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Building a Vintage Inspired Farmhouse Kitchen

 The guest cottage has been getting a fresh look lately as most of you already know
and one of the things we did while putting in the new kitchen
was to create custom open shelves with farmhouse legs
as part of the base cupboards.

I know that open shelf cupboards are not for everyone- but I do love them.
 This kitchen is in a vintage cottage- built in the 1940's
and comes with concrete flooring and all the uneven character that is part of an older home.
We worked around those things but I decided to embrace the vintage character
and add a bit more back in when designing the new kitchen.

Starting with the layout~ 
 I incorporated several new ready to finish cupboards and drew plans for the for the rest.

The design called for  3 farmhouse style 'legs' for the kitchen.
One for each side of the RTF sink base to create a more substantial feeling there
and to also help with the transition from a deeper sink base to not quite as deep counters

For the rest of the counters area- we needed one more leg for the open shelving.
I mentioned before that these legs are not actually legs.
Yes,  Lowes carries beautiful gorgeous legs for using in the kitchen-
 but dealing with custom sized shelves because of the cottage having uneven walls and floors
 we were looking for something a little chunkier and bulkier to fill the spaces
and gaps that inevitably would be there.

Here is a look at what they are intended for
and where we used them elsewhere in the little cottage...

Yes, the cupboard 'legs' are stair posts that we flipped over and cut to size to use as legs.
I absolutely love them and have plans to pick up a couple more for another project next week too

 Absolutely perfect in size, chunkiness,  style and just $15.00 each. 
An amazing price and an amazing touch for the kitchen.
Love love love.
Here's what it looked like mid construction.

We attached them to the sink base
by screwing them to the cupboard from inside.
Super easy.

The center leg of the cupboard was built right into the counter and to the shelf boards.
We built the shelves out of pine- 2x4 framing, 1x planks for the shelf boards
 and strand board for the counter underlayment.

(geez- talk about a messy job site! lol! ;)

The original kitchen in our 1940 house is constructed of pine and painted white- 
so that seemed like a natural choice for the guest cottage as well.

After the cupboards were built- we finished up with trim and paint and then 
it was time to add the finishing touches.
I sewed a couple of drop cloth 'skirts' for one area of the open cupboard. 
They are held up with a simple tension rod.

I also found several vintage fruit crates for storing bits like wine bottles, linens, etc
in the open shelf area.

I think they compliment the open shelving perfectly

and I love the dark aged look that they have.


  1. Beautiful space. I love the look of open cupboards. I'm just not organized enough to make that happen in my world. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It's beautiful!

    What did you use over the plywood to finish the top of countertop and trim the edge?

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I have some posts out in the garage that I am saving for our bathroom reno....great ideas here : o )

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  6. Looks absolutely splendid. I used the same stock cabinetry in my kitchen re-do, but I went with wood countertops cuz I have a friend who does custom wood work. I love your little bit of crystal bling hanging from the ceiling too!

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    The open shelves... the crates.. the drop cloth drapes... the chandy... all just perfect!
    Cheers, Gee

  10. Courtney,
    I want to move into your kitchen!!!! It is beautiful! Every detail ~~~LOVE~~~!

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    And what a idea for the legs!
    Thank you for share

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    xoxo laurie

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    Sleepless in Savannah

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    Kisses from PARIS/FRANCE

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    Have a great day rock star!

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  48. Simple BEAUTIFUL!!! We're purchasing a old farmhouse built in 1900 and I now have my plan for the kitchen, thanks to you! LOVE the idea of the newell posts and mixing open shelving/unfinished cabinets/curtained-cabinets for an inexpensive way to get lots of storage. I think I'm going to paint my cabinets a light yellow and maybe do light green gingham skirts for some of the shelving. There are many apple orchards in the area, so I'm hoping to find some fruit crates there. Thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful article!!!

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