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Thrift Store Treasures

I have been out thrifting again...

It all started when I stopped in at the local Re-Store in search of something for a project
I didn't find that piece I needed but oh the treasures in that store!
Building salvage, antiques, furniture...
It definitely got my junking juices going! 

So I have started popping in at the thrifts here and there again
in search of vintage treasures.
One of the things I always keep an eye out for are pretty dishes.

They don't have to be a full set, it can be just a few pieces
a teacup and saucer or even just a platter and they don't have to be perfect.
I love to mix and match patterns in a tablescape.

These dishes were stacked up on a shelf together
Lots of little plates, a couple dinner sized plates and 6 teacups & saucers.
They are oh so dainty, edged in scallops and a touch of gold
a simple delicate raised pattern on the edges & purple & lavender flowers vining along
So charming and just $19.00 for the set.

 They are stamped Carlsbad Austria very lightly on the backs
but I don't know much else about them

The lavender and white together are such a soft romantic combination
and with a bit of silver -it inspired a little lunch table setting

I was surprised to find a couple of bouquets of Stock the other day- 
I haven't seen any there in awhile.
 They were a perfect compliment to the dishes

 These weren't the only treasures I found~
I did pick up a couple other things and will be sharing those shortly.
Have you found any great finds recently?

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Happy Monday!!


  1. Courtney, those dishes are so dainty and pretty. Yes I found treasures this weekend, too.

  2. Hi Courtney,
    Your treasures are lovely. I love the lavender and white china! What pretty pieces they are! I love thrifting myself. Have a beautiful day.


  3. What pretty I want to take off for my favorite thrift and look for some! You have just a beautiful it!

    Flora Doora

  4. I'm a sucker for pretty dishes from thrift stores, too! These are lovely. ~ Maureen

  5. Oh I love it!! Where do you store all of your treasures, dishes esp?? I am running out of room.....
    I would buy more treasures, I am sure If I had room....

  6. Anything would taste divine at this table! This is a charming and inspirational post -- you are beautifully talented! Best wishes to you from Julia at Period Elegance!

  7. Colors of the plates are absolutely beautiful, love soft lavender... :) Great finds!

  8. Super pretty!!! I have that stock in a white pitcher too right now...only on my kitchen island to enjoy while I am washing dishes.

  9. Oh, this looks so pretty! I haven't been out looking for any treasures lately, if anything, I need to get rid of some! I love the Stock and your curtains too...I don't think I've ever noticed those before. xo

  10. Very pretty, Courtney. Thrifty shopping is a mainstay with me. So many hidden treasures out there.

  11. I love your dishes you found. My thrift store has been a wonderful source of treasures. From furniture I have painted to silver ice tea spoons. It is so much fun!

  12. Gorgeous vignette. The lunch tablescape is stunning and the dishes are so pretty with the little purple flowers. Love the bouquet too. Hugs, Marty

  13. Beautiful finds and a beautiful table, Courtney! I did actually! I went this morning to Goodwill since I had such great luck on a Monday once before and came away with some beautiful pieces. I was looking at some pretty saucers, but they had no teacups for them at all. If anything, I'd rather the teacup and no saucer. All in all I was very happy with my finds. Love the stock! Such a great flower and the color is so pretty.

  14. You have inspired me. Last weekend I went out thrifting :0. I got a few pieces of china, 4 plates and 4 soup/salad bowl green and cream. Never bought a 'part' of a set before, but as I said, I was inspired. Nothing fancy, or ald.. just cute :D
    Adding to my weakness... over 13 sets of dishes. But I luv 'em!!

  15. oooh so beautiful. You really know how to styl and creat a nice picture.

    Thanks for sharring


  16. You just made me stomp my foot and say, "I want to go thrifting."...very nice dihes..

  17. Love your finds and your photos are stunning!

  18. Love those little dishes. I imagine a little afternoon tea with little cupcakes, or other tea treats. Oh how I love thrifting!

  19. I found a great buy....first time at this Thirft Shop and it happen to be 50% off ...and a vase caught my eye as it had a bird on it (love anything with birds on it) and the price was $2.99 (which I would have paid that) but got a better deal at $1.99. Took it home and turned it upside down - and oh my gosh it was a MCCOY! I looked on Ebay and these double vases (square) are going for $40-$50. That never happens to me! I am thrilled & the colors look perfect in my house - so I'm very happy about my weekend!

  20. What an absolutely wonderful tablescape, i absolutely love it!

  21. So pretty, Courtney! Isn't it so fulfilling when you discover something that speaks to heart....for such pennies? :) I did pretty well at the antique market yesterday, too!

    xoxo laurie

  22. The violet design is so pretty on your newly thrifted crockery Courtney. I have a similar tea cup set that is so feminine.

  23. Hi Courtney.

    These are so pretty! Love the dishes. Have a great day!


  24. Courtney,
    Those are pretty dishes.I love that pattern.So soft and elegant.I have found LOTS of treasures lately.I am finally working on my inspiration room.I will share it when I am finished with my room!You always inspire me.Your tablescape is lovely!

  25. Love the dishes! Excellent buy!If I ever build a house I want a nice walk in pantry...not for warehouse store bargains...for dishes!

  26. These make me want to run out to the local thrift and dig. I have always tried to resist the glassware section but looks like I was wrong. Very attractive.

  27. Awesome! Looks just like something you would snap up! Goes great with your home and decor!

  28. Love your photography, Courtney. The overhead shot with the artichoke really hit my heartstrings!

  29. Loving your gorgeous dishes! So sweet and dainty! And the purple Stock is the perfect compliment to them! :)

  30. I think we have a Re-store here, I'm going to have to go and check it out!
    Love all of your photos, they are so inspirational. Keep them coming!


  31. I love your dishes Courtney, they are beautiful! Isn't thrifting so much fun?!~

  32. Courtney those are beautiful!!

  33. Oh these are so pretty with their little violets. Not a bad price for so many either. Yes I thrift every Saturday morning and some days in between too. I blogged this week about my newest find, a little silver jug. I love it to bits. xxoo

  34. SO lovely...I love the delicate floral pattern!

  35. Very lovely find! I love to thrift store shop! Traci

  36. Courtney, those are beautiful, I love the colors of your dishes, and flowers!

  37. Very very great finds Courtney, the dishes are just sweeeeet!

  38. Ooooooo, the dishes are as pretty as can be! And, of course, you show them off at their best with your amazing way of pulling things together. I love Stock too, it smells wonderful and makes the best, soft little bouquets...


  39. I always leave here feeling very inspired....thank you for the lovely post!!! x0

  40. Hi Courtney,
    Wow what a lovely table, the new dishes are gorgeous... the stocks, amazing!! I love stocks, the smell is divine :-)

  41. Beautiful tablescape! Lovely.... ~ Carrie

  42. Those Austrian dishes, are they bone china? They are so pretty, lucky find!

  43. Such beautiful dainty dishes with the lavender touches. Such a gorgeous table.