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Thrift Store Finds

Last weekend, I went with my oldest son Ryan and his girlfriend 
 out to look for furniture and stuff to outfit their first apartment.
Such an exciting time for them.

Me on the other hand...
yeah... a little mixed honestly.
My oldest baby old enough to move out and live on his own?
Cannot believe how fast they grow up.

Anyway, we had a fun time shopping
and they scored a huge set of dishes for their apartment at the SA for just $2.99.

Plus, bric a brac was all buy one get one they had fun picking up a few more things too.
Since it was all on sale- of course I had to peek around a bit.

 Here's what I found

I love white dishes and pick them up whenever I find them so a charming white creamer
and gravy boat were a yes and
 that little dainty white floral creamer is absolutely darling.

I tried to resist this gorgeous set of vintage china at the SA as well...
it was too good of a deal to pass up and then another item free...
 *sigh* it came home with me.

The set is complete with 10 teacups and saucers too which I love.
Tea party anyone?

We stopped at one more thrift on the way home just to see what they might have
and just when it looked like we weren't going to find anything...
I spotted a big plastic garbage bag with something interesting in it

yep... a vintage chandelier.
I don't know much about it but it has beautiful details and is marked made in Spain.
2 of the arms are in need of tightening/fixing
 it needs some cleaning up and I have no idea if it works yet
but for $7.00  it was mine all mine 

Any big plans for the long weekend?
Not much over here. Just a little r&r and maybe working on a sewing project I have been thinking about.
Whatever your plans are~ have a great weekend!!!
Happy Saturday!

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  1. Geez...your SA is way better than mine! If mine did have those things they would charge like $80 for the china....and $10 or $15 for the white china each and the chandelier would be like $150 - $200. Prices at our Goodwill and Salvation Army are in line with lower end Antique Stores....truly.

    1. Ours too! Your only hope is hitting the 50% off everything days, and even then... You guys are really lucky to have those prices

  2. I love doing stuff like this, so does my daughter, and I know you can re-wire the chandy and it will be wonderful. I collect china, and have for decades, so I know how this goes. I will NEVER be able to use all of it, but. Great post.

  3. Oh a Chandy!!! simply wonderful! Great finds...

  4. Oh a Chandy!!! simply wonderful! Great finds...

  5. Those dishes are great, Courtney! Such a nice set. I thought it looked familiar from your first picture and I realized my grandmother had that set!

  6. Oh Courtney i love your treasure!
    My boy applied for a business loan on Friday with his best friend/business partner and they are only eighteen????? seems yesterday he was a little boy sigh.....
    Loving the chandelier you picked up and if it doesn't work it would look great over your bath with candles in x

  7. My grandmother had the same china. I believe it was her everyday as I recall a chip or two from use and, of course, children. My grandmother's house had a really large pantry with glass door cupboards and drawers for linens. It was fascinating to me, looking through those glass panes. Many of the crystal and dishes, et al belonged to my great-grandmother. Everything seemed from another world. Thanks for evoking that memory. I will have to ask my younger sister what became of the set. I'll be rifling through cupboards tonight! Lol.

  8. Gorgeous treasures. I bet it was hard to resist ;) How could you not buy that china?
    Can't wait to see the chandy on opening night... I know you'll work some magic and she'll be a star!

    Courtney, I don't know where the time goes? Only that I know I would like some back. Or at least to have it slow down a little...

  9. Wow, Courtney, you really did well! The china is beautiful...and that chandelier is gorgeous. I am sure it will all look lovely in your home!

  10. WHOO HOO awesome treasures you found!


    No plans here, just working, bloggin, cleanin and getting ready for friends next weekend

  11. Oh my goodness...that chandy for $7.00!!! It is so beautiful! deal of the decade I'd say! Your new dishes are absolutely gorgeous too!

  12. Oh what a treasure! The first pic with cakes is my favourite!
    Have a nice day
    Warmest Regards fron Italy

  13. Love the vintage chandelier I've been looking for something like it for my dinning room. My boyfriend is not in the same mind sent but I'm sure he'll get there soon.
    Have a nice day.

  14. Well done! Thrifting is always fun just for the hunt but it sounds like you both made a good haul. Your new sugar bowl looks just like a set of ironstone that I have recently inherited from my mother, coffee service included. She had several sets of white china, and that is what always looks good to me. Hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Those dishes are gorgeous! I think I would have snagged them too! The chandy - now what are you going to do with this? I'm sure something fab!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Great dishes - do they have a manufactures mark and pattern name? They look very much like the ones that were our Sunday dishes when I was much younger many years ago. ; ) Patty/BC

  17. Wow! Those are great treasures. The dishes are beautiful and the chandelier is fantastic.


  18. Oh my, you really did score!!!!!

  19. How fabulous that y'all found a china set for 10 and I can't believe the price. Way to shop! The chandelier will be beautiful when you get it wired and installed.

  20. Ow WOW! I would swear I know that floral pattern. I am so jealous, our SA closed up shop last year and we miss it terribly. They use to have 99c days, where everything in the store was only 99c. Other days, fill a bag (a huge yellow SA bag they furnished you) for $20. plus you could fill as many as you wanted. Love the treasures you found :-)

  21. I feel for you! I've been there when your kids grow up it sneaks up on you! My first Granddaughter just got married. Happy but sad too!
    The dishes and the chandelier are GREAT!

  22. My gramma had those dishes and I don't know what happened to her set....sigh...

    You NEVER find that kind of stuff here....only at antique malls for crazy prices!

  23. Oh how divine!!! You certainly were at the right place at the right time. I agree that those dishes were meant for your daughter. How sweet.

  24. Your finds are fab! I can relate ti Nita- she might live I'm my area. The SA here and other thrift stores price stuff really high. I wish we had bargains like you score. Enjoy the hunt!

  25. Wow, what a great find, they are beautiful.

  26. Love the dishes.We got those dishes when we went to the movies in the 40's at the Presidents Theater in Philly.I can't remember the price of the ticket but you got a dish every week. That was the pattern with the gold border. The ticket price Brings back memories.for kids was 11 cents.

  27. That is such beautiful china and the vintage chandelier is fantastic! Great finds! Hugs, Leena

  28. I'm drooling all over my cell phone after seeing the vintage chandelier! Hope you'll post pics when it fixed and hanging. We're off to the cottage in the country for the week. It's hot here in TX. But we'll make the best of it!

  29. Great finds!! Both of my children moved out at the end of this summer to head off to school and I am finding it really strange. The house feels all of a sudden HUGE and I find myself planning for their first weekend home....already!!

  30. Scores abound! (But I do know how you feel about son's moving out. Mine went off to college and I all but dissolved into a puddle. BUT I did get used to it knowing he's happy and that makes me happy!)

  31. You certainly scored! My heart about went through the computer when I saw those dishes!!!!

  32. Absolutely a great deal on the chandelier. I love your finds!

  33. I have an almost identical set of dishes, and they are marked Paden City Pottery. :)