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English Garden Inspired Patio Makeover with Kmart

Outdoor areas are a big part of the living space in our home.
We love being outside entertaining & relaxing & just enjoying the fresh air and warm weather.
Most Summer evenings are spent sitting by the fire pit, making smores with the kids
 & listening to a music outdoors.

Our cottage sits among rolling meadow & mountain property.
It is an old cottage and it has several neat features that were put in a long time ago.
One of them is this old fireplace built out of bricks and rocks that sits at the top of a large patio area.

I have always loved the charming mismatched rocks and how the patio sits under a big old oak tree
But it is in an area of the yard that gets super hot in the Summer and so is not a spot we use all that often for entertaining. I have long wanted to do something on this patio that invites you to come sit for awhile
 and enjoy a glass of wine or iced tea.

In getting ready for Summer, a graduation party and a Memorial Day get-together with family~
 this patio definitely needed some love.
We had an opportunity to spruce up the patio with a grill and outdoor
 elements from Kmart and I knew  this was the perfect spot to work some magic.
We started out shopping online, decided on what to order and used the MyGofer option
 to pick it up in the store just an hour later.  Super simple to just order what you like,
they gather it up and you just pick it up.
I like it.
Of course I shopped the store while I was there too and found some fantastic clearance deals~
Country Living white kitchen towels clearanced for $2.49 for 2 which I used as napkins
 a fantastic fringed throw for $11.99 for the settee
and lots of gorgeous plants!
I also found  these
(For any of you looking for the French style bistro chairs that I shabbied up last year on my sidebar-
Whoo Whoo!! Kmart has them again this year!)

Heres the patio before in the morning:

and how it turned out...

The first thing on the list was a gazebo or pergola or something for this area-
It gets full sun~ and in the Summer- that means full, blazing hot sun sometimes. 
So it has been hard to find a shady spot to relax in this area of the yard up until now.
Kmart had a bunch of great options for a gazebo.

This gazebo was a perfect fit.
The panels are moveable and can be placed at each side~ which makes it easy to adjust
 and change the look.  It was fairly easy to put up and it fit the center of this larger patio well.
It also has a bar area which is perfect for setting food on next to the grill or for serving.
Inside the gazebo is a set of charming English Cottage Garden inspired furniture.
 I loved how it was inspired by vintage design and looks much like something you would
 find at a high end store but with a reasonable Kmart price.

The extra thick  green cushions with black welting are gorgeous and comfortable 
and it has such a simple charming look.
The purple of the lilacs picked from the yard inspired the purple,
white and green colors for the patio and some super quick pillows I sewed out of a favorite fabric.

The white cast bench ($71.99) was perfect for a little coffee table- though the furniture set came with a table-
 I chose to use it as a side table and put the bench  in it's place.
It matches the urns that I already had but that they have again this year.
Lots of white bacopa and purple verbena flowers from the garden department 
and a few boxwood topiaries complete the English garden room look.
With candles and an oversized vintage inspired lantern (I already had)
 the lighting is soft and warm for Summer evenings.

We tried out the new grill by hosting a little get together with some  friends of ours.

Corn, veggie skewers and of course a few smores =  a fun evening.

Everything purchased was on sale at the time
and I also found an extra coupon on Kmart's site which  saved even more.
Awesome deals this week  ~20% off patio cushions, umbrellas and folding lawn furniture,
50% off hanging basket & deluxe plant stands and  a metal arbor for just $79.99
 I also use the Shop your way Rewards program which gives me points to spend however I like 
this week for every $1 you spend you get 10 points -and you can use  layaway as well.
Find Kmart online, on Facebook, on Twitter here & here
 follow the #KmartOutdoor hashtag and you can even shop your local ad as well.
For more on my shopping experience~ you can view my Google+ Album here

Anyone want to come over for a little veggie barbecue and glass of wine?

 I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric community.This shop has been compensated
as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #cbias#socialfabric
The designs and opinions are my own.


