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Vintage Cottage Kitchen ~ Inspirations

We have been working away on projects over here...
and it has really been eating into my blog project time 
So thought I would share one of my latest pin-obsessions... 

 Vintage Cottage Kitchens

There are so many aspects that I love about vintage kitchens
These kitchens each have something that talks to me...

The old cupboards covered in paint and charm 
(yes~ those peonies are pretty fabulous too!)

Love the shutters- in white they would be so charming
and those little skirts as doors too.

Wood floors in a kitchen...
yes, please.

painted in shabby colors or patterns... 

and brick will even do~

A fun kitchen island- 
that didn't necessarily start out as a kitchen island.

The ceiling in this next one~

I think the screen door is so cute 
but am loving those stools more!

Old beadboard walls and stone counters

whites with the old shabby table island and the green accents... 

I love vintage inspired kitchens probably as much as the originals

 and the bonus is-
 the drawers would all be on slides and work without falling when you pull them out! 

Would you believe that when we first moved into our house
 we had an old vintage sink in the kitchen
that we took out when we remodeled in favor of having a taller window behind the sink?
Not an apron sink- but one with washboards on the sides.
 I think about that sink even now and though I absolutely love the extra foot of window we gained
I wonder what was I thinking taking it out!

These are just a few of the inspirations you can find on my 
You can find the links to all the sources there as well.

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I am getting ready to make a little run over to our Re-Store this morning...
 hoping to find a couple key elements that I am looking for to use in the little cottage...
I'll keep you posted! 

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Courtney,
    WOW lots of great inspiration! They are all so charming! Love the details and character.It is hard to blog and work on a project.I have several things going on right now.But it will have to wait a few more weeks.

  2. All of these kitchens make my heart beat a little faster! The island in the 2nd pic looks a lot like mine. Sorry about the mistake in tossing that lovely sink...I have regretted tearing down some gorgeous wallpaper in my day! lol!


  3. Hi Courtney~~ Love all of these!!!!! Drooling..
    Have a great day

  4. Oh so gorgeous, serene, and my heart feels so relaxed to see these images! I really love the beautiful one with the wooden black and wood check floors. Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are all fabulous, but no better than your kitchen. You just reminded me that I still haven't been to a local re-store here.

  6. Dream kitchens - all of them - scrolling back up now to look at them again, lol

  7. So many great kitchens. I love the last few photographs. The use of fabric under the sink add such a rustic elegant look.

  8. Oh my I love them all but the one with the brick floor is to die for...thanks for inspiring me!! x0

  9. love the pillows in the barstools and the birdcages on the open shelving. these are 2 things I could easily duplicate in my own kitchen..

    thanks so much for posting all this beautiful inspiration.

  10. What lovely pictures. I was wowed this morning by just an old country sink on Pinterest. We girls are funny...ooooooing and ahhhhhhing..:)so fun!

  11. I love all these vintage inspirations....although my kitchen is mainly traditional, I try to incorporate as many vintage accessories...including my apron front sink....Just loved seeing all these beautiful kitchens for great inspiration and ideas!

  12. Great kitchens and great inspiration! Each kitchen has a unique detail to love.

  13. Ok. Now you've done it, Courtney. I want to redo my entire kitchen starting tomorrow! lolol! These are just beautiful pics, and I found some element in each one that made my heart sing! :)

    xoxo laurie

  14. Wooo Hooooo!!! After working all day, finding out that I won made my day! BTW, love the cottage kitchens. I've got one myself, but it's a work in progress. I'm eying those floors for ideas. Thanks again for picking me!

  15. Those kitchens are so gorgeous... but YOUR kitchen is just as beautiful. I'm sure your kitchen is in a boatload of people's Pinterest boards as their dream kitchen!


  16. Where is the love button???


  17. Each picture was more and more eye candy. Oh my. I saw at least a few dozen ideas I would love to incorporate in my own kitchen. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Lovely photos. There is just nothing better than a well decorated cottage kitchen.

  19. OMG Courtney these kitchens are gorgeous!! That first shot makes my heart skip a beat!

  20. Thank you so much for all of this inspiration. My husband and I are building our own house (not having it built but building it ourselves) And you have just given me so many ideas for my kitchen. Thanks a bunch.

    Cindy Bee

  21. I love all of the inspirational photos you have shared. I can't wait to see what you find at Re-Store!


  22. Hi Courtney!!!

    These pictures are so great. The things you picked out in certain pictures(peonies, screen door, etc.)were some of the things that I noticed right away. I just loved the screen door!! The kitchen near the end, using blue and white was just so refreshing to look at, as all of them were.

    Thanks again for a great blog!! I love your finds at this store!!

    Have a great week!!


  23. These are gorgeous. I love the cute first one. It's funny,when I was a girl,we didn't have custom built in kitchens and everyone I knew including my mum, had little curtains under the sink. They were usually gingham fabric. x

  24. A beautiful post! Thank you! My favorite is the white kitchen with the shabby farm table and a mirror over the sink!

  25. I love those and I have pinned some of those as well. That first one is adorable. It shows that a kitchen doesn't have to be huge to be cute and functional.

  26. Courtney,
    Thanks for sharing these beautifil kitchens...I always enjoying seeing vintage style kitchens and getting ideas:)


  27. I love these kitchen inspirations! My favorite is the one with the Parish House sign and that fabulously chippy table! I've seen it before and actually had it in my inspiration file =:) Wish my kitchen was bigh enough for this kind of charm. I have, however, redesigned it in my head over and over - now to ever get to make that vision a reality! Thanks for the eye candy! Hugs, Leena

  28. I so want to redo my kitchen now....OMG! Just moved into a house with dark cabinets. I can't look at these photos or I won't be able to walk into my kitchen.

  29. Beautiful kitchen elements that you've selected, Courtney--I am particularly drawn to the curtains used on tension rods below the sinks and covering the fronts of the lower cabinets--charming! Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving a sweet comment--I appreciate it very much.

  30. I love all those kitchens! In my first house, I had one of those old sinks you were talking about. I hired a contractor to build a custom cabinet underneath - complete with rounded edges to fit the curves of the sink. I loved it.

  31. jute webbing is my favourite hobby. Thanks for those beautiful pictures.

  32. From a long time I was confused about selecting the suitable design for my kitchen. There are options such as country kitchens which includes French kitchens, Australian country kitchens, Country kitchens Dubbo and Italian country kitchen. I was wondering which one will be a perfect option. But I think Vintage Cottage Kitchens are far way better! Thanks!

  33. I loved seeing all of these inspiring photos...but would love to see more of certain kitchens, especially the fourth photo from the end (birdcages and stone counter). Is there somewhere to view more of them?

  34. Мне очень понравились идеи на кухне. Свежо и разумно.. Прованс - беспроигрышный вариант! Браво!

  35. I especially like the first pic of the all cream kitchen! What would you guess the color to be on the walls?