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Anthro inspired Wreath

It all started with yarn.
Yes. yarn.
Well, technically, it started with Anthropologie I guess
so yarn and Anthropologie.

I was browsing through Anthropologie and there it was.
A beautiful creamy soft and floaty looking pom pom wreath. 
It was like a wreath covered in big vanilla scoops of ice cream.  
With a sweet neutral color and vintage inspired charm
 I adored it.

But I didn't adore the $128 price tag.

A certain someone in my family was drooling over this wreath as well.
 Lots of other bloggers have already made knock-off wreaths like this one this season
I am sure you have seen them popping up all over the place -they are gorgeous!
But I really don't think of myself as being one of those super fantastically crafty girls
with 'crafty' type projects like I think some of those bloggers are.
 Now give me a power tool- it's all good but some of that crafty project stuff doesn't really like me.
But I decided to get my craft on and try to make that wreath
for that certain someone~ so off I went to my local Ben Franklin. 
I looked for a nice pale cream yarn and as I stood surrounded by all that yarn...
I wondered just how one goes about making a pom pom.
(Secretly I was hoping that I would find a big old bag of chunky pom poms ready to go)
As a Ben Franklin employee walked by I asked her about making pom poms, did she know how to do it
 and how much yarn would I need for a wreath.
I had enough yarn she said but she grabbed a pom pom maker ($6) and told me I needed that too.

 Once home,
I sat down in front of the fire and started wrapping the yarn around and around that little pom pom maker. 
I followed the directions to a T but when it came time to cut the yarn and make the pom pom~ my pom poms in the making fell apart.
 Every. Time.

Frustrated, I handed the yarn & pom pom maker to my daughter
 a graduate of her first 8 years of school at The School of the Arts -yes literally-
and I showed her my sad looking pile of yarn that was trying it's best to be a pom pom.
She shook her head and put the maker down and said 
"Mom...just stop.  Let me show you how to do it."

She grabbed the yarn waved her magically crafty fingers and she made one. 
Without the little pom maker. 
 It was fluffy. It was cute.
 It didn't fall apart.

I tried to talk her into making a few... uhm dozen more... of them 
but she had things to do that didn't involve yarn & making pom poms or some weird crazy wreath.
So I tried her method... but it was no go.

Then I did what I should have done in the first place- I googled 'how to make pom poms'.  
I knew that there would be a ton of bloggers & creatives who would have a most awesome method 
for making a pom pom that wouldn't involve a pom pom maker or an Art school education.
Yep, there were. I found several different ways-
with nails in boards with a fork, or with cardboard tubes
  So I tossed that pom pom maker aside and got busy.
Cultivated Nest
it's overflowing
An Oregon Cottage

An hour of 'Revenge' on TV later  and I had a pretty pile of creamy fluffy & 
oh so fun and poofy pom pom balls

 ( ahem... okay... they sort of looked like they were having a wild hair day)
I tied each of them to a Dollar Tree grapevine wreath
 When I ran out of pom poms it left me with a bare spot at the top.
 I used the silk ribbon I found at Ben Franklin a few weeks ago that was on the boxwood
 wreath shared in this  post  and added a simple sprig of berries from the yard.

So here is
the could have been only $3.00 for the yarn 
but instead was $3 + $6 for the ridiculous pom pom maker 
Anthropologie inspired wreath.

 It's not perfect, definitely a little sparse and has some pretty wild hairs but I kind of like it.
and I like it even more that was $120 less than the one I adored in the first place.

That certain someone loves their 'faux' pom pom wreath
 so I guess it was a success.


  1. That really did turn out great, I love it... have a good weekend...
    Ciao for now...

  2. Your pom-pom wreath looks so pretty Courtney! Yes I have seen these floating around blogland too! LOVE this look especially with that bow!

  3. nice to meet you, wonderful blog.
    Last year I created a wreath with pom poms equal kiss Elly

  4. so wonderful yours looks like the real thing xxx

  5. WOOW.that´s a great job..I must try :)
    and do not miss.....




    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  6. Good for you for not giving up! It's really beautiful! :)


  7. Love your pom pom wreath. It's beautiful just like everything else on your blog!!!!!! Marsha @ Every Little Birdie

  8. This is so beautiful. You just can't beat red and white. Classic color combo.

  9. I'm glad that you've seen the rewards of your daughter's education. Consider your one pom pom just the beginning of all the benefits you will reap! The wreath is lovely and the price is even nicer.

  10. Your daughter obviously gets her know-how skills from you! Shame we can't make our off spring be at our disposal 24-7. With me, it's my son's photography. "Honey . . . could you just run take a picture of . . ." Mooooommmmm!

    Very fluffy and very cute wreath.

  11. The wreath turned out beautiful. I too really like Anthropologie, but their prices are a little steep on most things. Am going to try this wreath tomorrow! Thank you.

  12. Very nice girlfriend..I always use a piece of cardboard to wrap my yard around..I have made these for way over 50 years now..Have a great weekend my dear friend..Love Gloria
    ps..are you going to Alameda tomorrow??

  13. Oh I gotta try that! A lil tip. You can make it fluffier by running a brush over the ends. But DO NOT dig into the yarn. you will pull the pieces of yarn out and there go your balls. Just run the stiff bristles over the ends.

  14. What a fun project! I may have to try it one day.

  15. The wreath, I believe, is better then anthropology. I have to say I am a HUGE fan of their store except I think it's over priced. Everything has that homemade look wich is awesome but their price tags encourage people to go home and make knock offs.

  16. Hi Courtney!!

    It looks great!!!! And more than anything you saved $$ and that's the best. I won't pay high prices for things. I'm a bargain hunter for my treasures. If I see something I really like I try to find one that looks very similar, but, doesn't have the high price.

    Have a great weekend!!


  17. Thats beautiful Courtney. I bet it would look incredible as a long garland for a staircase too.
    xo Paul

  18. Glad you stuck with it, it turned out so cute!


  19. I think you did a terrific job...I wouldn't know how to make a pom pom either...I always think of

    I am so happy the gift was appreciated. Your work is lovely.....and I like wild hair...keeps things interesting :-)

  20. It's very very cute, Courtney! I love it! I need to get crafty and do some fun stuff like that some year!

  21. hi courtney...
    Am in walmart right now saw your cool wreath and Ihave to make one with my Iam picking some funky yarn and will.get busy.
    Love that Iwas thought in kindergarte how to make the pompoms... won,t need that little pompom maker!

    Thanks for sharing


  22. I made those type of wreaths when I was a kid in the 1970s. If you use a cone-shaped styrofoam and some tiny ornaments and decor, you can make a Christmas tree with the pom-poms. We didn't have pom-pom makers back then. I used a cassette tape to wrap the yarn around. haha Your wreaths are lovely.