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Simple Autumn Vignette

I had a little fun playing
and taking a few photos the other day.
Nothing fancy or exciting.... just a bucket of hydrangeas

a found birds nest and a couple little pumpkins.

I took a few of the photos a little bit overexposed
Sometimes it washes the color out too much but sometimes it's perfect.

This old drop leaf table was a flea find and it is so shabby with it's worn paint, broken hinges and splitting wood. I love that when the leaves are down, the table is only about 8" deep and can be
tucked against a wall easily.

I added a couple more colorful striped pumpkins for a few photos too -we don't have
big white pumpkins here yet- just these small ones.
This mirror is one I have shared before~ it's a favorite that I dragged out of the
basement of an abandoned antique store a few years back.
It was covered in huge amounts of dust which helped with keeping the price low ;)
It didn't look like it was worth much  and so the seller said


Just a quick post today~ the kids shared a head cold so
we have been laying low and I have been catching up more on blog
reading rather than blogging

See you this afternoon for Feathered Nest Friday!!

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  1. Pretty Courtney!!
    I too have been blog reading over the last few days .... have been trying to rest a bit. Easier said than done!
    I hope you all feel better soon.
    Cheers, Gee

    come visit me over at my place...

  2. I love the over exposed picture. Take care of your little ones!

  3. Tout comme vos enfants, j'ai attrapé un sacré rhume ! Il ne m'empêche pas d'admirer vos merveilleuses photos... Je vais seulement éviter de me retrouver face à votre joli miroir qui pourrait me renvoyer une image négative de moi-même aujourd'hui !
    Il est préférable que je m'étonne devant vos sublimes compositions.
    Gros bisous à vous.

  4. Ah, Courtney, I am always calmed after I read your posts and view your pictures. You have quite a gift for imparting peace.

  5. As always, gorgeous photos. Wow, that mirror was a steal at just $3 and doesn't it look perfect in the right setting.

  6. This post is beautiful and I love your pictures as always.


  7. Very pretty, Courtney! Your photography is beautiful!

  8. That vignette is lovely - as always! I LOVE that mirror! I'd have snapped that up too!
    Hope everyone is soon feeling much better!

  9. The bargain mirror goes with the hydrangeas perfectly. The arrangement is a wonderful blend of fall and pastels. Refreshing white bucket, white pumpkins.... Love it all. Now I want to arrange my mantle...

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  11. Courtney, what a lovely vignette! I love seeing Fall items that are not traditional. Your photos are wonderful and what a find on the table! I hope you fell better soon!

  12. Such a beautiful mirror to find for $3.00! Very pretty vignette. ~ Maureen

  13. Captivating photos, your work is amazing.
    Keep inspiring us with your beauty.

  14. Courtney, just found your blog and I feel calmer already! Beautiful blog! I will enjoy catching up on all your posts, following and now I will be calm with every beautiful photo you post! lol!

  15. Oh, how pretty! I have such a love of hydrangeas too.

  16. Gosh I think this is pretty..that mirror is perfect

  17. I love the simplicity, Courtney. That's how I decorate. Hydrangeas are a favorite, and of course I love the frame. A mainstay with me.

  18. Stunning! Love all of your touches!


  19. Your mirror is just beautiful...what a wonderful find!


  20. Terrific mirror- what a deal! Your photos are lovely. I hope you and your family feel better soon.


  21. Beautiful photos. You just can't get anything better than a bucket of hydrangeas in my mind. . . that is unless your super talented like yourself and surround the simple bucket mored pretty inspiration. I love it. Thanks

  22. Oh how gorgeous Courtney! You've got to be sh&^%) me about the price of that mirror?! What a deal...I could cry...But I'm gonna *wink* in happiness for you lol!
    I love the faded effect with the armoire peeking through. Oh and quelle surprise I've already pinned your hydrangeas to pinterest...I think half of my flower board is full of your flower shots *winks* Vanna

  23. Awesome photos, Courtney ... the hydrangeas are beautiful. I love the mirror, too.

  24. Wow--"just a bucket and hydrangeas" in your capable hands turn into art, Courtney. That mirror is so cool and only $3?? Well done!

  25. Absolutely beautiful! I think the baby pumpkin in the little nest is my fav.
    Kim @ Sand & Sisal

  26. What a breath of fresh air. This is just lovely. The colors are so soothing. It is perfection.

  27. Simply beautiful! Feel better!

  28. A marvelous vignette in soft colors. Hydrangeas are always perfect. The mirror was a true find! Be sure and take plenty of Vitamin C!

  29. Courtney your mantle looks beautiful! LOVE that old mirror! Hope you are all feeling better!

  30. I can't believe you got that mirror for $3!!! Excellent score! And you have it arranged and photographed perfectly♥


  31. So very, very pretty--fallish in a different kind of way! Lovely and romantic.

    Hope your cold is better!