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Summer Front Door Refresh

 I love porches and doors that are full of charm and character and lots of vintage details.
They just seem friendly and welcoming and invite you to come on in  and sit for awhile.

Our front door faces the East and the sun brightens the front patio each morning
and floods the house with it's warm sunshine.

When we first bought our home I envisioned a red door and so I painted the front door
 a dark, cherry red. 
It was fiery.
It was bold.
It was a little sassy.
I loved it.

 But when we put new siding up and painted the house a different color the red just didn't fit as well anymore
and so the door became a matte finish navy blue color. It has stayed that way for probably 5 years.
This months Lowes  project was a mini front porch refresh to welcome Summer and 
I knew just what I was ready to freshen up :) so I made a list and headed to Lowes.
 I started in the paint section where I picked up a can of Valspar Gloss Black
 and also a can of Valspar exterior white.

Our front door went from navy blue matte finish

to a fresh crisp gloss black. 
I love it.

 I also gave the window boxes on our house a fresh coat of gloss black as well
(I'll share more about how we made the window boxes and their new look in a separate post)

 In a crazy inspired moment
 I made the dentil moulding that lines the fascia boards to match the moulded trim
above the door.  They were so simple to make- but yes- it was very time consuming for sure
 and I think my husband thought I was a bit crazy
as I sat there cutting all the dozens and dozens of 1x2's  at 2" intervals until
 I had enough to go around
 But the addition of that trim made a huge difference in the look of the house for very little cost
and a fresh coat of crisp white paint was all it needed to make it stand out even more.

I'm not usually a brass girl, but brass & black? 
I have to admit that I love it.
 I wanted to put brass finish house numbers on the door to match the brass door handle.
I found tons of options in different finishes and sizes 
but these numbers were perfect in size, shape, etc.- they just weren't brass.
But I had an idea of how to fix that and now- they have the look of brass and I LOVE them!
 I love the simple but elegant look they add.
I purchased several extras of them for another refresh project that I am working on as well.

I also picked up a new door mat with a charming monogram in the center (love it!)
 and a cart full of plants for the front porch pots and window boxes

Our patio is has two concrete areas separated by several coved steps- it's nice but it's a lot of concrete.
A lot of concrete means you need A lot of pots and containers of plants to soften the area up.

I love topiaries by the door and these little boxwood are perfect
I love boxwood and especially in topiary form.
 I have several of them actually and love them to put them in urns just about anywhere.

 We  brought home a lot of flowers for the window boxes.
Depending on my color mood, I plant the window boxes differently each year
but one of my favorite flowers for them are geraniums.
 Several different shades of red & hot pink geraniums from the garden department were perfect
 and we filled in the gaps with bacopa and trailing verbena.

Lowes also had the most gorgeous red geranium hanging baskets 
and I also used a hanging basket for the front door decor as well. 
 I simply took one of the baskets and bent it flat on one side to make it into a door basket
and then hung it on the wreath holder.

Such a simple refresh for our front porch area but I'm loving how it turned out.
Now if I could just talk the husband into wiring for that second porch light for me...
yep... I'm working on it
Stay tuned for a little something fun for you with Lowes coming up very shortly!

I was compensated for this post as a member of the
 Lowes Creative Ideas Network of Creators and Influencers  but the designs and opinions are my own.


  1. I love front doors. I just painted my front door a beautiful Benjamin Moore Heritage Red. There's a picture on my blog. I get tons of compliments. I do love your rich color too though. Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful.

  2. Your front entry is lovely. I love the candles and the pink flowers against the black door. Very nice :)

  3. Your front doorway is just stunning! I love the new color of the door and I can't believe you made the molding & trim above it yourself. Great job.

  4. Just gorgeous, Courtney! I think a black door really makes a statement of traditional, classic design. love the topiaries and lanterns on the steps. Your home is lovely!

  5. Beautiful! I love the glossy black; it's such a statement! I love to have lots of pots on my front porch too. Those hanging baskets with red geraniums are gorgeous. And I am amazed that you made all that dentil molding yourself! Wow! Impressive!

  6. The black door is so elegant, Courtney. Great choice.

  7. Hi Courtney! Oh, your front door and entry is just so pretty! What a beautiful welcome for your visitors.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Un très joli seuil...
    Merci pour vos généreuses photos...
    Gros bisous

  9. So beautiful Courtney! A very welcome welcome!!!

  10. Your entry and front door is just beautiful Courtney, and welcoming too. I like how you staggered the lanterns and plants to create an enticing approach. It's magazine worthy! ~Delores

  11. I LOVE, love, love the contrast of your door!I am very partial to Black... it really brings out the great color in everything else!

  12. That looks lovely and very welcoming, Courtney! I'm heading to Lowe's myself in the morning to get some hydrangeas and a few other little plant related things.

