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In the Bloglight at Hometalk

I am so honored to be 'In the Bloglight' over at Hometalk this week! 
If you aren’t familiar with Hometalk~head on over- you will love it there!
 It is an awesome place where you can share and connect 
with other bloggers, homeowners, pros and in general house and home enthusiasts

Hometalk sent over a few questions for me to answer about 
French Country Cottage and the girl behind the blog~ so here’s a little bit about Moi.

I am married and a mom of 3 ~ 2 boys and a girl
A 20 year old, 17 year old and 14 year old
(yes, I am feeling old as I type that!)
I met my husband just after graduating high school and our family lives in
a vintage cottage that we have been fixing up bit by bit in a rural area of California.

Q: How did you first get into blogging?

I first started blogging about 2 and a half years ago when I was sort of in between places.
  My children were getting older & they were in school and I wasn't needed as much and at the same time I was caring for my grandmother who had dementia. 
Those two shifts kind of put me in a bit of an emotional place where I was looking
 for something to really delve into that was quiet and pretty. 
Something that was a creative outlet for me where I could decorate, inspire and be inspired.  
My sister and I were talking about blogging one day and as we talked... it clicked. 
It was a place where I could write, share the renovations of our house, fuel my passion for design and where someone might actually notice and appreciate that chair that had moved in the room.  ;) 
It was also a place where I could connect with others who have similar interests- 
which can be harder to do when you live in the country.  It seemed like a perfect fit. 

Q: How did you decide on the name of your blog?

Actually, I had the name French Country Cottage written down for several years already. 
It was something I always thought of to describe my style and my favorite decorating and design styles.
I hadn't thought about it for a name for a blog- I actually didn't even read blogs before I started mine.
But when I did start blogging- French Country Cottage was the name for sure.

Q: Is blogging something you do on the side, or is it a full time job for you? 
What did/do you do for a living?

Blogging for me started out as a hobby- just sharing the renovations of our home, flea finds, etc. 
That somehow led to my first job in social media, which led to another and so on.
So after a couple of years it is now more of a job than just a hobby
and I absolutely love working as a blogger.
 I have been fortunate to be able to be at home with my kids since my first son was born.
Since I got married and started my family pretty young,  I didn't have a career to go back into as the kids got older which left me kind of wondering what I would be when they (and I) grew up :)
Becoming a blogger has been an incredible blessing and outlet for me.
Aside from designing for my blog and being fortunate to be working with some incredible companies,
 I am also starting to freelance with magazines as a stylist,  doing design consults
and working on a couple of side projects that I will share more about soon. 

Q: What do your friends and family think about your blog?

Most of my friends and family don’t read my blog actually.
 My sister Taylor- who is the one who convinced me to start my blog-
  read (and commented on) every post in the beginning and she was my
 one and only follower for awhile. She truly is an awesome sister and one of my biggest supporters.
(I keep trying to get her to start a blog about college life or daily advice... I'm working on it!)

But some of my family have never read even one of my posts or navigated over to my blog
 and then a couple others stay connected a bit more on FB rather than my blog-
so they do know what I am up to.
 Just the other day at Thanksgiving one of my brothers asked me what exactly a blog is
and what I do on mine.

Bedroom at Christmas

Q: How has blogging changed you?

In so many ways, really. It has given me a place to share- to create- to find my voice a bit with my style. It has helped feed a part of me that kind of got lost in the day to day household stuff and that was struggling with the changes that were going on. Blogging has also helped me to push myself a bit more to get out there and grow  and it has given me an awesome way to do something I love
and make a living doing it. 

Q: Do you keep a strict posting schedule?

Not really- I am more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl ;)
  I generally post 4-5 times a week- but it's sometimes less sometimes more- it just depends.
I tend to go with the thought of quality over quantity so I am not really one to post something
 just to post something. 

Q: What are your favorite kinds of posts to read/write?

Room makeovers and renovations.
But you can’t makeover a room every day so smaller projects and lifestyle inspirations are favorites too. I am constantly re-styling my home and I love creating a new look for a room, 
 setting a romantic table or playing with flea market finds.

