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A Couple of Roses...

I had some  fun photographing a couple roses from our garden today...
I love to focus on a subject and practice taking photos- changing the settings, etc.
These roses are so gorgeous. 
A pretty yellow, fading to white and then edged in pink- absolutely beautiful!

Set on a shelf covered in pinecones that I gathered in the Santa Cruz mountains...
I love the juxtaposition of the soft romantic roses and the pinecones.

Set inside a little white ironstone creamer from thrift store.

and against the pages of antique book
Something old... something new.

Love them with my daughters little pink boots.
She wore these absolutely everywhere when she was 2!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!
We didn't do too much- just relaxed at home and caught up on chores
but it was so nice to have an extra day to sleep in!
It feels like Fall is in the air a bit... though we are warming up into the almost 90's during the day
the mornings and evenings are definitely cooling down.
Guess it's almost time to light the outdoor fireplace for the evenings outside!


  1. There is something so beautiful about end of season roses. The colors are so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just luvly!!! I always luv your rose photo shoots Courtney.
    Thanks for sharing..
    Cheers, Gee

  3. Love Roses in photo's these are just lovely. Glad you enjoyed a stay home weekend,we did too.Nothing nicer. xx

  4. so enchanting, courtney. the natural colors of the roses are unbelievably pleasing.

    chores for us too, and what an incredible feeling now to be relaxing and surfing the net!

    smiles to you.


  5. Gorgeous photography. Our roses are really blooming right now....nice to have them all over the house :)

  6. Love the photo with the boots. Beautiful roses! Enjoy that fireplace:)

  7. gorgeous! love the sweet boots:) have a great week!

  8. so pretty! The pinecones are the perfect addition for the upcoming season =)

  9. I love your photos, Courtney! And, the roses are absolutely gorgeous. Love those sweet, little boots, too.

  10. Pinecones and roses... what a gorgeous combination!!!! And I have to tell you that the little pink boots are DARLING!!!

  11. Beautiful pictures. Romantic, soft and just lovely.


  12. Wonderful photos. I miss having roses in the garden!

  13. Roses are gorgeous! All of my flowers burned in our Texas heat...and it's still in the triple digits. :/ Enjoy your cool temps ~


  14. Beautiful, Courtney! Love the combo of roses and pinecones! Who would'ave thought that they look so pretty together?? lol! It's been suuuuch a hot, dry, humid summer, that even though I whine about missing it all winter long...I am looking forward to the crisp, cool days of autumn! Bring on the jeans, sweaters and cowboy boots! :)

    xoxo laurie

  15. Your roses are soooo gorgeous!!! I can almost smell the sweet fragrance!!! Thank you for sharing them!!! BLESSINGS!!! patti

  16. They're gorgeous. Sometimes i just can't believe how pretty the roses are, and take dozens of picture of them at my house too. They look so luscious posed everywhere, and oh my gosh how i love your daughter's little pink boots. What a treasure, i love that she wore them everywhere, i bet everyone commented on them when she did!


  17. You always have the most gorgeous roses...loved seeing them photographed with such beautiful backdrops and those pink boots are the cutest!!

  18. So pretty! .. nothing like beautiful roses!

  19. Courtney, you always do a great job in displaying natures items.
    How beautiful are pink flowers!! The way they pick up the pink in
    the pine cones is so cool.

    Thank you for being so talented!!


  20. What beautiful vignettes, Courtney. I love the white ironstone pitcher with two perfect roses in in it in particular--lovely.