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Hanging Plates & Platters

I love a wall covered in gorgeous plates.

A grouping of transferware,
 vintage china 

or simple creamy white dishes and platters
 makes a charming statement

Usually I will pick up plate hangers at the dollar store or at the hardware store...
but sometimes I have a platter or a small plate that they just won't fit on.
Some are too big for the plate holders and some are too small to fit inside them.
Some of you asked what I have found that works- and so 
here's a little plate hanging secret- so to speak :)
I found out about this a few years ago when I purchased china from a friend and she had
these on the backs of some pieces- though  I would guess many of you have known about them
for awhile.

This charming white platter is a recent score from Home Goods and is gorgeous ~gorgeous 
and I couldn't wait to put it on the wall...
 but the plate hanger would not stretch far enough to hold it.

So... onto another plan to get this pretty up on the wall.
These adhesive plate hanger discs are from the hardware store
I haven't seen them anywhere else- but haven't really checked honestly.

 I used the 5 1/2"  adhesive disc since this is a large platter and somewhat heavy.
You simply get the disc wet, and then press it against the back of the plate- 
making sure to press all the edges and get a really secure fit.
(also place it inside the rimmed area)

You also want to pay attention to which way the hanger is facing- 
in the case of this platter- I knew that I wanted to hang it the long way-
 if it's a plate with a scene- pay attention to the scene, etc so you aren't hanging it upside down.

Wait a little while for the adhesive to dry and then hang your plate


They are more expensive than traditional plate hangers ranging from about $2- $5.
 I like to use a mix of both styles of plate hangers~ the others are from the $ store 
 but these do an amazing job when you have a platter or a tiny plate you want to put up
and the traditional plate hangers just won't work.
I especially love the clean look the plates have when they are up.

Hope your weekend is going great!
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  1. Love your new platter. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

  2. Thank you *so* much for the adhesive hanger tip!

    I do the same thing - you can find really beautiful white or creamware plates and platters at Home Goods, but I was at a loss as to how to handle the larger ones. This is great!


  3. What a great idea...I wonder whether they have those in the UK?? I have some plates hanging using the traditional wires but don't like to do it since I was told it was inadvisable as the tension could cause the plate to crack when taken off. I don't know but think I prefer your idea...if I can get them! I have a set of lovely plates that I would like to put up! Thanks. Joan

    1. Check online sources- I think that you can purchase them at places like and maybe they can ship to the UK. :)

  4. I'm collecting plates to hang in my newly remodeled room. If I use that adhesive will it ruin the platter?

  5. Hi Danette~ I think they are pretty safe- but there are instructions with the discs so that you can read more about them and decide for yourself. I purchased antique transferware plates that a friend of mine used these adhesives on~ which is how I found out about them- and the discs just peeled right off the plates when she was done using them on the wall and it took just a little soap and water to remove the leftover residue.

  6. I use those too and find them at Hobby Lobby.

  7. This is the first time I've seen these disc plate hangers. What a brilliant idea!


  8. That disc plate hanger is the coolest thing and looks to be so much easier than those wirey gadgets. Love the oval platter!

  9. Hi Courtney, I love the disc hangers (I carry these in my shop also!). They are so nice since they don't show any hardware and do not harm your dishes that you hang. I saw someone ask about whether or not they will hurt the plates...the answer is no. They adhere to the back (as you know) but can be soaked off later without causing and adverse effects to your plates/platters that are hung. I love that white dish and the pretty!


  10. Your posts are always so inspiring and helpful! Thanks for all the beauty - love your blog! Have a great day!


  11. Great info, Courtney! Thanks for sharing this.

  12. Gorgeous platter, Courtney! I've been using the paper clip and hot glue trick in recent years. It works very well for me. Some of the plates have held up fine for the past three years so far {knock on wood!}.

  13. Love your pretty plates and platters hung on the wall. I wondered if these worked and I was afraid to try them thinking they wouldn't hold. Now, I have confidence they will work. Thanks for the tip.


  14. I use those all the time Courtney, I get them in Hobby Lobby. Aren't they great!

  15. Oh thanks for sharing those adhesive disc plate hangers. I do lots of that at my house. I will have to look for them on-line.

