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Just A Few Random Chairs

I worked on a sort of random project the other day.

I say 'random' because it involved pieces that I 'randomly' found at 
the Re-Store and decided to drag home with me.
Pieces that you can find all over the place for a pretty good price
and easily clean up or paint ...

Folding metal chairs.

How many times have I seen vintage folding metal chairs  at the thrift store?!
So many times.
Never looked twice at them.

But the other day I saw a few things on Pinterest
 that zoomed right into my mind when I saw these chairs in the corner of the store the other day

Things like this:

and this

I have been loving a little industrial chic touches lately...
so when I was at the Re-Store and found a stack of those everywhere vintage metal chairs
I was inspired and picked up 4 of them with perfectly worn, charming patina 
 a fantastic price.

 I brought them home... 
(yes, the sprinkler watered them)

got out my paint and
 transformed them with little numbers

and then added them to the outdoor dining area.
Yes, so random ...
I know.

I think that's what happens to you when it is nearly 100 degrees out for weeks on end...
It starts affecting your thinking and makes you do strange things
like dragging home industrial folding chairs from the thrift store.

I guess in this case it's alright
because even though they are not my usual style for indoors for sure
I kind of like how these chairs turned out

and for just $3.50
 they are fantastic to have for when company comes
and you need just a few more seats.


  1. A great deal on those chairs and they look good at your lovely table.

  2. I love these! Saw them on pinterest too, and now I will just have to look out for them myself...
    Thanks for sharing. LOVE your chandelier outside!

  3. You know what, you are amazing! You have such a great eye... they look fantastic! Just worn to perfection, and the color is wonderful... You took those ordinary little chairs, and made them look magazine worthy, that's pretty darn cool.


  4. Ok.. now you have me looking at them in a new light. Sigh, whatever will the Mr. say when I drag these in. Hahahaaa.. Picturing the look on his face now. Priceless.

    Cheers, Gee

  5. They look like our old chairs at the Methodist Church and they just couldn't be more perfect!

  6. the chairs are darling! I like the look a lot! the numbers were just the touch they needed - good job :) Can't wait to see your room reveal!

  7. Good idea, Courtney. Can't beat the price.

  8. You're right. These chairs are all over the place. I have some in the garage. They look great surrounding your table. The numbers took them past the ordinary.

  9. only you!!!! can make those elegant!!!! beautiful!

  10. Courtney,
    Great finds.I have fond memories of those folding chairs.My Grandparents had a very small home.No dining room.I remember Christmas dinners around a folding table with those folding chairs.It was still set beautifully with a pretty table cloth,napkins,beautiful china and crystal glasses.Your chairs look lovely around your beautiful table! LOVE those numbers too!

  11. Thank goodness for the ReStore!! :) Gotta love a sweet deal like that, Courtney!

    xoxo laurie

  12. LOVE them. They look awesome there, and the painted numbers on the back are perfection :)

  13. I would have never thought I would say this... but I love those chairs. and I think my grandma has a big stack of them... I might ask for a few :)

  14. First time vistor via Southern your style and can't wait to read your other posts!

  15. Your outdoor area is just beyond beautiful and the chairs look fantastic out there!

  16. You found the perfect spot for the folding chairs. I remember having those chairs at home for extra seating when I was young. Yikes! I guess that makes me vintage too. :-)
    Mary Alice

  17. Courtney, I love them. What a great price, too. I have to go check out our local re store.

  18. I'd say you picked these at the perfect stage! Love the added numbers. And what a great buy!

  19. Great idea on the chairs many different things you can do with them. I love the chandelier beautiful for the outdoor room!

  20. Great idea to put numbers on them - the look great.

  21. What makes the whole tableau is the the the burlap the chairs. Heck! You're genuis at making the whole picture Picture Perfect!

  22. Love how it all just works together...very nice

  23. Those folding chairs really work, who would think?!

  24. I never would have thought of this, but I think they look great and I love the extra special touch you gave to them.
    Have a great week
    ~ Cheryl

  25. Need to go by our Restore again soon. Love the chairs!

  26. Oh Courtney! How awesome it looks! I love it when all the different types of styles come together!
    Way back as a child I remember that we used to call them the "ugly" chairs! wink
    Who would have thought that they were actually beautiful diamonds in the rough!

    Good score Courtney - Thank God for the heat! I scored today at our local thrift store on a beautiful table lamp with "real chrystal" for only 5 dollars!
    I love this heat stroke that I am experiencing!

    Have a lovely Monday!

  27. What a great price and they look great around your table!...I remember those chairs back in school...!!...I love the numbers on the back!

  28. Hi Courtney,
    Nice score on the chairs. I put numbers on mine too. They're perfect for added seating at dinning events. They add a great industrial touch to the patio. This winter I hope to make cushions for them. The andirons in the fire place look familiar. Are they new? It's a nice look. You have me rethinking the whole fire pit thing.
    Miss Ellie

  29. These do look lovely at your outdoor table, Courtney--very pretty against the burlap tablecloth.

  30. I thought you had found them with the numbers on them. It just looks so natural. I have to get back to my ReStore. I used to go every few weeks, but haven't been in months. I don't even want to think of all the stuff I missed!

  31. I love your space I wish we had the weather for it.

  32. The only thing all this heat has done to me is melt my brain. That, and completely rearrange my living room and office. Love the chairs, what a great idea, so cute with the numbers on the back. Still too hot here to enjoy outside. Soon!

  33. Hi Courtney!!!!

    Wish we had warmer weather here(Vancouver, BC). We've had 1 week of great warm weather. Last Fri. it was 99 degrees and I loved it!! Now it's back down to 77-78. I miss summer...

    I've always thought that the metal chairs were good to have around just in case you need extra. You did a great job numbering them!! I love your outside area!! It's so beautiful!!


  34. I love your style - everything looks so beautiful! Even worn metal folding chairs!!

  35. Oh very clever, I love the look! Visiting from Savvy Southern Style.

  36. Love this and totally love your style! Thanks for sharing.