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Outdoor Rock Fireplace Dressed for Christmas

I love decking the halls for Christmas
and my favorite things to use for decorating are natural elements.

Fresh greens garland and wreaths
cranberries and pinecones
even a few pieces of fruit and vegetables tucked in.

For the outdoor fireplace 
I knew I wanted to go with a rustic cottage type theme.
The rock construction and it's location outside just seemed to lend itself to
traditional, cozy and comfortable.

I headed to Lowes last week to pick up some supplies 
for decking the halls and one of the things I was so excited to found 
were these gorgeous fresh pine wreaths.

Absolutely wonderful and that pine smell-  amazing.
As I picked out the wreaths, I noticed a pallet covered in what seemed to be
even larger wreaths right next to them. 
I pulled one out and found it was gorgeous, thick mixed fresh greens garland.

Using just a fresh garland across the mantel and a wreath was perfect.

I kept the rest of the decorations fairly simple.
A few green apples (that were too bruised to eat) artichokes, cranberry garland
and a couple dried roses and led candles tucked in as well.
(after the Fall mantel that the deer pulled off while eating~ I am rethinking the fruit as I type...
 hoping they leave the apples alone this time! )

While I was at Lowes~ I also picked up a couple other things for decking the halls
That little spruce tree I shared yesterday is such a cutie~
 you will be seeing more of him  soon.

I will be sharing where the other things I brought home ended up and yes I know I am
posting this mantel a bit early but I wanted to share the fantastic 
Black Friday
 deal on these wreaths and garlands at Lowes 
 if you are one of those who are so inclined to brave the crowds to snag some awesome deals

These 22" wreaths~ will be just $7.97 each ( I changed the ribbon )
and the 20 foot fresh pine & cedar garland~ only $10.97 each.

It was pouring rain while taking these photos so I didn't light the fire since 
we wouldn't be sitting outside to enjoy it last night~ we were sitting by the fire inside the house instead.

Sooo... are you ready for Thanksgiving?
I am almost ready... but not quite yet....guess I better get busy! 

Happy Wednesday!

I was compensated for this post as a member of the
 Lowes Creative Ideas Network of Creators and Influencers  but the designs and opinions are my own.

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  1. You are so lucky to have such a lovely space to make even more cozy for the holidays! Love natural!

  2. This is absolutely enchanting! I love the apples and artichokes and pine cones together! What a fairy tale setting this is. Hope you get to spend some time there enjoying it this Season!

  3. Hi Courtney! Just wanted to say these wreaths looks great! I I need some!

    Lina@fancy frugal life

  4. So beautiful! Thanks for the heads up on the Lowe's Friday deals! Will be out in the crowds to get wreaths and garland! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!


  5. I love this outdoor fire place... I love the wreaths, the garland, All the detail on the fireplace...OMGOSH and that sparkly surprise that is hanging from above the fireplace in one of those pictures... Can we say LOVE !!!! Your an amazing designer... And I want your back yard lol ............Happy Thanksgiving

  6. Looks great. That fireplace! That chandelier! My heart is melting. I would have so much fun decorating it for every season. Just be careful those pines are highly flammable. : )

  7. Beautiful, I can smell the pine from here. What bargain prices. We would would never get them for that here. :)

  8. Beautiful! Luv the natural take on Christmas. If I inhale deep anough, I can smell the pine :-) . I am NOT a Black Friday shopper, but I may be tempted to make a trip to our Lowe's for the greenery...
    Happy Thanksgiving Courtney.
    Cheers, Gee

  9. What a beautiful space, Courtney! Your decor is wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  10. It looks just gorgeous. Love all the fresh and natural elements. Your ribbon is lovely. Do you mind mentioning where you got it? :)

    1. The ribbon is from Ben Franklin craft store. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

    2. Thanks, Courtney! Ben's not too far from here. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. I just love your beautiful outdoor fireplace, and the greenery is just right out there. Also love the wreath on that cool orchard ladder! Take care, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. I bet the deer will be so excited you put out a Thanksgiving buffet, just for them ;)
    It looks beautiful Courtney. Happy Thanks giving to you and your family!

  13. Love the natural accents and the space is gorgeous! Love to sip some coffee and enjoy the season. Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Courtney, I never tire of looking at your home. You live in a perfect doll house!

  15. Beautiful, Courtney! You cannot beat fresh garlands and wreaths. They are hard to use outside in NOLA because of the heat. They tend to dry out easily. Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!!!!

  16. A simple yet classic Christmas look, Courtney! It is beautiful and I'll bet it smells wonderful!

  17. Courtney, you never fail to amaze me! This is stunning. Love the fruit and artichoke added in...gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving,


  18. Beautiful! I love natural decorations!

  19. It all looks so wonderful! Perfect and simple and wonderful!

  20. I've been wanting a neat lantern, love yours! This whole scene is grand yet cozy. So pretty♥

  21. What a beautiful space to spend the holidays, Courtney! Just beautiful!!!! You always find the best deals, too! I love the simplicity of the unadorned wreath and all of your natural elements tucked in the garland. I truly think it's the only way to decorate a house. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, my sweet, talented friend!

    xoxo laurie

  22. Oh, my,lucky you to have such a beautiful outdoor fireplace to deck out...simply beautiful!

  23. Looks so beautiful Courtney. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  24. It's beautiful! And that chandelier... Just, great!

  25. Courtney, I love the cedar garland and all the other decor. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  26. These are some really beautiful ideas! I have actually been curious about getting outdoor fire pits in denver... I just love the idea of having an outdoor fire place!

  27. Having this outdoor fire pit plus some hot cocoa and Home Alone on the big screen makes me anxious for Christmas!