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A Fresh Bouquet for the Mantel

I absolutely love soft shades of purple and chartreuse green together...
it is such a delightful combination.

 Together they feel vibrant and energetic
and even a small bouquet of them fills the room with that feeling.

 The mantel in the living room got a fresh bouquet of flowers  picked from our yard last week
and several of you asked to see more when I shared a little peek of it earlier.

It's a simple bouquet...
in just a simple white pitcher  that I found at Home Goods.

The purple & green blooms fill the vase with charming cottage colors
and the room with a delightful fragrance.

I love bouquets of fresh flowers in my rooms
and fresh from the yard flowers are even better.

Since the lilacs and snowballs have since dried, 
the mantel is getting it's Summery look on
 and I'll be sharing it soon.

A little party planning and end of the year wrap up going on over here.
My daughter is getting ready to graduate from 8th grade in a couple weeks...
She is my baby baby.
She has been at the same school since kindergarten with almost the same class 
of about 30 kids the entire time (there is only 1 class per grade)
 Both of my boys went to the same school but when they went to high school, 
 my daughter was at the charter school for a few more years...
 so it didn't seem that different yet
Now she's heading off to high school too...
can. not. believe. it.

More on the graduation stuff and party plans soon
and a little peek into the dining room.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Adore the flowers.... always look forward to the fresh blooms you share!!

    Where does that time go? Austin will be 16 this Summer, and I keep trying to pretend it's not happening. No other babies to cushion the blow either. LOL.

    Have a wonderful Sunday Courtney!!

  2. Ahhhh, Courtney, so so pretty. I can only imagine what you're feeling about the children growing up...I've been there. But, each stage of their life is just as wonderful, even when they are adults. It's just so interesting to see them mature and take on their own persona. Happy Sunday !!

  3. Tant de douceur et de romantisme dans votre publication... j'aime l'ensemble de vos photos.
    Gros bisous

  4. Good Morning, Courtney!! I LOVE your pictures here, I wsh I had your flowers, they are beautiful and so is your display of them! I know we're supposed to say Congratulations about these graduations, but I feel sad, too. Two are graduating high school this weekend and Christopher is starting High school!! High School!
    Goes way too fast. Hugs, dear, Theresa

  5. Maravillosas imágenes.

  6. Gorgeous. Love how peaceful the mantel looks, Mary is a nice touch. My only is finishing 8th grade Friday, so I so know how you are feeling. He is having about 50 of his friends over Friday night, so on the final stages of planning. Happy Sunday!

  7. Momentous times for you! Congratulations to you both. There is so much happening this time of year. Fun celebrations. Your mantle is so lovely. It'll be fun to see what's next!

  8. I do agree with you.They look wonderfully refreshing together.

  9. Just beautiful, Courtney! Such a gorgeous combination. I love how abundant this arrangement looks.

  10. I love the mix of Lilac (ahhhhhhh) and Labernum .... is that what it was? I so love lilac and it brings back many memories! Love the jug and the way you display it! Joan

  11. Chartreuse and lavender... a gorgeous combination... xv

  12. This is beautiful! Love it! Found you on Live. Laugh. Rowe's blog hop - and am so excited to be able to follow you! Would love for you to stop by and visit sometime!

    Have a great week!

  13. So pretty! I love this color combo too; I used the purple and green color scheme for my wedding! ;-)

  14. Beautiful shots, Courtney. Congrats to your daughter. They do grow up fast. My baby boy will be a senior this year.

  15. Beautiful, love the purple with green and the Madonna on pedestal nestled in between is a charming touch.

  16. Beautiful flowers! They are gorgeous in the midst of all the white.

    Time flies with kids doesn't it? My grands are teens and it just happens too fast.


  17. Lovely mantel display! Purple and chartreuse is one of my favorite combinations.

  18. Your photos are beautiful! I thought for sure this display was from a print magazine. Your mantel looks so peaceful and I love Mother Mary displayed next to the bouquet. Wishing you lots of joy mixed in with the bittersweet tears of your baby's graduation. My son's will be next year and today while at a baccalaureate for our graduating seniors (I work in a hs)I couldn't stop the tears thinking about this time next year. They fly away before our eyes. Hugs.

  19. Nice post, thanks for sharing this wonderful

  20. Beautiful! You have a wonderful way of displaying them also. I have a purple lilac bush and a beautiful white snowball bush growing side by side in our garden. Hugs and wishes for a week filled with happy!

  21. The lavender and green are so pretty together, and as usual, you totally did them justice with your beautiful way of displaying everything. What a step for your daughter, graduating! Time moves so fast when they reach this age...


  22. Hello Courtney, My heart is with you. My 'baby' turned 19 Sunday - she is growing up into such a lovely lady! Treasure each day - each moment - they fly by way too fast. I just love this flower combination - Somehow I am going to figure out how to have lilac bushes in my garden. I hope you have a blessed week,

  23. Your blooms are gorgeous!
    My baby is graduating high school in a few weeks!
    Such an exciting time, isn't it?!

  24. I love hydrangas...and how pretty is your mantel display! Love it!!
    Congratulations on your daughter's graduation...mine are only in 2nd and 3rd but I know that in no time I will be seeing them off to high school.
    Have a wonderful week Courtney!