Craigslist! but it was YOU that inspired me to look for a french country armoire there, and I found a lady selling TWO~twin armoires!! Thanks Court~always inspired by you.

  31. Courtney that is REALLY gorgeous! Not EVERYTHING needs to be white and that is one of them!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  32. fabulous! You got a fabulous treasure. I am hoping that you didn't paint it! xo marlis

  33. so gorge!! love the little trees inside too! you found the deal!! please don't paint it! i love it :0)

  34. Just fabulous. What is the color it is great. And what is the color of the chair. The entire picture is perfect

  35. Tall, dark, and handsome is right. He is perfect the way he is. Remember, if you love him don't try to change him. ;-).


  36. beautiful carving and patina. what a find!

  37. Lovely display and it is gorgeous with the doors open!

  38. LUV, LUV, LUV!!! Stunning piece, Courtney. I adore that beautiful old wood finish. Tall, dark, and handsome, indeed. Yum!

  39. stunning and gorgeous! I still love some dark wood mixed with white in our home :) Thanks for linking up, hope you are having a wonderful week my friend!

  40. Beautiful piece, Courtney! It is perfect for your frenchy home.
    Hugs, Sherry

  41. When I started reading this post, I thought you were going to say you would paint it. I was reading as fast as I could to start typing NOOOOO! Then, I realized you knew what it was and that handsome fella is safe. lol ~ Maureen

  42. It is a beautiful piece and I think we sould not paint antiques, they're too precious!
    A touch of dark is always welcome!


  43. simply stunning...I troll Craig's List everyday looking for something just like this...someday!

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  44. What a find!!! That is absolutely gorgeous! :) donna

  45. Such a perfect piece and cute story to go with it!

  46. Lucky you!!! You got yourself a terrific piece and I agree just the way it is. Looks wonderful showcasing all your items-great score!

  47. Wow, this is an incredible piece you actually had my heart racing thinking how close you came to missing this - I have been there before and truly know the feeling. Congratulations I'd just walk by this piece each day, smile -draw my fingers across - because I know it has a beautiful buttery feel and thank the LORD...gorgeously photographed too - love it with the doors closed
    Happy for YOU,

  48. Oh my's so yummy and perfect! XO, Aimee

  49. Just amazing, Courtney! You were so fortunate to find the wonderful piece. Glad you were able to nab it after all!

  50. Oh yeah, he's got it goin' on. I love this piece and it is soooo perfect just the way it is.