  13. Hi, I just love it. It makes your front not only welcoming but there is a cared for feel about it! I had been thinking that I need to do something to 'tidy up' our front approach and this has spurred me on!! Thanks. Joan

  14. Just lovely!!!

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  15. Just beautiful and so welcoming!

  16. so charming and inviting. I now ponder our entry. and I love that you patiently and creatively cut your own moulding. I open my spirit to this so that some of your beautiful energy, creativity, and vision may flow in. :-)

  17. I like it. a lot! I had my front door painted red for years too. then i changed it just because i was tired of the red. now i'm tired of the grey/tan color i used! not sure what I want to go with next time - really like the black with your house!

  18. Gorgeous entry to your home. Love the lanterns space up the steps. I can't believe you made your own dental molding. Wow.

  19. every single detail about it. those lanterns? oh yeah!

  20. Such an inviting entrance... reminds me strongly of the French Quarter or Garden District in New Orleans. Beautiful! Love that you made you own molding and also your own door basket. LOL Pretty creative!! And finally, gorgeous geraniums & boxwood, and thanks for the door color inspiration. We inherited brass house numbers which I hadn't been loving too much, and out of necessity a redwood type storm-resistant front door, now I think I can pull together something more elegant. Yay!

  21. I love the black door too! I have to get to our porch and spruce it up a bit. Needs some touches of color. I love how you dressed up your space!


  22. It just looks so incredible Courtney! I feel like I'm looking at photos of an English cottage and I absolutely LOVE what you did with the molding. So gorgeous! You have such a gift for creating beautiful spaces, inside and out. :-)

  23. Love the look you have going very charming Courtney! The lanterns are my fav, and I will say...I'm lovin' the black door.


  24. What an inviting entryway. I especially like the gloss black door with brass numbers. So classy.

  25. Gorgeous photos....and since the front door is open and beckoning...I think I might come on in. Ha ha
    I love the new BLACK, it's just right. Don't you love it when such a simple fix can make such a dramatic change? I can't wait to see the window boxes. Everything looks beautiful.

  26. Your patio is beautiful and so welcoming! I love your shiny black door and brass numbers.

  27. It looks beautiful Courtney! My door is black too... and I love it.
    Mine is missing those charming meandering steps though. So lovely!!
    The moulding detail you added is crazy fabulous. It looks great.
    Always enjoy the pretty peeks you give us =)

  28. Hi Courtney,

    ENCHANTING, simply enchanting...from the textures of the landscape and how they frame the perspective to the brilliant colours of the floral arranagements and how they accentuate the neutrals. The dental molding grounds the whole scene and adds that dab of drama, and all this done by such a daring DIYer, to boot!

    I've been reading and enjoying all your posts for quite a while now and have recently plucked up the courage to begin my own. And although it's the first time I've left a printed comment on your blog, I've admired your creativity and talent for much longer. Hope you'll drop by to say 'hi'.

    Again, a pleasure to have visited!


  29. Nice new look. I like the door black too, and the brass works really well with it. It is always fun to freshen things up. Beautiful job.

  30. Just beautiful Courtney - you are such an inspiration!
    Thanks so much for hosting

  31. I love a glossy black door - so chic!

    Everything is perfection - from the door to the flowers, to the topiaries!

    It really says "welcome"!

  32. That entry looks great. I love black doors. It just makes them pop. We are considering black for all interior doors as well when we build our home.

  33. Very pretty! I don't normally like brass either, but it works great here! :) So fun seeing what all the other #LowesCreator members do! :)

  34. It looks fantastic. Very elegant. You were one determined girl with that project! And it shows.

  35. Hi Courtney: Your welcoming entry to your home is absolutely perfect. All the touches, from the lanterns to the topiaries,so classy but very warm..Just beautiful and I can't believe you made that molding, well, actually, I can..Happy Thursday..Judy

  36. It looks so beautiful and you know I love "refreshed" anything ;)

  37. I love the black door, so elegant and the moulding well what can I say just gorgeous.

  38. Your front porch is stunning, Courtney. Thank you so much for featuring my buffet! Have a fabulous weekend!

  39. This is lovely! How much do boxwood topiaries cost?

  40. Beautiful! Can you tell me how your steps were made? We are in the processs of re-doing our front steps, my husband poured a concrete base for each step because we were going to face with brick, I like the look of your steps!

    Thank you,


  41. It goes very well with the traditional style of your home. Classic black and white does make a statement. We painted our front door turquoise and put some turquoise accents outside. In a few weeks I'll be doing a posting about our front yard makeover. It's amazing what a few changes can do. Your front porch is gorgeous!

  42. you have got me singing...I see a red door & I want it painted black......Rolling Stones......thats going to go round & round in my head all day......great choice

  43. Very lovely! Love the black, I would want black also, except we face West, and the sun would turn the door to an oven in the white it is.....Love your door...
    and all the other little freshners you did...