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Simple Ornament Gifts

Do you love vintage Christmas ornaments as much as I do?

Their somewhat quirky shapes and sizes 
and their shiny finish that is wearing away a little at a time

The tarnished beauty of that old mottled spidering that covers them just talks to me
I am always on the lookout for vintage ornaments
and when I find them~ they usually come home with me.

When I found a big basket of ornaments at the thrift store a couple weeks ago
I sifted through and could not believe the jack pot of vintage that was mixed in.

These are just a handful of them. 
There were reds, blues, teals, whites, silver & gold and even an occasional pink
and they were marked just .50 for a bag of aprox. 8- definitely my kind of pricing. 

I think my favorites are some of the very tiny ones with the delicate little tops 
I don't think I have seen ornaments with tops like some of these have before ~ does anyone have idea of age?
I can tell that some are older than others but I am loving them all equally.
They are absolutely charming.

You can display them all together in a big basket or even just a few of them gracing the branches 
of a little Charlie Brown feather tree.
They would even be perfect to give as a gift to a  vintage loving friend.

I love the idea of a simple gift for someone special that doesn't cost a lot
I am also one of those types of people who start setting aside gifts early in the Season.
I don't like to get jumbled up with last minute shopping for everyone.
Throughout November~ I will be sharing simple & inexpensive ideas for gifts
that you can put together ahead of time and set aside

For this idea, key tags and a mini stamp set was all it took to create something special
You could even put someone's name on it if you wanted to. 
Wrap with a little mesh netting or shredded book pages and tuck it into a pretty gift bag
 or rustic burlap sack.

 If you don't have the perfect vintage ornaments for gift giving~ there are so many
vintage inspired ones that you can find at stores like HomeGoods at amazing prices.

Busy over here~  well my mind is busy anyway ;) 
I am working on a couple of side projects that I am super excited about~
I hope to have a little something extra coming your way soon.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Today when I saw your Christmas decorations ! & you said how much you liked vintage decorations, for the first time ever it made me feel old, as I bought similar to these for my first christmas tree in 1962 the year I was married. I still have a few left as they do break very easily. But what do the younger generation class as vintage ? I don't feel vintage.

  2. Hi Courtney...some of those are from the 60's... most of the others from the 50's to early 60's... hard to see enough of a few of the others... I have collected vintage Christmas my entire life and have a huge collection, many dating prior to WWII... if you would like to email me and tell me more, I can tell you exactly when they are from... I am not an expert, but confident enough in my knowledge to know what is vintage and what is not... look closely at the caps, on the top for writing... many may say Poland or Czechoslovakia... those will be older ones... anything marked Occupied Japan is from the period right after WWII when our troops occupied Japan... USA marked are usually Shiny Brite... you really found some beautiful treasures... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I love vintage glass ornaments. Your collection is beautiful. I will have to keep my eyes open for a find as grand as yours. Here comes my next favorite season.
    Miss Ellie

  4. Beautiful pictures that put you in the Christmas mood!!!!
    Love the idea of the little tags...I hope you don't mind if I do this?
    Always enjoy your beautiful posts!
    ♥ Jil

  5. These are such beautiful photographs.

  6. I'm always on the hunt for vintage ornaments. I like the little word tags on them. Sweet touch. Have a good week.

  7. I love vintage ornaments...and I have also found that the Christopher Radko vintage inspired ones are beautiful too....yours are magnificent..Love the idea of adding the tags to them!

  8. So very beautiful, Courtney. I love vintage ornaments, too! I especially like the ones that have faded over the years or tarnished a bit. Your photos are just so lovely!!
    Have a delightful week!

  9. Courtney, these are such precious and pretty vintage ornaments. I have some that were my grandmothers...probably 70 years old. THey have been well "loved" but that makes them even better. You are so clever to add little tags and special words to each ball! They will make the most thoughtful gifts!

  10. That is truly my way of decorating for Christmas, Courtney! No red and green in this old house. :) Love the pink, white, and teal! And now I know that I can keep my roses around right through the holiday because they look so pretty with the vintage ornaments! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Wow that was the jackpot!! I'm looking forward to the gift ideas!

  12. Ironically, I found out I like rose petals and Christmas ornaments together...I think the jedi mind trick of putting them together works beautifully and seamlessly. We had ornament tops like all you have shown when I was a kid.Love the colors you have!

  13. Hi Courtney,

    These are just lovely.. I have a small collection and I display them in a bowl on on a table centerpiece. Tarnished, faded.. patina really adds to the beauty of these sweet collectibles.


  14. Courtney,
    WOW...such an awesome deal that you got here. I'm a vintage ornament fan too:)


  15. Hi Courtney, really enjoy your blog, love the way you stage. Your ornaments are lovely.

  16. Love your ornies....I also have a stash, from my mom and grandma......they are from the 20's,30's, and the 40's. Every year I place them in a china bowl on a sideboard with some crimped paper in the bottom. Nice memories....

  17. I love vintage ornaments! A few years ago, we started using old ornaments that belonged to my parents and Jim's parents. I also put small frames with family member's pictures in them on the same tree. It's nice to look at them, remember Christmas' past and enjoy the styles and colors that aren't always available in newer ornamnents. Your new collection looks great! Such a find and deal! Enjoy playing with them! Hugs, Leena