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Faded Ruffles

Lovely nubby linen in
the softest shade of pale lavender blue
with pretty pink roses and vintage china...

Such a delightful combination.

I fell in love with the color of this cloth even though it wasn't 
something that I would normally buy.

It was plain.
It was rectangular.
It was frankly kind of boring other than the color.

A soft pale lavender blue delicious color that is absolutely dreamy.
I knew it was perfect for something that I had in mind.

Something pretty and romantic
Something sweet, soft and charming...
something for my dining table for a Summer party.

I took that fabric and cut it up into pieces and started
 sewing.. and sewing...and sewing...
and in a little bit of time
a most dreamy ruffled cloth was created.

I am in love with it.

I do not usually have tons of blue around my home
but I have been adding more lately...
and this is closer to a periwinkle- blue with a touch of purple.

I'll let you in on a little secret...
while sewing, I had an ooops that altered the ruffle
but... I absolutely adored the way it changed it 
and so I continued on and finished it that way~ I'll share more soon and
excited that this is just one of many things that is a part of
 a very special something I am working on

Yep. I am absolutely loving it!!
Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. Oh my goodness girl! The talent you posses is astonishing! This is beautiful!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous blue. I'm in love :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  3. Oh, that is SO pretty. I love how it looks...especially the placement and shape of the ruffles. It's rustic and romantic all at the same time. I desperately need to learn to sew!!

  4. Girl! I just love, love, LOVE everything you do!! You have no idea how badly I want to move so I can re-do. Living in a rental is torture!! Especially after visiting your blog. LOL!

  5. I see why you love it so, it is so romantic and dreamy. The ruffles you added are just perfect. Where did you find this material? As always, I love what you share with us.


  6. Very romantic and pretty and a perfect faded color:-) Your dining room is so lovely and I especially love the two chandeliers...perfect!

    Hope you are enjoying Summer with the kiddos like I am.


  7. That is gorgeous and you are super talented!

  8. It is a beautiful color. I love what you did with the ruffles.

  9. Love your tablecloth. My bedroom is blue--but before I stirred the paint I thought I had gotten purple! So I am thinking I would love the color of your new cloth. you did a great job with the ruffles, as always!

  10. I am absolutely loving it too. I always say,you can't make a mistake when sewing. You just make a creative opportunity. Love the colour. xo

  11. As always, simply gorgeous! What a great way to start my morning but to see your beautiful home!

  12. I love it, too, Courtney! Love the ruffle you added and the scallops{?} on top of the ruffle. Very pretty. I like that it has a ruffle but it's not in your face. : )

  13. That is beautiful. And I love the way you styled it on the table - all folded and layered. Looks great!

  14. I love periwinkle blue and oh, how I wish I could sew!!!

  15. AHHHHHH soooo gorgeous!!! I LOVE everything in these pictures so much!

  16. Oh. My. GOODNESS!!!! I love the tablecloth. SO pretty, and your dining room is stunning, Courtney! :D I hope you enjoy many summer dinner parties using it!

  17. It is just beautiful and that room is awesome!!! Love the chandeliers! Good for you. It feels so good to create something that you love, doesn't it?


  18. That's a gorgeous table cloth. It's like one of those hyper expensive linen tablecloths that you could buy at a boutique store, but better because you made it yourself! And of course it's fabulous on your table, in your beautiful dining room!

  19. These are exciting photos of your gorgeous room. Love the cloth!

  20. That is a beautiful color, Courtney. It actually reminds me of the color I just painted my studio. Your ruffles are always so incredible charming, and a perfect compliment to your decor.

  21. Your dining room is just stunning, Courtney! I love the table cloth that you created. Sometimes those little "oops" turn into good things:) I sure wish that you could come and work your magic on my house!!! Oh, I am totally drooling over your gorgeous chandeliers!!

  22. What was the "oops"? I'd love to know. My oops moments do the same thing....

  23. Gorgeous! Beautiful in your dining room, I am in love with that chalkboard too!

  24. Your dining room is absolutely beautiful as is everything you share with us! Love, love the dining room table cloth. Where did you puchase it before you altered it or did you make it from scratch. I must know I would NEED to make one for my dining room table I can never find anything suitable.

    Thanks, Christine

  25. This turned out so lovely ... don't you just love those happy accidents :)

    Ethereal PLUS what I Love

  26. It's fabulous... The perfect subtle soft periwinkle blue, that totally looks good with everything... no wonder you're in love with it!


  27. If there was an "oops", I sure don't see it. It's gorgeous, Courtney. You are so smart. laurie

  28. Hi Courtney,
    What a pretty post...I love your tablecloth it turned out perfect!
    I can't wait to see more.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  29. The whole room is beautiful. Have you ever featured the cabinet in the corner? The side is stunning! :) Would love to see the rest of it.


  30. Courtney--it's dreamy and romantic as always! Your is one of my favorite blogs to read b/c it's like a fairy tale book.

  31. I really love the color too! Wow, that setting with the way the your new table cloth is draped, with the gorgeous chalkboard. I could live in that room. Gorgeous

  32. Beautiful. Don't worry - we all have oops moments, and they usually make it better. Giggle

  33. Gorgeous color, Courtney! I don't know what "oops" you did, but you could'ave fooled this non-sewer any day. lol! It looks absolutely perfect on your awesome table. Right out of a magazine, girl. ♥ Once again, you made me fall in love all over again with your style and decor. :)

    xoxo laurie

  34. that is a beautiful color Courtney.


  35. beautiful, peaceful, elegant. i really do have to lay down the paintbrush for a while and sew. inspired....

  36. Courtney your place is so beautiful, and I love the ruffled tablecloth! Little Bit

  37. I love the cloth and the color and especially how you photographed it!!

  38. Thanks for hosting Courtney. Lovely features.

  39. This is very pretty, and the room in which you took the photos is absolutely gorgeous!

  40. Courtney, this is so gorgeous and romantic. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

  41. Love your tablecloth and I can totally identify with "oops! moments. But, oops moments usually lead to something good also. Thanks for sharing.

  42. I'm in love with the light fixtures that are in your home. They are beautiful. I know there is a better word to describe what they are other then light fixtures but I just can't remember how to spell it.