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Chippy Farmhouse Goodness...

I love an old shabby, chippy, peely
painted look on a piece of furniture sometimes

Not on every piece...  but on an occasional certain piece
that look just seems to 'fit'
 it's chipping paint & shabby wear just makes it that much more charming

If you ask my oldest son, he thinks pieces that look like this should be sanded all the way down and repainted
Honestly, there was a time when I  thought the same thing... and yes, I did that.

 I shudder to think of how many pieces I sanded down and repainted
with a shiny new coat of paint to fix those 'problems'

Now when I look at a piece of furniture that shows spidery age cracks, missing paint or big time flakiness
I see something so much more than an old piece of furniture that needs work.

I see charming painted patina.
I see the years it has been around in those cracks
the  colors it wore 30, 40, 50 or more years ago in the chipped paint
and the age and character that comes with authentic antique painted finishes.
I look at those chips of paint flaking and falling off and see bits of history in them.
One with a certain bit of romance as you imagine where the piece once was
and what it was used for.

I found this cupboard on craigslist and yes, it is much
shabbier than most I would usually find
and with much more paint chipped off than I am used to loving...
it's simple charm melted me.

So, I brought it home in all it's chipping, peeling, crusty glory
 cleaned it up, wiped away the loose paint  and the dust
 and smiled.

Though this piece is only here while waiting to be moved to a new spot...
I have to admit that I am loving it here

 The chandeliers with all their beautiful elegant bling and 
the old cupboard just covered in shabby wear and charm

It's my favorite mix~ the elegant with the rustic.

It is hot- hot -HOT here!
So I am laying low and working on things inside the house this week and on top of that
our internet is out - I guess there is an outage in the area.


  1. Love it! You are beginning to make me not care if a piece is sanded clean and painted your ideas Courtney.

  2. It is the perfect ratio of rustic to bling ;) So pretty!! Try to keep cool. Not a problem here, it rained today? Summer is hiding from me ;)

  3. Courtney,
    I see the charm that you see in this piece.I love chippy furniture.It tells a bit of a story when you look at it.So much character too!Looks great in that spot.Where was your original spot for it?

  4. I love pieces that have wear and patina to them. I love your cupboard and your home. Absolutely beautiful!!

  5. This is such a charming piece you have chippy!


  6. Courtney, this is beautiful. Love all that chippiness and what a cute painting on top.

  7. It's so perfect Courtney! :)

  8. I love a piece that oozes it's history and this one certainly does that! Of course, your display doesn't hurt it any. ~ Maureen

  9. I love your new/old piece! Beautiful!

  10. I love it too. I particularly love imagining the history behind the paint. Beautiful!!

  11. I love visiting you, Courtney! You always know how to make my heart sing with your style! I think there's definitely something to be treasured when you combine a chippy, white painted piece with roses, ruffles, and a chandy dripping with bling. THAT is just perfection! :)

    xoxo laurie

  12. That is such a beautiful piece Courtney and I'm with you on loving the mix of the chippy with the elegance of the chandelier! :-)

  13. Beautiful cabinet ~ I think it looks wonderful where, and how you've displayed it :)

  14. She looks so happy in her new home! I always imagine the stories behind my favorite antique pieces too!

  15. Dear Courtney,
    Fabulous! My folks have a cupboard like this that they saved from my grandma's old house. It still has the place on the side where she had installed hooks for backpacks and labeled them with the names of a few of her 12 children. The stories these pieces carry are wonderful to relive and remember... and sometimes to just wonder about.

    Happy with Chips in NE

  16. Greetings Courtney. Lovely chest/cabinet. I too, have often wondered what stories I would hear if old pieces could talk. The places they have been, the neglect, then the care, then forgotten by those that don't appreciate age (and I'm getting there!) Love the photography, great job as always.

  17. Un joli panache de photos... L'amour des vieux meuble est toujours saisissant.

    Gros bisous.

  18. I think it is a stunning piece, and I agree, combined with the chandy's, it makes a beautiful statement. The art on top is also a favorite of mine...I pinned it yesterday :)

  19. Oh so nice with the blingy crystals nearby. Love lOve Love it all. x

  20. Love your gorgeous post, Courtney. Sisters who love chippy and rusty unite! Sandpaper is way too expensive anyway ;)

  21. oh courtney, your images always draw me in like nobody's business!

    pure lovely here.

    hope you can stop by when you have a free moment to take a peek at my giveaway:

    have a beautiful day!


  22. I like it with your chandis too! Lovely:)

  23. The difference between the exhausted cupboard and the twinkling lights almost seems cruel until you pointed out what you thought! I guess I need to step back and take some time to think a little more! Joan

  24. the bling, the cow and the old painted charming cupboard work together so beautifully. Maybe it is home! Gorgeous! And yep, I have had a few pieces that were just a bit too shabby so they were changed. Happy Tuesday.

  25. A great juxtaposition ... the elegant chandy and the chippy cabinet... like Beauty and the Beast, but the "Beast" is the beauty!!!....Loved how you styled the top of the cabinet...gorgeous pics as always...

  26. I love weathered paint. That cupboard was a great find.

  27. I adore painted pieces with the natural wear of old to them. My favorite look is time worn and oh so French. Your cupboard is a keeper and inspires your beauty.
    Thank you for sharing:)


  28. I love the cupboard just as it is. I have 3 boys and they would all say paint it. They just don't get it.

  29. It is beautiful Courtney! You have flawless taste and your home has to be a magazine shoot soon! Love it! I always see your posts on Pinterest first and then I tell myself Oh, it's time to visit Courtney! LOL
    See you tomorrow!

  30. Thank you, thank you. We have a lovely old picket fence around our garden and I have fought painting it forever. I now have an "expert" on my side.

  31. Absolutely gorgeous! Love, love love patina - always have and always will :) I did go through a period of sanding and waxing furniture... We all have regrets ;)
    Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  32. I love it. I never seen anything that wonderful on my Craig's List. What a boon of storage as well.
    Let's Add Sprinkles

  33. I started refinishing furniture back in the 1970's when we would actually strip ALL the paint off and then stain and wax. I shudder to think how many pieces were abused that way. Now if it is not rusty and chippy, it does not enter our house! Stopped for a lunch break and came over for my serene moment of the day - you did not disappoint! Beautiful. Also, I desire that sheep!
    Distressed Donna down Home

  34. What a beautiful find...the bling of the chandelier softens the lovely chippiness even more!

  35. Love, love, love your chippy cupboard.

  36. Great piece of furniture! Is there a place we can get the sheep picture?

  37. Hi Courtney, It is such a pretty piece and I love the sheep print. As always your photos are amazing.

  38. You have an eye for finding pieces to mix with an elegant the aged cupboard. Love your style, Courtney.

  39. Oh my, this is totally unreal. I love your beautiful white room and the sheep picture is stunning, great chandy too. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  40. Hi Courtney! That cabinet is wonderful! It looks fabulous in your home. Thank you for sharing at TTF last week. I hope to see you join us again!

  41. I love the chandy! I'm shopping for a new one, and would you mind telling me where you bought it? Thanks!

  42. Hi,

    I just found your blog, I am in LOVE!!!!