  1. Courtney, OMG! and I don't say that very often. What a beautiful setting and you have put it together just beautifully. I'm heading to K-Mart. We don't have that great of shopping around here but we do have K-Mart. Job well done and it is really beautiful and peaceful. Have I said that already?..Happy Monday..Judy

  2. That looks amazing... fantastic job... Love the English garden look... Have a great day.

  3. Courtney, what a lovely outdoor space to spend time with friends and family! Love the bench as a coffee table! What a beautiful setting!

  4. Oh, Courtney! It's just absolute gorgeous! I love how you set everything up...I think I would live out there if I fact, you may find me setting up camp some morning...don't be alarmed. ;)
    Just so lovely...

  5. Great outdoor space, Courtney and as usually beautifully staged!

  6. Is Kmart the new Target? I'm loving this! Very RH!!

  7. Hi Courtney! Thanks for sharing those fabulous pictures of your "new" patio area. It really is amazing how it was transformed by adding the gazebo from K-Mart. I like K-Mart and think they have tried really hard to upgrade their selections but still keep things a reasonable price. I have to travel about 30 minutes to get to a K-Mart but after seeing how beautifull you have put things together, I think I'll have to make a trip there. I like the way in your photos that you have put a discreet but hard to crop out "watermark" on your photos. The candles in jars are a nice touch also.

  8. Gorgeous....oh so gorgeous!!!!

  9. OMG Courtney I LOVE LOVE everything about this space!! Love the old fireplace! Your grounds are stunning, I can see why you enjoy spending time out there, I would too!

  10. You have made this spot look absolutely amazing. What a beautiful place for entertaining.

  11. Beautiful! I love the gazebo. Looks like the perfect place to relax and enjoy family and friends. Great post.

  12. You had me hooked at the ourdoor fireplace, but then I read more, and wow! Your patio is beautiful! You are so talented!

  13. Courtney,
    It all looks so lovely.And that lantern is so pretty too.I wish we could have one of those in the yard.But we have a wind tunnel here.It would not last a day.

  14. That looks just beautiful, Courtney! I love that pergola/gazebo. It sounds perfect for the spot you are describing to help with the sun. They have some great stuff at Kmart. I've been looking at the weekly flyer. I keep telling my daughter to go there because they have no budget to spend, but being in their first house they also have no outdoor furniture or anything {except the BBQ we gave them}. The layaway option alone would be great. I'll have to show her your blog post so she can see what you got.

  15. Courtney! I have ALWAYS wanted an outdoor fireplace like that. my hubby and I have talked about it since we were first married, but haven't gotten around to it. He wants to get a gazebo to put over our fire pit we have now, but I want to discuss options with him a little more before we do that. I am just so excited to have pictures to show him of what I have been trying to describe to him. I have all these ideas, but they tend to make me go in circles and I have a hard time getting them finished...I will do it though! Kmart is 1 1/2 hours away from us.. . . anyone want to go on a ROAD TRIP with me? !!! It will be so fun!

  16. Oh Courtney this is simply dreamy! I love the Gazebo too, just stunning. I would be spending a lot of time out there as well.

  17. I love your outdoor fireplace, though in our tiny garden it would take up half of it's space. You have created a lovely outdoor living room.

  18. What a beautiful outdoor space! Lilacs...beautiful!

  19. I can imagine how you felt the first time you sat in that gazebo! Perfection!



  20. Very pretty and inviting, Courtney! Everything looks very well made. Love, love the bistro chairs, do they have them in white? And I love the pillows you made! I'll be over later!


  21. Absolutely beautiful and the flowers finish it off so well.

  22. oh!!!! it is soooooooo beautiful!!! you may never want to leave~!

  23. I'll be right there! This space looks amazing! Such a wonderful area to enhance with all these treasures you found. Unfortunately, KMart went out of business in this would have to be online. It's a great convenience that you could shop online and then go pick it up so quickly.

    I hope you enjoy many celebrations here!