Q: Do you have any advice for bloggers who are just starting out?

Like Nike says- Just do it. Write that first post and hit publish.
Then write the next one and do it again.  Go out and mingle
(at blog parties, visting other blogs, etc) and really get yourself out there.
You never know who you might connect with or what opportunities might come
 your way. When I started blogging, I would have never imagined the incredible opportunities and dreams that have come true for me that began with simply hitting publish on that first post.

Thanks so much for the interview Hometalk!


  1. Wonderful begining Courtney, you certainly have a talent that has opened doors for you and I enjoy each post from you. Congratulations on your acheivements. ;)

  2. How very nice is this to hear about the person behind all the crazy gorgeous photos and home. I makes your troubles with caretaking a bit less painful when you have an outlet to express the beauty parts that want to be seen so much. I am adore your blog, your hard work, your unique style and consistency is a part of my Beauty Time online and I am simply grateful for you being here.
    blessings, lady

  3. Very nice interview! I love your style and am happy for you that blogging has led you to other nice things. I know what you mean about reaching people who might notice that you moved a chair! The creative spirit is pretty restless....

  4. I love your blog Courtney. Beautiful, romantic, French country style.

  5. First of all Courtney you don't look old enough to have a son 20 let alone 3 sons.
    I have a 20 yr old daughter and live in rural southern Ca.
    You so deserve to be in every spot light, your home is divine.
    Love your style, how do your boys like it, I am sure they are proud of there Mom!

    Keep inspiring your beauty in all you do and create.

    1. The kids think I decorate with too much white~they like a lot of color!! I let go of trying to design and decorate the kids rooms the way I would like to awhile ago and let them do what they want in their rooms. So the rest of the house gets to be more white! ;)

  6. Go fun getting to know more about you. It seems like there are opportunities out there for talented bloggers like you. I'm very excited for you!! I also enjoyed hearing more about you personally.

  7. Woo Hoo! Such Fun Courtney! I am so happy for you! YOU ROCK!

  8. Always happy to see an email read more head over to my blog... from you in my inbox. You have a lovely sense of style.

  9. Thanks for telling us more about yourself. I so enjoy your blogs and the romantic French country style you showcase. THANKS! MB

  10. Congrats on being the Bloglight pick Courtney! Happy to see the light shining on you :)

  11. Courtney congratulations on your bloglight pick feature! Loved reading this about you and your family.We have girls around the same age! Mine just turned 13!

  12. So nice to learn more about you. I din't know you are doing some magazine styling. Good for you because you are really good at doing photo styling.

  13. Love your story and your blog. I so apprecite the ability to stop by every week and share what I am up to with your readers. I cannot believe you have children in their 20's...who knew? I am glad to see that blogging brings you as much joy as it does those that follow you.

  14. You lucky girl! A gorgeous home family and career, all that you LOVE. Congrats on the feature, your work and blog are beautiful, as are you. A young marriage blessed me with my, now 44 year old, daughter plus three more and 6 grands...the oldest is now 21 :)
    I would love to have my blog as my career,too,but wonly 6 months of real activity, I've got some hard work and more time to invest!

  15. Awesome, Courtney! You were one of the first bloggers that I discovered at the beginning of the summer. I was inspired by you and in need of something for "me" in that I was going through something similar with my kids 16 and 13. I love your blog and you are one fabulous gal! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  16. How fun to learn more about you and your interests, Courtney! Your talent, your gifts, and your sweet nature has certainly skyrocketed you inside and outside of blogland. :) And congrats, too, on your feature in Romantic Country!!!!! It was just beautiful!!!! It's such an honor to know you and call you friend, sweetie! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  17. I really enjoyed reading that. I have followed you for wuite awhile and love your style. It's nice to hear the story behind the girl ;)

  18. I love your blog !!!! Love your post and your family is just beautiful are you .. HOPE that your holiday is blessed......... Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl ..............HUGS

  19. Oh Courtney, what a refreshing and inspiring story. I love your blog. Been following since I started reading/writing a blog 18 months ago. Agree totally - Just Do It and enjoy. xx

  20. I have loved your blog since I found it a few months ago and this was so interesting to read :)

  21. Hi Courtney,
    I love your blog and all the home reno projects you have done. Your style is exactly what I like and hope to achieve in my own home. Thank you for sharing more about you. You don't look like you could have children that age! I too have stayed home with my kids and they are pretty much grown. That is how I started reading and following blogs. Yours is one of my most favorites.

