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A Little Christmas

Out in the little cottage bathroom
 just a couple touches of Christmas have appeared this year

A little romantic and a little sweet.
Metallic beads and old mottled Shiny Brites.
I love them displayed with the delicate creamy white dried roses.

The roses have been drying near perfectly this year and have such a beautiful
crepe paper appearance.
A sweet little champagne colored tinsel tree was a HomeGoods find

Simple brassy golds and whites are favorites this year.

 Faux garlands along the tall shelves above the door are dotted with pinecones and tiny 
LED votive candles to add a little ambiance

and the little wooden chair in the corner has a bundle of
fresh cedar and boxwood clippings & dried roses and statice tied to it.

One of my favorite little trees this year sits near the mirror
and wears just a few silver and pink vintage ornaments

He is a live tree rather than one that was cut for Christmas so he is in a pot
which is inside the bucket.

The package that I have been waiting and waiting on 
with something I ordered for Christmas decorating finally arrived-
 So I am finally going to be wrapping everything up~ phew!

Then it will be on to baking, entertaining and shopping. 
'Tis the Season!! Happy Sunday!

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  1. Love your silver tree and touches of Christmas in your bathroom!

  2. Very sweet, the little touches are perfect!!

  3. I love your christmas-it's perfect and beautiful!!!!!!LOVE ♥
    Have a nice day!! Vicky

  4. So elegant and understated. I adore your sweet decorations!

  5. So beautiful. I have used one of those buckets this year in my decorating, too. Great minds think alike.

  6. Absolutely lovely - just as expected! I love to look at your photos!

  7. Courtney, you make even a toilet look glamorous. Saw your spread in Romantic Country...BEAUTIFUL, girl!!! Simply BEAUTIFUL!!

  8. What pretty, dreamy photos, Courtney! That little tree in the pail is such a nice Christmasy touch...I love the smattering of ornaments on it. Hope you're having a good weekend. It is snowing like crazy here :(

  9. Once again Courtney, you have done a superb job. The touches are understated but beautiful!! Lady, I luv your style.
    Hugs, Gee

  10. So so so pretty!!! Your faux garland looks real! Love the little live tree.

  11. I admire your sense of decorating, beautiful Christmas. I decided to have live tree in the pot this year too, after Christmas time will be planted in our cottage garden. I love your faux garland with pinecones above the door. Have nice time. Renata

  12. This is so nice I love it! It is so elegant, and picture perfect!

  13. So beautiful, Courtney!! Loving that realistic faux garland!!!

  14. Love the romantic Christmas look you have! Beautiful! I am finally baking today I have much to do and so little time!

  15. Wonderful, Courtney! I love your champagne colored tree! :-)

  16. It is just beautiful, Courtney- I love it- xo Diana

  17. Beautiful--love the dried white roses with the mottled Shiny Brights!

  18. Oh my goodness,'s just all so pretty! I could be a verrrry happy girl living in that sweet little guest cottage of yours! I really loved that spray you did on the back on the chair. I adore seeing cedar boughs with flowers! :) Happy wrapping and baking, girlie!

    xoxo laurie

  19. Love this Courtney! So dreamy and beautiful. How wonderful would it be to be a guest at your cottage anytime, but Christmas would be the best!

  20. So beautiful Courtney. I love the tree.

  21. Beautiful as always girl..You do have that magic touch my friend..Did you make it to Alameda today?? I got a cold so didn't even go outside the house..Love ya friend..Gloria

    1. Hi Gloria!!!
      Hope you are feeling better soon!! Nope, I didn't get to Alameda this time either. We will have to try to connect one of these days and meet up for some shopping or a cup of coffee or something!

  22. Hi Courtney!!

    I love that you bring in the flowers with the decorations!! I agree with Erin, I love your romantic cottage.

    Have a great week Courtney!!


  23. Courtney, the little tinsel tree is so sweet. I love the sparse branches! It's the perfect fit for the room :)

    Man, I miss HomeGoods.

  24. I love the way you decorate your entire room...with this idea you will have a peaceful and joyful Christmas celebrations.

  25. Ces images sont vraiment splendides . C'est la magie de Nöël qui opère . Votre blog est une pure merveille .
    Amitiés du Sud de la France . Babette

  26. Such pretty touches! Thanks so much for stopping by the new blog Courtney! I appreciate the support while I get all sorted out. I know things are so busy for you! I hope you're enjoying the season!

  27. So inspired! I want another little tree!

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous holiday giveaway right here.

  28. Thank you Courtney for gracing your beauty over at my place, my daughters iron bed room is very white but the sepia lens gave it an antique feel to its style. My small investment home that we moved into after the sale of our much larger home was quite the adjustment, I still want to get the wood floors in, not doing to much here just enough to show well and get it sold in a little more than a year before another big move for us. In the mean time I have your home that inspires, and Laura's home that inspirers uniqueness. So many ideas pulling at us in so many design ways. I do know there is nothing better than a great find and then placing our stamp on it.

    You my friend have a home to love.

  29. Pięknie.
    pozdrawiam z polski

  30. The decorative touches in the bathroom are just divine. I love the tree.

  31. All of these pictures are so enchanted home for sure and a DELIGHT FOR THE EYES. Susan at Romancing the Home

  32. Love everything you do, Courtney! Always gorgeous ideas!
    Happy Holidays to you :)