  24. You have set up the perfect retreat on that patio and achieved an amazing look with Kmart products. Did you screw the gazebo into the concrete? I've just installed a brick patio and don't want to wreck it but don't want the gazebo to blow away either. ~ Maureen

  25. just may find Maggie AND me out there some morning sipping coffee and waiting for you, Court! lol! What a beautiful space you've created! But then again....I wouldn't expect anything less from your creatively beautiful mind. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  26. OK. I have always loved your blog and your style and always got so happy each and every single time your posted danged near anything - ok, I really am a HUGE fan.

    But this one, my dear, I am just green with envy. I love all of that so much I can barely stand it. YES very very happy for you but seriously covet it - as in TOO MUCH coveting.

    WOW, love love love love love it.

    OK, trying to keep the green monster at bay.

    GOOD JOB!!!

  27. Courtney, if I lived close by I would certainly be over. What a charming spot. Our back yard is way too hot to enjoy, too. Hubby doesn't care to sit outside so it is just me. I would love to have someone to sit outside with and just enjoy a drink and conversation. I would love to see a long shot of you cottage some day.

  28. Everything turned out perfectly. It is cozy, inviting, romantic, and comfortable.

  29. This is absolutely gorgeous and looks like a magazine shoot. You did a beautiful job putting it all together!

  30. Magnificent setting...I think K Mart needs to do a feature on you!!!....I love your fireplace...Something definitely on my "I Really Want That" list....

    Beautiful, beautiful!

  31. Merci de partager avec nous l'ensemble de ces merveilleuses photos qui mettent en valeur cet endroit particulièrement serein... Il doit être vraiment très agréable de venir passer du temps ici...
    gros bisous

  32. So what time do you want me over? i just love love this space!!!! Gorgeous as always my friend.XOXOX

  33. It looks like an amazing spot to sit and relax Courtney.

  34. put this together so nicely, the gazebo was a great idea!!! I love K-Mart and shop there often, we have a very nice one by us...happy summer!!!

  35. is stunningly beautiful! Wow! It looks better in your yard than it does in the catalog!

  36. I am so jealous Courtney - it is stunning - we downsized and I lost my beloved garden in the process ;(
    Beautiful work

  37. Gorgeous!!! Your space is SO beautiful! The gazebo was a perfect idea!!

  38. Wow! We also spend most of our time entertaining in our outdoor areas. We live in the tropics so for most part our weather is amazing. Thanks for sharing all your lovely pics. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

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  40. Drool.....
    Love your looks like a magazine...It looks so cozy with the fireplace...spectacular...thanks for sharing...

  41. Oh my Gosh! It's Wonderful! The ambiance is amazing, looks like the most inviting place to sit in the world. I love your little rectangular container with the flowers, everything looks so comfy and calming and summery.


  42. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! That looks utterly AMAZING! So glad that you showed us the empty space before hand, because that transformation needed to be seen to be believed - it's like something out of a magazine, and all done on a budget?! You asked whether anyone fancied joining you for a Veggie Barbecue and a glass of wine? How about you package up that pile of gorgeousness, hop on a plane, deposit it at my house in England and I'll crack open a bottle of something bubbly in thanks - lol!
    Paula xx

  43. ridiculously amazing space. i just saw that gazebo in an ad, so to see it in "real life" shows how much greater it is. love it!

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  51. I love this post... so beautiful with a dreamy atmosphere! You have created paradise in your backyard... wonderful job,Courtney:) I love each and every element that went into this gorgeous transformation and the best part was the amazing finds at Kmart. Great post! Thanks for the inspiration and for hosting. Hugs,Poppy

  52. What a lovely and peaceful setting you have created. I doubt I would ever go inside again! Truly a beautiful space to enjoy all the wonderful weather ahead of us. Have a great weekend.

  53. I'm currently at work on a new patio and I love the gazebo. I was thinking of a pergola but this might change my mind.

  54. i so want that it the kind you can take down and put up easily?