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Kristan Cunningham

You know the amazing  DIY designer Kristan Cunningham, right?

She's an interior designer and DIY extraordinaire.
In 2001, she competed on HGTV’s "Designer’s Challenge" and one year later, she kicked off the first of 10 seasons as part of the HGTV "Design on a Dime" family. Later, Kristan returned to the network as a judge and mentor for "HGTV’s $250,000 Challenge" and "Bang For Your Buck".  Kristan then joined the "Rachael Ray Show” as the resident design guru, where she tackled hundreds of assignments. She currently serves as host, mentor and judge on the competition series "Super Saver Showdown", premiering this July on OWN.
I am going to add that she is super sweet and easy to chat with.
(and I am totally thinking about getting bangs at this point too! lol! Love her hair!)

So, remember my crazy busy week last week? Well,  It was even busier than I told you about
I was super excited to have an opportunity to be able to schedule a little time on Wednesday morning
to interview Kristan  Cunningham about projects you can do to easily transform a space in your yard or home even if you have just an hour to complete the project last minute before your guests arrive.
 I'm on my cellphone so I sound a bit fuzzy but you can watch the interview if you like & I will also be sharing more of what we talked about and some ideas with you in another post.

So what are some ideas that you have for projects that can be completed in
just like an hour?

'Sure, so let's start with an hour. 
I think that this is a great idea if you have a great yard that truly has great potential but you still haven't taken on the landscaping projects its a little overgrown- don't spend 3 months
replanting things and digging things up - create what I like to call a garden moment.
So this requires something of great scale
it could be a really great wooden arbor that you paint a zippy color like a laquer china red
it could be one big obelisk it could be a pedestal with a great urn on it
the idea is that it be something of real scale or real heft 
place it literally in the middle of the yard  or centered under the one great tree in the corner
take one of those spotlights stake it into the ground, plug it in
and in five minutes you have something that feels a real statement
you have something with impact and true grace in your backyard that makes it 
feel really well appointed
I think that is the key there it's truly about making it feel like a well appointed space rather than like eh we planted some flowers
So that is a way you can literally get such fantastic impact and it takes moments to do.'

'We spend so much time and money and effort making our interiors feeling like a great representation of us and our personalities
We want the outdoor spaces to really feel like an extension of our homes.'

Kristan talked about really making an outdoor space like a'room' and part of your home.
An easy way to impact an outdoor space in just an hour?

'Throw down a rug- that's space changing and that takes moments.'

It's so true. 
Adding a great outdoor rug to your sitting area is a quick and easy way to make a change.

One of the things we talked about is using paint to make impact in a room or a space.
  One of my favorite things to do is to transform a room, a piece of furniture, etc with paint and
 Kristan is big fan of bold and bright colors to really make an impact.

'Nothing is going to give you a bigger bang for your buck than paint.
Paint can truly be your best friend.'

She talked about what you can accomplish with just a fresh coats of paint in a new color as well as
lots of inspirations for outdoor rooms and getting them ready for the Summer.

Her go to project if you have just one project you are planning for the Summer?
 Transforming the front door with paint and new accents.
 I used classic colors for my front door refresh that I did with Lowes recently
but if you are looking for a brighter or a bolder look for your porch or yard or rooms

 Kristan has some awesome ideas for colors or accents in pots or rugs
that I just might be borrowing a couple of!

Or maybe you just want to make a little change- add a special feature or
 or element to bring in to make a big impact in your space
such as a 'Garden Moment'

Well, I am taking taking Kristans advice and putting it to work and will be sharing a couple things
 I am working on and changes I am making with you shortly!
Don't forget that I also have the Lowes Gift card Giveaway  going on right now that you won't want to miss!!


  1. Great post! Kristan has a lot of wonderful ideas! I love her hair, too! :)


  2. Wow! Great ideas. I've just moved 'painting the front door' to the top of the to do list. I'm really loving the amethyist. And Kristen is darling. Thanks for sharing.
    Miss Ellie

  3. Great ideas! She does have great hair.

  4. Yes, Kristan is amazing...have followed her shows...She certainly gave some great tips for designing "in the knick of time"....I am going to take a tip from her and use those pops of color on my porch...My friend just painted her front door similar to the color Turbid Amethyst...using pops of yellow in the flowers and it looks wonderful...Thank you for presenting this wonderful feature of Kristan with great tips we call all use!

  5. I LOVE Kristen Cuningham! I used to watch her on Design on a Dime all the time! She and the guys working with her were so great! Dave and Spencer I think? Sorry, been a while. Anyway, there was this one show that I was so in love with that I watched it 3 times and each time it came on, I swear I squeeled LOL! It was a redo of a woman's patio, using vintage items and fabrics (they even stained the concrete flooring). The ideas from her show were so useful and creative - I wish it was still on! I will have to check out her newest venture - thanks for letting us know about it! what a great opportunity it must have been to "pick" her brain for ideas! Hugs, Leena

  6. I love that turquoise wall in the living room behind the fireplace. Know what it reminds me of? When you shoot a photo that is essentially black/white and add just a pop of color to it. Love that look and the room looks like that too. I wonder how a monochromatic shabby/chic/french room might look with one bolt color on a wall?

  7. Hello Courtney,
    Terrific interview - she has some wonderful suggestions - love the arbor!
    I hope you have a wonderful day,

  8. This was a great interview with some really helpful tips. I'm ready to paint my front door with one of those cheery colors. Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Thanks for sharing the great interview with Kristen. I love her tips for a quick visual impact in the garden and home. The eye-popping colors are wonderful! I bought an old urn recently and now I'll be looking for a pedestal! Thanks!