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White Dishes Dressed for Fall

I shared my collected white dishes displayed in one of the built in bookcases
and I mentioned that those whites got a little bit of Fall.

Not much mind you... 
just a bit. 

I tend to keep it simple. 
So I went with my favorites 
white pumpkins, pinecones & tiny blooms

A few pieces of those grasses my daughter and picked are tucked in with the flowers
it bring just enough of a harvesty Fall feeling.

These are the same roses that I have used on the Living Room Mantel
Such gorgeous roses and the $4 bouquet was large enough to use a couple here and there
in several rooms.

I love the softness of these collected whites all together and they are my favorites for Fall
Though I actually have some orange pumpkins now
I know- crazy right? lol!
Yes, I will be sharing a couple places that were touched
by some traditional Fall colors soon

For now,
just a few pumpkins and flowers will have to do.

I found a few exciting treasures at the thrift store yesterday
and they are inspiring some changes in a couple rooms.
I will be playing around a bit today and will be sharing soon.

Happy Saturday!!


  1. Everything looks just dreamy Courtney... love the look of white with just a hint of Autumn colors... the pinecones and teensie flowers are perfect... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. wopnderful white fall ! Dreamy like a soft fairy tale
    xoxo from PARIS

  3. Hi Courtney. Your whites are always so calming and beautiful. Sometimes it is kind of nice to rest our eyes! Great collection of white dishes and I looking forward to see what you are doing. It is always wonderful..Happy Weekend..Judy

  4. That looks so pretty!
    I like the grasses and the pinecones...they add just the right amount natural elements to all that's pretty.

  5. Courtney, this is absolutely gorgeous!! I love your dish collection and the white pumpkins are just perfect! Beautiful, as always!

  6. Subtle and simple = pretty! I saw different grasses for sale at Home Depot and I thought how great it would be to have them to cut and decorate with. I can't wait to see what you found while thrifting!

    Happy Saturday!


  7. Love your simple Fall touches amongst your beautiful white dishes...sigh!


  8. Meraviglioso!!!massimo della purezza e candore!!! baci!!

  9. Courtney love your fall display.I am sticking to my whites and neutrals for the most part.A few pumpkins snuck in my home that are not traditional but interesting ;-) .
    ~~~~~~~~~Beautiful inspiration~~~~~~ Have a great weekend!

  10. Beautiful and dreamy!! Love all of your white dishes.


  11. Love all of your white dishes and the subdued Fall touches.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous, i have a small hutch and have blue/white transferware and pink rose patterned cups/saucers/plates/teapots, love the all white....suek

  13. Happy Saturday Courtney!!!

    How pretty these pictures are. You used just enough to bring in the fall. I love the white dishes and again your use of pink roses.

    I can't wait to see what you bought at the thrift store!!

    Have a great weekend!!


  14. Courtney, your autumn decor is beyond perfect! I was so glad to see some that didn't include orange pumpkins and black crows....which just isn't the way I roll. lol Your hutch is gorgeous and now I know how to mix roses with pretty white pumpkins! :)

    xoxo laurie

  15. I love the soft neutrals in your built in. It is just gorgeous. You make my want to find a way to display all of my white dishes!


  16. Adorable Courtney, neutral but still fallish! Just love using wax flowers, and they last forever it seems.

  17. Absolutely perfect pictures! I love subdued colours!

  18. looks so sweet. im painting pumkins now. pastels, go figure. with some fairy dust. for the grandkids. cant believe they didnt want traditional. still would love to know what the baby flowers are. i just love them.....never seen anything like them. would sure love to have some.

  19. Love it, Dawn! The white dishes are so lovely the way you have them displayed! I love the pale hints of color you added for Fall! I can't wait to see what you are going to do with your thrift store treasures!

  20. I Hope you know I meant to say Courtney! Obviously I should not be responding at this late hour:)

  21. It is absolutely stunning - the tones of white on white are so elegant & lovely ....
    Dee at the Carlton

  22. Your white china looks fabulous in your cabinet! I see you have ads for CIBC on your page... my Sweetie & I have both worked there for many years! Have a great week ahead.


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