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Grapevine Wreaths

Yes, this post all started with grapevine wreaths from the Dollar Tree.

I was looking for something a little different for chargers for a table setting.
Something simple and natural and easy like grapevine wreaths.
 I thought I would check the Dollar Tree on the chance they might have some
 in the right size and at the right price.

Can I just say...
I know it's the $ store- but is it ever really the $ store?
 I think of it more like the $12 or $15 store honestly- I think it's a marketing gimmick.

Well, lucky~ lucky- the $ store did have wreaths- and they were the perfect size so into my cart they went.
I also grabbed a couple bags of moss for another project and to dress the wreaths up a bit.

Of course while at the Dollar Tree~  I found the most beautiful green stemware.
(these glasses are the same brand I have found at other stores...
but they were much more elsewhere~ so $1 each was an awesome price!)

let's see... that's 6 wreaths and 6 wine glasses and 2 bags of moss...
 As usual, it's the $14.00 store.
Just saying

I pulled out several pieces of flea market vintage silverware.
A favorite of mine to collect so I have a lot of different patterns and pieces
They are mixed more than matched.

A little sprig of boxwood and twine for the napkins completes it.
I know I should be embracing the oranges & yellows of Fall...
but as much as I try to find something more Fall like I always gravitate towards the soft romantic colors.

Our local Safeway has the best flowers and prices I have found and their flowers seem to last quite awhile
 which means I can use them in several blog posts before they start to dry a bit. 
Pink roses and white stock were on sale last week- love them together and they will be perfect for 
a dinner I am hosting this weekend too.

So, yes,  it all started with grapevine wreaths and continued from there.
So random really, lol,  but I love how it all came together.

I am excited to have a couple of girlfriends coming for dinner
I love to entertain but I really don't get to do it as much as I would like to
so it's a treat to plan music & food & set a pretty table for them to enjoy.
I'll share more this weekend!

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Happy Tuesday!!


  1. I have seen this idea before and I just love it. I think it adds so much character to the table. Love your silverware and the basket of pears.


  2. How many ways can I say gorgeous? I need some new descriptive words when visiting you Courtney!

    The table is stunning. Perfectly casually elegant.

    And yes.. it's like the $25 for me. Always over $20 at least!

  3. Courtney, this is beautiful. You just keep embracing the colors that you love.

  4. ooooh that's going to be sweet, courtney.

    love the fleamarket flatware too, and you have styled everything beautifully.

    no one would ever know they cost a buck!


  5. this is an amazing idea and looks so pretty! enjoy your dinner with the girls!

  6. You did pretty well. I can't get out of there without spending at least $30.00. I love, love this early fall tablescape.

  7. Both elegant and rustic... Beautiful!

  8. Beautiful! I forget to go to the Dollar Store but sure need to remember!

  9. So lovely! I have been looking for some grapevine wreaths to use as chargers also. Our local Dollar Tree doesn't carry any and if I get them 50% at Hobby Lobby, they will be $2.50 each so you got a great deal! I might look into making my own!

  10. Beautiful table, Courtney! It may have been $14.00 but any other store it would have been about three times as much! I love the glasses, too.

  11. What a cute idea with the wreaths! Beautiful table setting. Your friends will be so impressed. Enjoy!


  12. Awwww... What an awesome idea. You are the 3rd person with the Dollar Tree stemware. I have got to get myself over there.
    Luvly table.
    Cheers Courtney :-)

  13. Love this table! I should check my local dollar store and see if they have any wreaths like that....I wanted to do a table last year using grapevine wreaths as chargers but didn't want to spend a mint on wreaths! I never even thought of the dollar store!! The green stemware is so pretty too! Love it all!

  14. Love the wreath idea! I also love the mismatched silverware. I have some I've collected and some that I bought in a package that are from the 1920's. They were very tarnished so very cheap as well -- except for the elbow grease making them presentable and usable, that is! As always, very beautiful, Courney!

  15. Such a pretty table! I have those same glasses, and they look expensive don't they? I still think you saved a bundle :) Have fun at your dinner!
    xo, Andrea

  16. Rustic, unique, but did the plates stay steady on the vine?

    1. Hi Terri-
      The plates actually fit perfectly in the center of the wreath- so yes- they are steady. I suppose it would depend on what size wreath/plate you had if it worked as well.

