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A Little S & P Shaker Charm

How could something so small 
be filled with so much charm?

creamy white 

So perfect for a few sprigs of stock or 
 a petite bunch of roses

 These little vases aren't really vases though

They were meant to hold something more along the lines of salt and pepper and herbs and spices
I found 3 of them together at the thrift store the other day 
and they came home with me

I searched the shelves over at the thrift store for a few more figuring the 4th one
should be there somewhere but didn't find any

I popped into the $ store and I found these.

They are just about the same size.
They would work.

I am not a huge crafty person- I sew, I build, but craft not as much but this was so simple.

Just a little white paint later...
 a couple sweet little vases appeared.

Perfect for grouping together
or lining up along a shelf

A little bit vintage,
a little bit new
a little bit of romantic charm mixed in.
Kind of random...but I'm loving them.

Hot hot hot here and more of the same all week
it is really starting to take it's toll on the lawn and plants.
These beautiful roses were purchased on Friday evening and I photographed them on Sunday 
and they were already starting to dry and wilt

beautiful nonetheless... but thinking maybe I need to put some ice cubes 
in the water for the next bunch.

(yes, that is a Christmas ornament ~ I'm not rushing the season~
sometimes I keep a few out all year long to enjoy!)

Happy Monday!!

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  1. Gorgeous Courtney! Love those milk white jars!

  2. Hi Courtney,
    Just the sweetest vases ever! they really are pretty and so creative, wouldn't they be wonderful placed by each places-setting for a ladies tea. Very lovely!
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  3. Soo cute.
    Happy Monday to you as well.
    Cheers, Gee

  4. I love this excellent idea and more it's beautiful !
    Bravo Shirley !
    A bientôt.

  5. adorable sweetness, courtney! tfs:) have a great week!

  6. Soooo cute! What beautiful small and delicate details they add. Love the salt filled ones.

  7. Thy're precious! and very clever of you to add paint to the others!


  8. Very pretty, Courtney! Something so simple made to look prettier with the addition of some beautiful roses. I love the idea of using the paint inside a clear glass shaker to add some color.

  9. Those are so pretty especially with the gorgeous roses. Beautiful shots.

  10. I truly love this idea of petite vases for small flowers ...I have been collecting small jars and bottles for a few months and this idea is just what I have needed. Thank you so much.

  11. The round white jars are from a spice rack like I had years and years ago. They make darling vases! Maybe I can find mine somewhere.

  12. Just so simple and soooo charming, thanks for sharing!

  13. You're so right...simple and sweet and just perfect.

  14. Pretty pretty. My little girls walked by and oohed your pics. lol

  15. What a creative idea! I hope you'll link this post up to Cowgirl Up! tonight...

  16. So pretty Courtney. I love little vases.

  17. Oh.My. I love milk glass. I have seen a few salt and pepper shakers at antique stores and have hesitates to I am rethinking that whole thought process......just beautiful!

  18. Goodness!!! Those little salt and pepper shakers are so gorgeous!!!
    Thanks so much for your kind birthday wishes to Brenna over at Heather and Vanessa's blog. I've thoroughly enjoyed my visit here and will be back.

  19. Super cute!! I have four petit ones I'll try this with. xo

  20. love pretty! but doesn't the paint come off when you fill with water? so curious???? xoxo,tracie

    1. If you use the right type of paint that holds water~ they should be fine Tracie. :)

  21. Those little vases from A & P's are just darling and so lovely to line up in a row with pretty buds!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series featuring Harrison Howard

  22. Courtney, these are so sweet! What a clever idea to use them as little vases. You are so creative!

  23. What a great idea for using vintage spice jars! ~ Maureen

  24. Hi Courtney!!!

    How creative you are!! What a great idea!! They would be great as gifts to take home when we have company over. Put their names on them for seating and have cute little flowers in them and they can take them home as a little gift.



  25. It's funny how the smallest of details lends to the biggest of impacts...They are simply beautiful!...such a great idea.

  26. Love those Courtney! I have some larger ones that I got at Dollar Tree and now I know how to spruce them up and make them look less "Dollar Tree-ish". LOL! They are all just beautiful! :-)

  27. Can I just tell you how much I love these.....I need to do this. STAT

  28. those are lovely! Did you put the paint on the inside or the outside of the bottles?

  29. Those little s&p shakers from $ store are so cute with the white paint. Did you put paint on inside or outside so you could put water in them? You are so clever and inspiring.

  30. What sweet and creative little vases!

  31. I wish I would have seen your post last week. I past up the cutest S & P Shakers at .25 ea. I got one pair but they had a doz. of them.
    Your Idea is soooo creative. Thx I have my eye out no to find some.

  32. This is one of those projects that I say, "Why didn't I think of that"! Very very sweet and the s and p vases are ones I would use over and over!!!!
    Brilliant and inspiring!
    I hope you will stop by StoneGable and share this sweet project at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS, my weekly linky party. Link goes live tonight (Wednesday) at 8:00 pm.

  33. Painting the little salt shakers from the $ store is so clever! Love the idea!

    Flora Doora

  34. I would have never thought to transform salt and pepper shakers like you did! Great job!

  35. I love little salt and pepper shakers to use as tiny vases. You used to be able to find little pressed glass ones for really cheap, but I just never see them at thrift stores anymore. Love your idea for sprucing up a dollar tree one, though--I am definitely going to try this--thank you for sharing it with us, Courtney!