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Green Transferware & Cottage In the Oaks Winner

 There's something about vintage transferware in a cupboard or cabinet.
The details and designs of the old elegant pieces are so charming.

My love affaire with transferware began about 10 years ago when I stumbled
upon a set of English Scenery in red at a yard sale. 
I was in love instantly!

Since then, 
I have picked up a piece here or there when finding them at flea markets or thrift stores
 and added to the collection.
 I have most of the red in my kitchen and it is probably my favorite 
but I also have a charming collection of green transferware that I got from a friend several years back.

She had been collecting green pieces for several years & decided that she wanted a change.
Her collection was gorgeous and she had some really beautiful substantial pieces in it.
We swapped things for it actually - 
she asked if I would be interested in trading the transferware 
for a couple things I was selling.

 I absolutely love the gorgeous tureens she had collected-
 so beautiful!

She had several platters and tureens as well as plates 
and bowls and serving pieces.

I used to have the green displayed in the tall, dark and handsome cupboard
in the living room but just last week I was changing the look around a bit in there
and moved it to another piece that I have in my bedroom.

More on that piece and the rest of the collection soon~
for now~ it's time to announce the 

Winner in the Cottage in the Oaks giveaway!!!

 Shoestring Elegance

 Please email me your information!

I have been having issues with blogger again!!
My most recent post on my kitchen has been disappearing or partially disappearing for some reason
and some comments are not showing up on the post when I publish them
I keep getting errors saying the content is unavailable -
 I have no idea.
It's making me crazy... again... hopefully it will be fixed soon.

There is time left to enter the LOWES $100 gift card giveaway yet!!!
It is open until Saturday ~
 Click HERE 
to go to the post to enter to win!!


  1. I have an appreciation for transferware too. The green is so lovely. Casual and elegant all at once.
    I have been away from blogging for a while...need to go visit your older posts.


  2. Love the green transferware. Heck love all the colors of transferware. I had issues with blogger the other day. Really makes me want to move to wordpress if I can learn it.

  3. Gorgeous and for a trade no less... lucky you!

  4. I love your transferware, Courtney! Transferware and toile ~ I love them all and have a hard time picking a favorite color.

  5. congrats to the winner.

    my favorite is brown and white transferware--timeless!

    smiles to you.


  6. I LOVE transferware too! It's very easy to come by here in New England! SO I must limit myself...I REALLY REALLY LOVE your green pieces. What a wonderful friend. The way you displayed the is outstanding AND my very favorite accent to the display is the little TOPIARIES(that is a PERFECT TOUCH)!!!
    Have a fun week,

  7. I love transferware too, green, red, brown and purple!
    Your green transferware is just gorgeous.

  8. Your transferware is beautiful! I love the tureens and the other covered pieces especially. I don't know which of the colors is the prettiest -- green is my favorite color, but that red is calling my name, too. Thank you for sharing .

  9. Your transferware is beautiful! I love the tureens and the other covered pieces especially. I don't know which of the colors is the prettiest -- green is my favorite color, but that red is calling my name, too. Thank you for sharing .

  10. Oh I love transfer ware! The green pieces are fabulous!

    Thank you for shareing your treasures!

  11. ooooh I love these green transferware. I'm addicted to transferware: blue, red, brown and I have only a couple of green pieces. I'm envious of your lovely collection. I think you made a great swap, ( whatever you swapped, lol)

  12. I just love this. I can't wait until about 3 am to really really look at it!

  13. Congratulations to the winner.
    What a pretty collection of transferware.Looks great with your cabinet too.

  14. Your green transferware pieces are beautiful! Lovely collection and display.

  15. I have a thing for transfwerware, too, red being my fave.
    Very difficult to find in Italy but I'm still adding pieces to my collection.
    Your green transferware is stunning and you have so beautifully displayed it. your little topiaries are the perfect touch to enhance the beauty of your tureen.

  16. Lovely images!....smiles

  17. Your red and green are both gorgeous.Thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi Courtney, I remember when you posted your green transferware in the brown cupboard. I think I even remarked about the Ridgway pieces you have. You don't see green very often and rarely a pretty collection grouped together like yours. I love it and love how you've displayed it in this cabinet to! Beautiful!

  19. What nice tureens and platters. I love transfer ware, have some of all colors except purple, but not a complete set of anything. But that is the fun-the hunt!

  20. Courtney, the green transferware is gorgeous in its new home. I love the little topiaries with it as well....really lovely!!!

  21. Love the green transferware - I don't see very much green, so to have a collection like yours is special. Sally

  22. I have a love affair with the red too, but have quite a large collection of blue. I have several pieces in brown, black and also green - but your tureens are just beautiful. I love this beautiful display.

  23. My favorite is blue and white - beautiful pieces you have !

  24. You have a beautiful collection of green transferware! I love red, too. It looks so pretty in your armoire!


  25. transfer ware is indeed so lovely. My SIL and friend each have a blue set. My mum has a few mauve/lavender pieces. I have never really seen mauve before she got it a few years ago. It's really pretty.

  26. Courtney: Congratulations to Shoestring Elegance. The green transferware is gorgeous and now I'm anxious to hear the story about the piece you put them in. What are you going to do to it?..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  27. I love both the red and the green. Love your cabinet and the way you have displayed everything.

  28. Love all transferware in each and every color...I love your green and it looks so wonderfully displayed in your cabinet!

    Have a wonderful week!

  29. I can't believe it you guys!!! I am so totally amazed! i never win a thing.. Thank you so much Courtney and Cottage in The Oaks and all the well wishers above..Beautiful post, Courtney, as usual,I'm still shocked that as I was reading I saw my blog name as the winner!!! Yay!

  30. I am really wanting to start a collection of transferware. My biggest problem...choosing a color. I love the red so much and then I see all this beautiful green in the hutch and I am in love with that...or Thanksgiving with the brown!!!

    Congratulations Teresa on your win!!!!!!

  31. Courtney,

    The dishes are amazing! I want some now and it isn't even my style :)

    I awarded you the "Versatile Blogger Award" so when you have a chance stop by and pick it up!


  32. I love the transferware. I love all of transferware anyway but this is a great display. LOVE IT!


  33. Blogger is trying my patience. I do not like the new formatting, either. But, I am adoring your gravy boat. I have an affinity for gravy boats.

    Also, am wondering about your ceiling in your kitchen. When we had some hanging cabs taken down, they did an awful patch job. AND the ceiling is textured. It just doesn't look right. I have debated many different things for a ceiling treatment. Planks are expensive. Tin tiles are, too. When you put up your beadboard, did you nail it AND glue it?? Did you use a lift?

  34. Je me suis agréablement promenée sur votre blog et je m'octroierai une prochaine visite...
    Gros bisous