  17. Lucky lucky friends! I love using pears in the Fall instead of apples too. Beautiful Courtney! And speaking of apples I hope you can sign up for my Shabby Apple give-away. $75.00 gift card....a new dress or top for the party. :)

  18. Beautiful and very feminine with the flowers. I love the glasses too! I know your friends will feel so special.


  19. LOL on the $15 store. I peaked at an $80 trip to the dollar store. I needed 80 items??? The table looks lovely with all the faded glory of summer. ~ Maureen

  20. There's something very special about a meal with friends around a beautifully set table. Love it.

  21. What a fun idea to use the grapevine wreaths as charges. I love your mismatched silverware, white plates, and beautiful pink roses.
    It was so good to visit with you on Saturday. What a great day it busy!

  22. Courtney, I love your table. And I think your silver is stunning!

  23. What a wonderfully creative idea, Courtney! I never would'ave thought of using those wreaths for chargers! I don't do the orange/brown thing for autumn either. I much prefer the addition of grapevine wreaths, colorful fruits....and of course, roses. :) Hope you have fun tonight! :)

    xoxo laurie

  24. SUPER GORGEOUS!!!! I love the colors, I love the little wreaths and I just love the whole thing! GREAT JOB :)

  25. pretty. I love the idea of using grape vine wreaths as chargers. I have had my eye on some chargers I want but they are like $5 each. $1 would certainly be better. I love the soft pastel flower colors too. I was just thinking I need to get some fall leaves and things out but just have not done it yet.

  26. So very pretty, Courtney. Love the rustic grapevine with the pretty linens, soft roses and vintage (and Dollar store) pieces. The colours are so soft and pretty.

  27. Great idea...
    I feel the same way $$$$ Store...
    Blessings Lori ~

  28. Sooooo beautiful Courtney!!! The wreaths add the perfect rustic touch against all of the softer elements. You have so much creative talent and this gorgeous table setting is just one more example of it!

  29. Thanks for the inspiration, Courtney. Reading through your blog stirred up the creative energy within me! I love your soft colored flowers and think that they look lovely with the pears, grapevine and vintage silver.

  30. Gorgeous idea!! Ask me if I'm surprised.... nope!

  31. Amazing, as usual. Girl you can even make the dollar store look good! That is such a clever idea with the little wreaths, so simple, and so completely natural and charming. I am totally copying that idea! There will be an unexplained wreath shortage at the Dollar Stores after this post, because everyone is going to go buy them! I like the pink roses in the fall, and Stock is so wonderful, and one of my favorites too, it smells heavenly.


  32. It certainly came together beautifully! I has a wonderful, natural grace. Have a lovely time with your girlfriends! I'm wondering if the Dollar Store is still open!

  33. Courtney, I totally agree with everyone about the grapevine wreaths. The thing I loved most, however, was the charming use of boxwood and jute twine on your napkins. How sweet!

  34. While the grapevine wreaths are pretty used as chargers, I just love the boxwood and jute twine on the napkins. How charming!

  35. Beautifully set table! I always love to see what you have come up with. Great ideas!


  36. OH MY!!! What a great idea!!! It looks absolutely beautiful!!!

  37. It all looks so beautiful together especially with the fireplace as a background. Have a wonderful evening with your friiends.

  38. really beautiful Courtney! I was wondering what the roses would be used for from your Instagram photos! ;) The dollar store has some great stuff sometimes. I found some great fall grasses and cleaned out one of their locations here in town! ha ha!
    Great idea with the wreaths.

  39. Okay, going to the dollar store tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration! And, your table is lovely!


  40. Wow, just beautiful all of it. Especialy those not so fall colored flowers, they are georgous!! I love the idea of the grapevine wreaths as chargers. Very clever. Thanks for always inspiring us!

  41. Simply beautiful! Your post makes me want to run to the $$ store! Enjoy girlfriend time!

  42. What a lovely tablescape, Courtney--I love the look of the grapevine wreaths as chargers. Your post shows what you can do when you combine simple and inexpensive decorative elements artfully--it's gorgeous! I am also a huge fan of vintage silverware, and you have a very pretty collection. I am sure your girlfriends will be charmed by your table this weekend!

  43. Just absolutely beautiful!!....your guests will be "wowed" by all the creative touches that you have done....what a great idea using the grapevine wreaths!!....Love the silverware so delicately wrapped...

  44. I love yoyr pictures...and guess I am a follower...hugs, sylvia from Villa Extra

  45. I love the Dollar store... and it feels good to know that other woman... like you...who have a great sense of style...also shop their aisles... and what beautiful results!!!

    Your table is fit for a Queen!

    Thank you

  46. I agree with ya Courtney...I never get out of there just spending a buck:) Thanks for giving me the idea of using a wreath for a charger...silly me...I have never thought about it.


  47. woow.....that´s what I call a tablescaping :)
    just Lovley photos......
    and do not miss THE


    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  48. Stopping back by to say thank you for sharing this beautiful tablescape at Potpourri Friday!