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A Quiet Beauty

Do you know when you find something that speaks quietly to you?
It doesn't shout. 
It doesn't demand your attention with vibrant colors, patterns or it's size.
It speaks softly. Almost in a whisper. 
 A piece that is quiet in it's presence.
This is one of those pieces.

We happened upon it at a flea market
 An old forgotten chair frame quietly sitting for sale.
waiting for someone to see it's potential... or appreciate it's quiet beauty

It was just a naked chair frame
There was no fancy jewel colored fabric or ornate trim
Just an old frame marred by tack holes and unfinished carved edges 
where the fabric had once been.

It appeared to have had the finish stripped off at some point which
left a white chalky residue that had crept into the crevices of the wood and became part of the finish.

 The back was very detailed- with open carvings of flowers and vines
 & the legs were gracefully curved and smooth.

Even though it was just a frame
there was something about it that I just fell in love with.
So when the seller said '$15' ~ it came home with me.

 I thought I would reupholster it and repair it to bring it back to what it once may have looked like.
But the more that naked chair frame sat in the corner of the room
 the more I appreciated it's quiet beauty and decided to leave it as it was found.

Simply wearing it's elegant carvings
and nothing else.

I set an old silver tray in the seat and covered it with a ruffly slip.
I love the play of the chalky wood frame with the pale silvery blue 
and the vibrant bouquet of fresh cut flowers.

 You can usually find it sitting in the little guest cottage bathroom
holding a fresh basket of flowers or a stack of towels.

Simple and beautiful. 

I've been thinking about my blog, design consults, projects, etc...
There are so many things I am trying to work on and directions I am going in all at the same time.
I think I really need a couple more 'me's to get it all done
I think I need a part time helper...or maybe five. 
 I don't pay very well and am a major perfectionist but I am a lot of fun 
(well, most of the time!) 
Seriously, I have some great projects coming up to share
and am already lining up quite a few more too.
Though with the lazy days of Summer- who knows when they will get done!
Some good news on the latest project front~
We are FINALLY wrapping up that project that has been eating up so much
time over here and I will be sharing it next week! 

See you this afternoon for Feathered Nest Friday!

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  1. Always nice to see something reused. Looks great with the basket of flowers inside.

  2. Lovely photos. I think your little chair looks perfect!

  3. That chair is gorgeous--what a wonderful find. It looks like it has a story to tell! Your famous flowers in the chair photos--I love them..these are exceptional!

  4. I love these photos. This chair is beautiful and the flowers on it are lovely. Beautiful pictures.


  5. What a gorgeous old beauty she is! I love it in all it's naked glory. I hear you about needing a helper (or 5). The problem is when you are a perfectionist (like me AND you) then you would end up redoing what the 5 had already done-making even MORE work for yourself! Have a great day- xo Diana

  6. I, too am drawn to these "quiet beauties" left to be repaired and agree that sometimes perfection should be left alone. I can relate to needing more "me's" to get everything that swirls around inside my head done:-) Patience is a virture!

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  7. I love your chair just the way it is. It is just lovely

  8. Such a refine lady. To think of where she has been, what she has endured. You write beautifully Courtney. She belongs with you. Having so many directions to go in is both a blessing and a curse. Creative minds need to be cautious of diluting their art when serving everyone’s needs. I'm sure you'll work it out.
    Miss Ellie

  9. It's a beauty, and as always, your staging does it proud.

  10. I fairly recently discovered your lovely blog, and I am enjoying it. You have absolutely great ideas! That chair is pretty just the way it is. And it always can be changed. I am sure you would have many wonderful ideas.

  11. It is beautiful in its simplicty, Courtney! Very eye-catching with the detailing and curvy legs. I love the fabric and flowers you've placed on top of it.

  12. I like that chair also and would have brought it home . it looks very good with what you did it it , just sitting beautiful flowers on it

  13. It's wonderful, like a beautiful sculpture... you were so smart to leave it just as it is...


  14. Sometimes the most simplistic of things are the best...Love the details of the chair and they way you have adorned it is so creatively beautiful!....Have fun with your projects...we will be here waiting very patiently...!!!

  15. You just described me:

    The chair is beautiful, and a steal for $15.

  16. I love that chair and the price was a steal like Karen said. You have given it a new life and isn't that what this is all about.

  17. Love your chair, Courtney.
    Your simple styling always wows me. :)

  18. It is beautiful with the flowers!

  19. That really is a beautiful chair with such a unique carved back in an interesting shape. Really nice... xo

  20. that is sooooo very beautiful!! i want
    i would have brought it home too. how perfect it looks!!!

  21. sooo beautiful!! i want it. lol i think it is perfect in every way!

  22. Courtney~~ Such beauty as always and I agree the piece looks lovely "as is".
    Have a lovely evening

  23. That chair is just amazing, Courtney! What a beautiful discovery. Certainly one of a kind! Simple is always the way to go in my book, and you truly gave that feminine little chair new life with that ruffly slip. Luv! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  24. Simply amazing...
    The rescue that is...
    Love how you seen her beauty...
    Blessings Lori ~

  25. beautiful chair, sweet slip:)

  26. Courtney, I love that chair. Pretty just like it is.

  27. Omgosh--I found an armed chair like this in a rummage sale recently!
    I had not yet decided how to finish it---I LUV yours! Just beautiful!

  28. I love the chair wherever you put the trees or your beautiful bath. It truly does make the statement of 'a quiet beauty.'

  29. What a beautiful chair! I love these photographs!

  30. How beautiful Courtney. SHe makes for some gorgeous photos shoots.

  31. Quelle charme que cette magnifique chaise... Une belle conjugaison de la nature et de votre bon goût!
    Gros bisous

  32. I love the chair and it's details. My post this week was about details as well.


  33. I think the things you added to it make it dreamy! It is adorable by itself, but add linen and roses...oh la la!

  34. That is such a fabulous chair. I love that you left it clean. You accessorize everything in such a beautiful way. Truly a treasure.

  35. Oh wow, what a great find! Such beautiful carvings, you really have a treasure here!!

  36. Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone and that chair is certainly beyond well enough. That shot in the woods is amazing!

  37. Your pictures are really pretty. I love the way you styled the chair.

  38. what a beautifully romantic post. especially lovely are your outdoor photos of this graceful piece, that found its true home with someone who knew not to refinish it. they look, somehow, shakespearean.

  39. Happy Friday Courtney!!!

    I'm so happy that you rescued this beautiful chair!! Leaving it as is, is a great way of showing the "life of the chair". I love the way you constantly use beautiful bouquets of flowers. My house is full of flowers, whether they're real, imitations, in pictures, or in my furniture, they make the room come alive for me. Flowers are a beautiful way to pick-you-up even on dreary days.

    Thank you so much for your delightful blog. It's my pick-me-up!! Also, I wished that I lived closer to apply for the "Helper" job. What a great way to work!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  40. Courtney, I have never seen a chair like this is truly enchanting, and it is one of my favorite things in your home!!! WHat a great find.

  41. Gorgeous chair! Can't wait to see it upholstered in one of your earthy, rustic fabrics to accentuate the artistic fluidity of the piece as the woodworker clearly intended. :o)