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Bistro Chairs

I love little antique bistro chairs but they can be hard to find- 
especially when you are looking for more than a couple for your table.. 
So how about taking a new bistro chair and making it look a little more vintage
and shabby?
source: Sears

I am guest posting on the Sears Outdoor Style Blog  
today about how to take these brand new vintage bistro chairs
 available at Sears (and on sale for $22 right now!)& transform them with a bit of paint
to look a little more shabby and vintage.
It is really so simple and easy.
Hop on over if you would like to read more!

See you this afternoon for Feathered Nest Friday!!


  1. This sounds interesting. I have two of those chairs that I got in Paris...they have been outside for 10 years and definitely look vintage. I want to see how you do it.

  2. I love them too, especially when they're colorful!

  3. Sears has a wonderful price on these chairs...wish I had a place for some.


  4. I love bistro sets they are so French and Italian Country. They make want sit for a spell and have an espresso.


  5. These are from Sears? OMG, guess where I'm dragging hubby this weekend!

  6. Courtney,
    I am going to hop on over and read all about it! LOVE these chairs.And yes they are hard to find!

  7. So adorable!!! I can so see myself there with a glass of wine... or a cup of coffee.

  8. I've admired those chairs at Sears, but haven't bitten the bullet and bought them - they would be perfect for my tiny back patio!

  9. How wonderful that you are doing a tutorial for Sears!!....will definitely hop over and take a look at the magic you will perform!!