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French Cottage Toile

I guess it's no secret that I love French Country rooms
filled with gorgeousness.
All those colors, the patterns, wood and painted furniture mixed together...
 they enchant me every time.

Though I most definitely do love romantic shabby
flirty ruffles,
and those dreamy pale cottage colors...
I seem to always come back to the warmth and charm
of French Country.
Some of my favorite French Country rooms have layer upon layer of gorgeous pattern
I know that some people find the pattern all together to be just too much
and I must admit that I have recently been leaning towards a more quiet feeling in my rooms too.

Well in most rooms anyway~ my bathroom is a little different.
I wallpapered my bathroom in romantic red floral toile wallpaper probably 5 years ago
and have never tired of it. I think if you surround yourself with what you love- it makes you happy.
 I adore the color and pattern and love it  mixed with the peaked bead board & beamed ceiling,
 crisp white wainscoting and checkerboard floor.

This bathroom has one large window looking out over the backyard
 I had a couple of white layered panels up for Spring and Summer which were so simple and pretty
but the other day, I started thinking about a certain bolt of fabric that I had stored away in an armoire.
A bolt with about 10 yards of gorgeous upholstery weight fabric that
I found for around $4  per yard at a favorite source for remnants.

A dreamy soft red floral toile 

I had been saving it thinking I would upholster a pair of chairs
but instead... I got a wild hair ;) and that fabric became something else.

 Simple drapery panels.

Though the fabric doesn't match the toile wallpaper exactly~
 its floral pattern and coloring is actually very close
I am loving the warmer look it brings for Fall and Winter and kind of liking the layering in here.
(Well, for now at least~ you never know when one of those wild hair moments might pop up again)

  You can see the crazy pretty scary look this bathroom started out with
 and more about our remodel of it

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  1. I Love how you always tie everything together with fresh flowers. Brilliant !!

  2. It's wonderfully soft and loevly! They don't match... but they don't fight each other. I think they'll be best friends ;)

    Gorgeous as usual :)

  3. Beautiful marriage of paper and drapery. I too luv the French County look and have been leaning toward it again ( after having decorated this home in a Tuscan style) . I grew tired of the bright sun-drenched colours and fabrics and have slowly been returning to the softer French country look. The breakfast nook has a sweet valance in a red toile that I so adore.
    Thanks for inspiring me to soldier on with my choice.
    Cheers, Gee

  4. Oh, Courtney, your toile bath is absolutely gorgeous! I am a toile gal and have been for years. I have green toile in my bath. I would have toile in every room of the house but it is very hard to find here where I live. Your bath is just beautiful; good job!


  5. Your bathroom is beautiful.I loved the bedroom in the third photo, so warm and inviting. I am crazy for toile and I never tire of it either.


  6. Beautiful fabric, Courtney! It may not be a match to the wallpaper, but it looks pretty darn close and the colors look right on! I love toile myself, although I don't think I could live in the rooms that are totally toile. I love it in your bathroom because you have the white beadboard which helps break it up. I love the look of your bathroom!

  7. OMG! Gorgeous absolutely gorgeous! Any time I begin to steer away from french country I always come back, it is what I am drawn to. I love those inspiration photos and the toile. Your bathroom is breathtaking.

  8. Oh Courtney,your bathroom is gorgeous! I can see why you would never tire of it! Love the new drapery on that beautiful huge window!!
    Your blog and your exquisite taste are so very inspiring!

  9. It looks absolutely beautiful Courtney!! I'm such a sucker for toile and my daughter's room is decorated with a yellow cameo toile. The drapes are perfect with the wallpaper! :-)

  10. I love your wild hair moments! You always turn out something beautiful! This bathroom is so gorgeous, what a long way it has come.


  11. I love your bathroom. That wallpaper is beautiful. I am a toile lover but I try to use it in small doses too.


  12. Very pretty, Courtney. Even your bathroom looks like a great place to hang out. lol

  13. So you had a great "epiphany" (one of my favorite words).....the fabric is perfect for the drapes in the bathroom...I love the way it looks with the wallpaper...While toile may not be someone else's "cup of tea" ..I love it so...and as you do what makes you happy..and I am sure that every time you walk into the bathroom, you just it makes you happy...and I certainly would smile too!!!
    Beautiful bathroom Courtney!

  14. I just love toile and these pictures took my breath away. i love it and your bathroom is gorgeous!


  15. I have alway solved your style Courtney!!

  16. Your bathroom is gorgeous, Courtney. The toile is very pretty and the new 'layer' with the lovely fabric is very cozy looking. Elegant too. I so agree about surrounding oneself with the things we love.

  17. I think they are perfect in there. Just beautiful.

  18. Toile is my weakness. My favorite is any toile by Pierre Deux. I go in there just to look at the fabric and dream....

  19. I love what you've done with these patterns and accessories!

    I'm doing a couple of rooms in blue toile, myself. Whew!

  20. I love those patterns too, my living room's curtains are like those :)

  21. Love it,I must do something with ours,it's needing a spruce up. I think the wallpaper and curtain are a really close match. I wouldn't have known they were not if you hadn't said. x

  22. I love the bathroom Courtney~the drapery pattern looks perfect with the wallpaper. I agree that tone on tone toile all over still has a restful feel...and a cozy feeling~you have such a great handle of the ferench country look! I am doing a Romantic Homes feature with the new Annie SLoan toile~its a pale dusky lilac and gorgeous, and I think you will love it.

  23. Oh Courtney--what a gorgeous bathroom this is--I could just live in there! I love the red toile curtains you added--I like pattern, but you have enough white in the room that it works perfectly with the pattern in the fabrics and wallpaper. This is such a pretty look. I also love the footed dresser--what a magnificent piece(!)and the rose-filled urn--beautiful all.

  24. Courtney they look beautiful in there!! I just LOVE this room!

  25. love it!! I have red toile in my laundry room & still love it after many years!

  26. I love toile - it's such a classic pattern. The drapes look gorgeous. Your bathroom is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  27. Wow!!! Beautiful! Elegant! Wonderful! Breathtaking!

  28. Just gorgeous! I love toile, it's so classic!

  29. It really is simply perfect. Love the toile and the floral fabric together. Thank you for sharing. Saw you over at DIY by Design. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  30. Courtney, I LOVE the drapery fabric! Your bathroom looks so pretty! I'm also fond of that little leopard print stool - so cute! Glad I'm not the only one who likes a touch of the "wild side" in her rooms! You sure have a magic touch when it comes to decorating and I love reading all of your posts and admiring your photos. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring! Hugs, Leena

  31. LOVE me some Toile and have a room dedicated to it!

  32. The room is gorgeous and the use of toile is stunning! Thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday!

  33. So beautiful, Courtney! "Surround yourself with you love--it makes you happy." - Couldn't be truer. I think the curtains look great with the wallpaper! Wild hairs are awesome. Your home is so cozy. Love it. xo Jami

    1. Just wanted to let you know that I featured you! Have a beautiful week.

  34. Thank you Courtney for taking the time to join THT!