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Autumn Fireplace Mantel ~ Inspirations

Decorating the fireplace mantels is always a treat and for Fall... 
I love lots of  leaves, branches, berries and pumpkins.

 I love to bring the natural elements inside.
and I have several fireplace mantels in my house that I decorate. 
Last year~ I did a simple white pumpkin mantel in my living room

 and a Southern Living inspired mantel in my bedroom

I know most of you are already decorated for Fall.
 I love to let Summer linger a bit longer and enjoy it  so I don't usually do too much 'Fall' until October
but... I am thinking about starting to add some quiet touches so thought I would
share some inspirations.

 I really love simple mantels with just a touch of Autumn
and a few quiet pumpkins, branches and leaves.

I also love mantels that are decked out 
 I guess I am a bit of a mix
Not quite sure which way I will go with mantel decorating yet...
I'm working on finding some inspirations for now. 

So what about you~ what's your mantel decorating style?

See you this afternoon for
 Feathered Nest Friday!


  1. Looks like mantel decorating is in full force for fall!

  2. Haven't done my Mantle as yet. The TV sits a few inches above it and it's such a challenge to do. Still thinking. Luv your inspirational posts. Will be gleaning from them. :-)
    Pop on by and peek at the rest of my Fall Fluffing.
    Cheers, Gee

  3. Courtney where did you get the great mirror you show with the white pumpkins? I have been looking for one like yours!

  4. Your mantles are always so beautiful Courtney! I love the inspiration photos as well. I tried getting in the mood. I walked into my decorating closet and starred for a few minutes then turned around and left. I don't know why I can't get in the mood this year.

  5. Gorgeous images! I went a bit simpler this year. Haven't posted it yet because I'm still doing some tweaking:)

  6. I am looking forward to seeing your mantel. I can't decorate ours because of the huge TV over it (sad face) and it is the only mantel in our home! Super inspirations, and my favorite one is the all-white mantel. So pretty, Courtney!

  7. So pretty! The last picture is exquisite. Thanks for sharing! XO ~Liz

  8. What inspirational photos. I am getting ideas already for my mantels next year.


  9. I still love your mantel with the zinc mirror and white pumpkins! Wish I could hunt down that mirror at a Home Goods myself ;-) Have you seen the price on the ones at RH? yikes! I'm working on making velvet pumpkins today for my mantel. I did jewel tones with them last year but this year I'm doing all light sage and white velvets. Here's my post from last year if you want to check them out.

  10. I just have to pin the white mantel! All these mantels are so beautiful, it's hard to choose! ~ Maureen

  11. These are all so pretty...yours, too! I am going to go neutral this year, unless I see something else that really speaks to me. For some reason, I find my mantel to be the hardest to decorate for the season...maybe because it is such a focal point and I want it to be perfect. Well, I'm up for the challenge! :)


  12. Beautiful mantel this year, Courtney--I love your mix of golds! And I love your bedroom mantel from last year--those urns are just gorgeous. It unexpectedly is raining today, and so I hope to work on my mantel. I've been thrifting and gathering items from around the house, so I have quite a few "raw materials" to work with!

  13. I've swung back and forth between the 'all white' look and the 'colorful' look. I think this year I'm leaning more toward keeping the white but adding the 'faded' greens, browns, etc. kind of like what you show in the third picture. I've seen alot of that this year and it really appeals to me!

  14. Those are great inspirations. I love the one with the fall flowers and foliage draped down one side... it's glorious!


  15. I usually wait until October or the very end of September as well :) I don't have a mantel but I live in an older home with built ins and room dividers...the dividers are my "Mantel" in a way :)

    I usually transition some dried flowers etc for mid- september indoors and get cornstalks etc going outside first / when the weather REALLY changes to fall then I go for the rest indoors

    all of YOUR stuff is beautiful :)

  16. me encanta ...gracias pena es que no tenga chimenea

  17. I love the all white!!! big hugs and happy weekend wishes

  18. I have admired that outdoor fireplace from BHG....such a great place to enjoy a beautiful fall evening!