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Tarnished Silver & Roses

The palest of pink roses...
gathered up and set inside old tarnished silver... 
and simply beautiful.

I have a little obsession with vintage silver
and have been collecting discarded and forgotten pieces of it for years.
Any kind of old monogrammed treasures are my favorites.

Some of it is not perfect- it's finish is worn and dull...
but I don't mind the tarnished and mottled look.
As much as I love polished and shiny new silver- 
I love that old finish too.

A trio of tiny bouquets on the mantel

or an overfilled bouquet in a trophy cup...
I love the simple charm.

These pretties are climbing roses from our yard. 
I believe they are called Cecile Brunner roses
They start out pale pink and fade to white and they smell absolutely amazing. 

A soft breeze yesterday carried their scent through the air
and inspired me to gather a few of the roses up for a bouquet

These are delicate roses 
and as I was photographing them, their tiny petals were falling 
and collecting on the tabletop

 Simple & beautiful

I have been working on taking better photos and getting to know my camera a little better
 over here and have been thinking of posting once in a while with just a simple subject for my photos
This week... these pretties inspired me.

Hope you all had a wonderful blessed weekend!
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Happy Tuesday!


  1. Absolutely breathtaking! Love the combo of the silver and the delicate roses! And your rose bushes are beautiful as well! :)

  2. I can smell them from here... gorgeous.

  3. Oh, I just love the tarnished silver and pale pink. It is so romantic and pretty :)

  4. Oh Courtney, these photos are just beautiful! Look at all the roses! Those pink petals look so pretty all scattered about.


  5. Your vintage silver, cut roses and amazing arbor = stunning.

  6. Your pics are always so dreamy Courtney! Hope you had a wonderful start to the week!

  7. Just beautiful. I think you have a great styling eye, love your photographs. Hop over to see me, we have a "spa" giveaway going on. xx's

  8. oh my god....really, these are gorgeous, the colors of silver and pink, one of my beloved combinations, and such a lush arrangement! You did well....I'd not leave my house for staring at them unable to take my eyes away.....I cannot wait until I can get some peonies in this house, tricky in south florida....sigh..

  9. Dreamy as always Courtney! Love it, no adore it.....have to have it!

  10. so charming, courtney! love your arbor:)

  11. So pretty! I love the tarnished look. It makes me feel better when I can't get to polishing my silver. ;)

    Your climbing roses are beautiful!

  12. Beautiful...I have one of those cecile brunner rose bushes as well....they are CRAZY growers huh??? And they smell so wonderful & you are so right the blooms are just amazing...:) Now I think I need to pick up some tarnished silver....:)


  13. Love all your tarnished silver cups. What a great collection. Your roses are so pretty and make the perfect photography subject.

  14. Not only can you style your home beautifully and take amazing photographs....but you can create gorgeous garden space, too, Courtney. :) I'm in awe..... ♥

    xoxo laurie

  15. I too like the tarnished look and often think why should the polishing take away the pretty designs? Love yours with the roses. I would like to be entered in your giveaway if you would post to the UK...oh I'd just love it!! Joan

  16. Love the trio on your mantle and your climbing roses are gorgeous! Silver is beautiful in any state - especially when overflowing with roses! Wonderful pictures :)

  17. Stunning! I must pin!
    Love old trophies, and filled with pink roses... *sigh*...


  18. Courtney, I know it sounds cliche, but "just beautiful!"

  19. Courtney,
    LOVE silver and any flowers.Your photos are lovely.

  20. Courtney: Those are the most beautiful roses and I love how the petals look so loose. The silver is very pretty. I used to think I liked the tarnished look because I was too lazy to polish, but now I know I love it because it is beautiful that way..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  21. The tarnished silver and romantically beautiful....the arbor of roses are magnificent....You are lucky to be able to take in their beauty every day...

  22. Your roses are so beautiful and I love how you have them displayed in the silver pieces.


  23. Is it wrong to say that I have a preferance for tarnished over polished silver? I love the mottled patina of the tarnish... it gives so much more character I think! It goes without saying that I adore your pastel roses and tarnished silver Courtney. Beautiful!!

  24. May 29, 2012

    Could you please tell me where you got the beautiful chandliers you used in your dining room??? They are great and I'm hoping they are new and can be purchased some
    where. Would really appreciate your help.
    Thanks soooooooooooooo much!

  25. One word
    Blessings Lori ~

  26. I saw your title and couldn't open the post fast enough!
    My absolute favorite is to use tarnished silver as a vase!

  27. Set against the backdrop of your raised panels, these stand out with a simple elegance and yet a down home natural feel. You have done well with your photography practice. Lovely.

  28. I've never seen such beautiful roses! And displayed in the tarnished silver they are absolutely chic!

  29. oh courtney, i'm inspired. can't wait to pull out some silver that is just waiting for blooms.



  30. soft roses and tarnished silver...a beautiful juxtaposition!

  31. Breathtaking photography Courtney! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! (Especially with the falling petals all around the base of the silver)
    Blessings & hugs,

  32. What a classic combination and oh so pretty! Love your silver and roses! xo

  33. Objects with a past. Forgotten and discarded treasures find life anew with you. I swoon over the photographs. A dream of rose petals lavished into old silver containers.
    Lush roses heavy with fragrance. What a delight. Virginia

  34. Nice pictures, and those roses are just beauiful. I love silver too, and it is great that you see beauty in the tarnished pieces too. I have picked up pieces that way also. It is fun to use them.

  35. Absolutely beautiful ` beautiful photography too ~

    Pearl 13.1

  36. Vous pourriez faire une excellente confiture de rose ...
    Gros bisous

  37. Your roses and photos are simply amazing! I wish you lived closer so you could give me some pointers.... I'm struggling with my photography over here!!

    Thanks for joining in today,

  38. I like silver also any I have is tarnish, I only put it out at Halloween never thought about putting flowers in it. Thanks for the idea.

  39. Gorgeous Courtney! Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  40. Love the roses, love the silver and your photography is stunning.

  41. I love that climbing rose on the arbor..I didn't think you could improve on perfection Courtney. Your photos are already professional quality.

  42. Silver and roses what could be more beautiful? Your pics are heavenly.

  43. Phenomenal photos... they should be on the cover of a magazine! And, Cecil Brunner is an amazing climber.. perfect little tea rose buds and the scent perfumes the whole yard... i've seen them go crazy and climb all over everything, even up into the trees...


  44. Love that CB climbing rose! How long did it take yours to grow that big? I just planted an Eden Climber this year!

  45. How long did it take your CB to get that large? It's lovely! I planted an Eden Climber this year and hope it grows that big!

  46. Flowers are so romantic... I love spring !
    Have a nice evening

  47. Really love the pink roses in the silver vessel, perfect combination.

  48. Gorgeous photos! I love the climbing rose, how long did it take to get that big? Love it all!


  49. yes, i hope that you will keep sharing lovely photos like this. these look so soft and the fallen petals are lovely. when i brought in a vase of peonies this spring, i loved them the first day, but even more a week later, when they were soft and wilted and surrounded by fallen pink petals. they look like silken ball-gowns to me, and when wilted, like ball-gowns draped on a chair the quiet morning after. (in fact, they are still in that vase, completely dried now, because as long as their lovely aroma remains, i can't part with them.)


  50. What a beautiful arrangement. I am not polishing silver again! It is beautiful tarnished!

  51. Yes, truly simple and beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.