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Just a Touch of Fall

It doesn't feel much like Fall here yet.
The days have been wonderfully warm and even up into the 90's recently.

I am loving it... but it does make it a little harder to get into the Fall decorating mood.
I wanted to put up a quick and easy mantel display in my office
with just a few touches for now.

A few pale pink roses
and a delicate birds nest

With tiny bouquets of wildflowers
I love adding blooms to my Fall decor.

This handsome pheasant was a recent thrift store find 
I tucked him in among a couple of tiny white pumpkins 
and several mossy branches 

Just a collection of simple elements mostly gathered from the yard 
for a super quick vignette in the office.

Hope your week is going great!
Busy -busy over here~ and I am working on geting all the Fall touches up this week.
Well... we'll see how that goes!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Courtney I love the idea of putting pumpkins in nests! That is so creative and something I had not even thought of. I have several nests I could do that with. Hope your week is going well.

  2. you create such beauty in every season, courtney. thank you for sharing your home and so many beautiful moments.



  3. So pretty!

    We're having fall weather and it is such a welcome after the horribly HOT summer.

    Lovely post, just a touch of fall, perfect!

  4. This post certainly makes me want to cling to pink summer roses fresh with promise!

  5. Hello Courtney,

    Hoping cooler weather comes your way soon...we are having cooler weather this week and it is so nice. Pumpkins and nest...what a wonderful combo.


  6. I like your soft and romantic touch-of-fall decorating Courtney. Just enough to hint at the changing season, while still enjoying the late summer roses.

  7. This is truly the softer side of Autumn! Love the baby boo in the tiny nest! I'm loving your pretty fall decor!

  8. Your vignettes are lovely and inspiring. I have just been introduced to you and enjoy your pictures so much.

  9. You are not only gifted with your decorating, but photography and editing! Blessings

  10. Love the colors, thrift find, and pumpkins in the nest. Thank you thank you for sharing.

  11. What a handsome fella that pheasant is. Luv it!!
    Especially the little pumpkin in the nest..
    Beautifully done Courtney!
    Cheers, Gee

  12. Very pretty! I just love the pumpkin in the nest, so very cute. As always, the roses are beautiful!

  13. So lovely and romanticand peaceful! Love the roses. Joan

  14. It's lovely Courtney - as always! I like how you use roses so often :) And the pheasant is a fun fall touch!

  15. Very soft look for your mantel, Courtney! I think these Fall touches suit your office and decorating style. The pheasant is a perfect touch along with your little white pumpkins. I still need to add a few things outside, but otherwise I'm done.

  16. You make everything look beautiful Courtney.

  17. Your Fall look looks great! I love the soft tones. Love the roses and the bird nest.


  18. So pretty! I love how you decorate, so calming and peaceful.

  19. LOve love love the little birds nest with the pumpkin. With the other white pumpkin and roses ...well its just lovely. You are constantly amazing me. You take the simplest of things and make it look like a million dollars. What wonderful talent you have. I absolutely love coming here!!

  20. Hi Courtney... I just found your beautiful blog through sweet Laurie at Heaven's Walk... I love your pretty fall vignettes... simple and beautiful... your chalkboard with your favorite Autumn things is so pretty, and your little thrift store pheasant is precious... I love soft pale pink roses too, my favorite!... and love decorating with Nature's treasures... signing on as your newest follower... fixing myself a nice cup of coffee, and coming back to browse through some of your older posts... xoxo Julie Marie, (Idyllhours)

  21. Oh how I love visiting here, Courtney! Your styling, vignettes, and photography never fail to delight my eyes and make me sigh. :) YOU are amazing!!

    xoxo laurie

  22. This is soft and lovely and may I say your pictures are great quality. Thanks for sharing, I love your style.

  23. This is beautiful, Courtney--I especially like the pheasant with the little white pumpkins.