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Simple Burlap Bags

Yes... I know.
It's not even Halloween yet... but I have Christmas on my mind already.
Don't hate on me please.
I have some pretty big plans for Christmas this year
so I have been gathering up vintage ornaments, keeping my eye out for vintage trees and
other bits and pieces of Christmas past.
Don't worry...
I will wait until November to start sharing Holiday inspirations ;)

I have also been thinking about making burlap treats with that big old roll of beautiful burlap
 that I got from my sponsor Burlap Fabric .
Yes, I have some left even after making  table runners, pillows and drapes

My latest project is super simple and easy
and it took me just about 10 minutes start to finish to make each one
 so it is super quick too.

 Tiny burlap gift bags. 
I love them. 
They are so charming and sweet and can be filled with a small gift or some dried flowers
 like lavender, scented sachets, etc. They are perfect as a hostess gift or party gift.
Most of the ones I have found recently have either been too large or too small for what I was thinking 
so I decided to go ahead and sew a few of them and set them aside for Christmas gift giving.

I love the burlap bags as little place setting gifts
( just make sure to wash the burlap first to avoid any little hairs coming loose.)
So simple to sew- they are just little rectangles with the tops folded over.

Here's how to make your own.

 Cut out a piece of burlap to a little larger than the size bag you would like.
 I cut a long piece and folded it over to have a 'bottom' with it being open on just 3 sides.

Simply sew around the edges ~ I did stitch across the bottom as well just to keep it a little more flat~
 and then trim all those wild hairs off the edges. Yes- there will be A LOT of them and be careful when pulling them off- if you pull too much-
you might have to sew back over your seams again- burlap unravels very easily.

Flip your bag inside out and fold over the top edge.
You can add a drawstring and then sew the bottom edges if you would like
 I kept mine open.

I want to point out that on some of these bags,
 I used the natural hemmed edge as the edge of the burlap as in the photos below 
& some of the others I just pulled a few strands of burlap off to have a fringed edge.

Next just add your numbers, names, or greeting and fill with goodies. 

That's it. 
If you would rather not make your own burlap bags Burlap Fabric does sell them
pre-made in several sizes at very reasonable prices and pre-made will also help avoid those strange stares from others when you go into the grocery store all covered in little burlap hairs...
I know nothing about that at all of course.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I love these, I am going to give this a try. Thanks Courtney.


  2. How dang cute are these girl..Love them..Thanks for another great post..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  3. These little bags are precious! Also love the union jack pillow and burlap drapery panels! So rustic and chic.
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. I think I may be burlapped out after the Marie Antoinette scarecrow but I am going to use this idea for next year's Trick or Treaters!
    They would also be pretty with tall pillar candles and lavender or maybe even coffee beans! Oh! How about a bar of handmade soap for the Holidays! So many uses!



  5. Hi Courtney!!

    Great idea for any time of the year!!



  6. I love it all and those burlap bags are just soooo sweet! Great ideas Courtney! :-)

  7. Thanks for sharing so much loveliness. You can never go wrong with burlap and the little bags are so cute!


  8. Hey Courtney! I love your little burlap bags...too cute, and perfect for little gifts. All of your burlap projects are amazing! You sure know how to put a table together :)

  9. loving all the burlap inspiration--it's always perfect for fall, oui?

    i am a genuine halloweenie weenie so i'm all for thinking about christmas in october!



  10. Courtney what a great project! Since I do not sew I will opt for some already made.What a pretty way to present a gift!

  11. You and I are cut from the same cloth(likely burlap) I can not wait for heck with the bags! x0

  12. So cute! I love burlap...maybe not it's hairs though! Lol! (;


  13. So many cute ideas for the use of the bags!...Love the lavender filled bags!....

  14. Those are cute and I look forward to your Christmas decorations.

  15. You are not the only one... I have already started making some of my gifts out of burlap.
    November is not far off.

  16. So cute, Courtney! Maybe people will just think you're wearing a burlap coat...? lol

    xoxo laurie

  17. I hope no one will hate on you! I love the burlap bags and I too have gone out in public with burlap fur on me. So you say you have big plans for Christmas. Please share.

  18. They're adorable. It's funny how such a simple thing can be so cool. I love seeing them with sprigs of lavender ...


  19. So cute! I could see these used for so many things. Did you know you could lesson the dander from burlap just by putting it in the dryer for a time or two? Thanks for sharing. xo marlis

  20. Gorgeous! Beautiful burlap goodies! Thanks for sharing!
    House on the Way

  21. Vos idées sont toujours très ingénieuses... ces petits sacs peuvent être d'excellents petits présents...
    Gros bisous

  22. Very pretty, Courtney. I love them as place settings on the table. Such a great project for those left over bits, too.

  23. Those are just the cutest Courtney! I hate the burlap hairs too.

  24. C'est un très joli sachet romantique avec ses petites fleurs...
    J'aime beaucoup.
    Belle soirée.

  25. The little bags are so sweet and the perfect touch for a place setting. I can't wait to see what big plans you have for Christmas!!!!

  26. I love your burlap gift bags! Thank you for sharing those lovely ideas :))
    Best wishes

  27. Simply darling, Courtney! Just think how sweet these little bags would look filled with greens for Christmas!
    Please stop by StoneGable and join TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS. Your great project will be a welcomed addition! Linky goes live Wednesday at 8:00pm.

  28. Courtney, thanks for sharing the cute burlap bags and these beautiful photos at Wow.

  29. Wonderful idea! I'll have to pull out the sewing machine, dust it off and start making these. I love it!