  22. That made really good reading! What a lovely photo of you! Your blog is wonderful

  23. Great post, Courtney! I liked your advices, actually I loved everything you wrote. You have an awesome blog! Keep up with excellent work!

  24. Love, love, love your blog and everything you do. Thank you so much for sharing, Courtney!
    P.S you don't look a day over 30. :) I actually thought you were a newlywed when I first came across your blog, lol.

  25. This was such an inspiring read! Your family is absolutely gorgeous. You definitely have a very special style that captures beautifully on camera. I can't wait to see where this will ultimately take you. Thank YOU for the eye candy!

  26. Hi Courtney,
    Your blog is wonderful. I am so glad to find out more about you as a person and how you got your blog rolling.
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring!
    Miriam @ Hometalk is right... you don't look a day over 30!

  27. Great bloglight! It was so great getting to know you better Courtney! :) Love your blog!

  28. Loved reading more about Courtney and her family,you have such great taste and a wonderful eye for beauty,i wish you lots of success in your future projects x

  29. Great story and of course, great decor!! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself, Courtney. Your children are beautiful.

  30. Great post Courtney! I never meant to start blogging it was a push from my husband. Funny how things end up being good fits when you never saw them coming! Your blog is fantastic! Much success to you in all your future projects!

  31. You are such a great choice for the BlogLight - Congratulations and seriously I am still shocked that you have a 20 year old. I would have though at most 12 tops wow! How fabulous are you?!?! - Jacque

  32. What a great story Courtney. I can see you found your calling for sure...or should I say, they found you a true gem at photo styling. I always admire that about your photos.

  33. What a delightful post! It's so nice to get to know you a little bit more. I have been a fan of your blog for such a long time. Your Christmas bedroom grabbed me the very first time I visited your blog. I am a lover of red had me with that lovely post.
    I hope you have a great day and thanks for sharing.

  34. I loved learning more about you Courtney. Your blog has been a real gift of beauty to me. BTW my mom has never read even one of my blog posts. I think she's allergic to blogs!...Or maybe it's just me *winks* Vanna

  35. Courtney!
    Your family is gorgeous! You've got such amazing style and it's so great to get to know more about your pre-blogging life!

  36. Congrats on your Bloglight feature Courtney! It is so much fun to get to know you better and see more of your beautiful family! :-)

  37. It was fun and inspiring to read about how you started blogging and to know that this has become an actual business for you. I've been blogging for just about six months now, watching my following grow ever so slowly, and hoping that at some point I might figure out a way to actually sell some of the furniture pieces I've been working on. So much to learn but determined to plug away at it :) Patti

    P.S. You DO look incredibly young!

  38. First - let me say that you don't look at all like the mother of a 20 year old!

    It was wonderful and inspiring to read about how you started your blog. I am a mother of two and work full time but have been wanting to blog to support my etsy shop (and what I hope to be my future career). I'm hoping to find the time someday...Thanks for sharing!

  39. It was so fun to learn more about you and your family and you look way to young to have kids that age!!!

  40. I enjoyed reading more about you Courtney! You are so talented and very deserving of this feature. I always love to come to your blog for "eye candy."

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  42. So so lovely post. That's was such a pleasure to read about you and your blogging life !
    xoxo from PARIS

  43. Many congrats to you! I enjoyed learning more about you! You have such a beautiful family too. I've been a long time admirer of yours and you are very deserving of the BlogTalk recognition!
    ~KIM @ Sand & Sisal