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Clearance Drawer Hardware

Don't you love it when you find something you know you need for a project
you find it on clearance?

As you know we have been working on several projects out in the little cottage
 and I just shared a peek at the new vintage inspired kitchen yesterday.

I have a tendency to look for clearance no matter what store I am shopping at.
I don't usually follow the in the moment trends so I can pick up pieces that I like when they are no longer
as 'hot' as they were a few months ago or find stuff that I just plain like at an awesome price.
So I have been picking up bits and pieces here and there for the little cottage over the past few months
 (ahem... okay years maybe)
knowing that I would use them at some point.

Here's something we picked up not long ago.
While dreaming my way through the aisles at Lowes~ we found a box of these:

Bin pulls. 
They are awesome for so many projects.
Drawers, dressers, bins, etc.
but the price was even better.

Yep-you read it right. Amazing!
 I wasn't loving the gold finish personally  but I knew that was an easy fix and so they went in my cart.

A little Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint later...
(already had it but it costs around $6 - $7 so you can factor that in if you would like to)

and they were perfectly vintage looking 

and the perfect touch for the drawers in the little cottage kitchen.

 6 bin pulls for .36 cents. 
 Loving it.

If you missed the vintage guest cottage kitchen reveal
you can find it HERE

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  1. It is all looking so Lovely!! Enjoy the rest of your week!!

  2. WOW!!!!!

    That's GREAT!!!! And whew they look amazing!

  3. Now that's what I call a great deal! Perfect!!

  4. love them... and can relate to always looking for the clearance :) even when i hit the thrift stores... i want to know what the discounted items are of the day. your photos are just beautiful, always enjoy them.

  5. Courtney,
    What an awesome deal you found at Lowes...very Nifty Thrifty!!


  6. Those are exactly the ones I've been looking everywhere for! I haven't even seen them in the brass color, but will definitely look and paint them. Do you mind posting where you found these?

  7. That is an amazing price. It makes me want to go to Lowes right now to check for some! I guess I'll wait until they open tomorrow.

  8. Oh wow!!! 6 cents a pull. Unbelievable. Need to find some of those....
    Share :-)
    Your kitchen is amazing!! Shared it with the Mr .
    Have a wonderful rest of week.
    Going to go drool over your kitchen one more time.
    Cheers, Gee

  9. Get me some next time you are shopping! ~ Maureen

  10. wow, that's an amazing deal! And your flowers are beautiful!!!

  11. OMG...Shut the door, what a GREAT find, they are perfect!


  12. Love it! Absolute perfection, Courtney!

  13. Courtney, your guest house kitchen is the sweetest thing and those drawer pulls are fabulous and for 6 cents each? I think I would have bought a ton of them just because they were such a good deal! I'm like you - if there's a clearance aisle, I'm going to check it out! You never know what you might find! Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Leena

  14. What a bargain and they look so smart. I went to see the rest of the makeover and love it. It would be so exciting to have an extra little cottage to play with. :)xx

  15. I love it, Courtney! What a great score on those bin pulls! We actually looked at those months ago to replace a bin pull on our PB wine cabinet. It has lead in it! We took it off the drawer and have nothing on it right now. The Lowe's pulls were too small, so I'm still looking for mine. Nice way to update them with the ORB!

  16. You found the best deal of the century...
    And you have the best roses, "ALWAYS"...
    Blessings Lori ~

  17. Was the paint hard to work with? The pulls look great!

  18. Cool! Totally! I'd have snapped those up too! They look great there:)

  19. If I didn't love you so, I might be really upset at that deal. So instead I will be uber happy(and envious ;))!

  20. I almost fell out of my chair. .06????? Really. I paid more for a can of spray paints than all the pulls in your kitchen :)

    Have a wonderful day rock star!

  21. We used that oil rubbed bronze spray for items in our bathroom is wonderful! Best thing ever! We used on hinges, toilet paper holder, and the handles on the drawers of our vanity. Best $$ spent to save$$$$$!

  22. Awesome deal, Courtney! Oil Rubbed Bronze is my go-to paint for all things metal and brassy around here, too. Way to go!

  23. What a bargain and the drawer pulls look great! Some of the oil rubbed bronze will be going in my basket soon! Love the look!

  24. OMG what a great deal and they came out fantastic. I love whne that sort of thing happens. It makes me so happy.


  25. Courtney,
    I love a good deal.And that was a steal of a deal! Plus they look amazing too after you transformed them!

  26. I don't follow trends either...Love what you did with this!

  27. oh Courtney, this is so funny cuz I was just at Lowes 2 days ago looking for the same thing...I did find a vintage looking one that looks a lot like the one you painted! Its gonna go on an antique butcher block table. But I never thought of spraying one to get the look i wanted. good thinking!

  28. Since we are on such a limited budget lately I'm thinking this might work on the existing bin pulls and knobs we have. What a great idea!

  29. I've stumbled on to some of those Lowes deals too---I luv Lowes!
    And I LOVE your project! I would very happily spend lots of time there!

  30. That is my favorite spray paint! I have bin pulls that look like these, but I did not find mine for 6 cents!! Yours look fantastic. What a really fun find.

  31. They look great! Love the oil rubbed works perfectly in your kitchen!

  32. Great find...they are the perfect finishing touch!

  33. What a great deal. I love what you can do with ORB spray paint!

  34. Okay, you get the Best Deal Queen crown for the month with these! Perfect and your photos are gorgeous. :)

  35. So pretty! I wish I can wear decorative accessories like these. Thank you for sharing!