  16. Love your plates displays. I find platters and plates can add so much character to a wall and yours are simply stunning.
    I've been using trad metal plate hangers but I must say I'm not so happy with them as when took a couple of my transferware plates off the hangers they got damaged.
    have a great Sunday

  17. Oh what a great way to display plates. Thanks for the tip.

  18. That's genius, I never saw those before! I sometimes use command strips, if the rim is shallow enough and the plate is not super heavy. Two strips on the wall, 2 on the back of the plate, and velcro it up. No mark on the wall when you take it down.

  19. LOVE the use of vintage plates as wall art. I decorate with them all the time. I am partial to all white or floral ones. Your second photo is very similar to my vignette over my mantel piece with the buttercup yellow beadboard, large painted mirror and vintage plates (as seen on my blog). My plates are hung with vintage plate hangers. I am going to try the adhesive hanger. I have a transferware platter I want to hang. Great tip! Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    The Porcelain Rose

  20. They also sell these at Hobby Lobby where the other hangers are sold.

  21. Your plates are gorgeous and I always wondered if those adhesives worked and where I could find them after I saw them on a show on HGTV. Thanks for sharing this! I will definitely be trying it out.


  22. Well, look at that! I learn something new everyday! I will be trying these as well!
    Love the new platter. So pretty!


  23. Yes, I have used those plate hangers,too. Love the cleaner look. I bought mine online. So far they have worked out great. They claim they are removeable, too.
    Love, Love, Love your platter from HomeGoods.

  24. Thanks for sharing! I thought that might be what you used when I didn't see any plate hangers showing! I haven't found them yet, but I'm sure they're out there!

  25. Yes, those too are wonderful....and if you cannot find a plate hanger as the one you have presented, I use two plate hangers and put them together...One will stretch from the top and the other from the bottom and they meet and connect in the center...I find it great when hanging tole trays that you don't want adhesive on the paint....

    Love your plates they are beautiful!

  26. So pretty Courtney! I use the disc hangers for some of my purple transferware plates and platters~they work great~

  27. What a cool idea, Courtney! Thanks for sharing this great secret!!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  28. I've seen these and love the clean look, but worried about plates crashing to the floor. Thanks so much for the positive review!

  29. Saw these somewhere but couldn't remember I'll have to check our local hardware store! I've been collecting some plates for a awhile now, hoping to create a "plate wall" with them. Now I have no excuse not to! Thanks for sharing.


  30. I love your floral pillows ..can you tell mw where you bought them? Thank you

    1. Hi Lani~
      I made those pillows out of a fabric I found years ago. It's such a pretty floral print! I love it too. :)

  31. good morning. I LOVE to hang plates...about to hang three more today. I have never seen those plate hangers before. Thx for sharing...I'll have to get some of those for sure!...Yours look fabulous!

  32. I have never seen these, what a great solution!

  33. great tip about the disk. thanks!

  34. Hi Courtney~~ They sell similar ones at The Container Store. I also have used those on many plates in my home, however, make sure you dont use them on a wall above a heating vent. I have lost some plates that way. The adhesive loses its grip:))
    Thanks for always being inspiring

  35. Courtney,
    Love you white plate collection.And I love those hangers too.I must look for those.

  36. I had never ever seen these before! I too have had that issue that the standard plate hangers just don't always fit.
    I too like sometimes "odd" sizes.

    I LOVE no LOOOOVE your plate! A very gracious shape!

    Thanks for sharing!



  37. i love disc hangers. I've even started stocking them in my space! Now I just need to order some more for my own use ;) So much prettier not seeing the wires, and no more cringing about using them on delicate vintage pieces! love!

  38. Hi!! I am hosting a Giveaway to win a 50 dollar gift card to the store HomeGoods. It would be great if you stopped by and entered. Thanks Anu

  39. thanks for sharing.

  40. Beautiful platter! Just wondered how the adhesive is doing? I'm afraid it will eventually let go and my priceless plates will crash to the floor and break. Thanks!

  41. So far so good~ my platter is on the wall and the plate adhesive is working well!

  42. as someone said they have them at the Container store, however, I have had them dry up and fall so use caution I sometimes at duct tape.

  43. Hi I have a few questions about hanging the platter. I have a 22"x14" platter I want to hang. It is a fine piece purchased in Italy. Because of its length, I am having difficulty finding an appropriate hanger. I am concerned the wire/spring metal ones or the adhesive one won't hold it, and it will smash on the floor some day. I also use this platter, so I am wondering if adhesive is not the best approach. How does one hang a large and unusual platter?