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A Bucket of Blooms

My grandfather was one of those guys that was hard to buy gifts for.
He was a carpenter by trade and an always an avid gardener
so we always thought of tools or garden supplies for a gift.
But it wasn't long before his workshop was stocked fairly well- with extra tools
 for building and extra tools to tend to his plants.
So we usually ended up getting something like a special package of chocolates he loved
or something he could read.

  As my grandmothers dementia worsened
we wanted to get something special for him at Christmas to brighten lonely days
 When we shopped that year
and we were perusing the chocolates, puzzles  and gift ideas at the store

we picked up a package of Amaryllis bulbs and pots for him to go along with his gift.
 When he opened it- you could see the excitement on his face.
He planted those bulbs and watered them each day and when we would come over to see him ~
 he would take us over to the window he had placed it in to show
 us how much more they had grown in just a few days.
 First it was just the green stalks,  then the flower buds and then the blooms. 
 It was neat to see how excited he would get about that little pot of flowers  

I knew we found the perfect gift for him and it made me smile to know
how much he enjoyed them.

Flowers are always something that I love to give and to receive
 and that I have around the house year round.
  They are a little bit of sunshine~especially in Winter when it's dark and dreary
and blooms outside are in hiding until it warms up.

So while shopping at Lowes  for a Valentines Day gift idea for this months Creative Ideas project
I knew that I wanted do something with flowers
Right as I walked in the store
I smelled the most amazing scent and saw a sea of gorgeous blue, pink and purple blooms
I knew they would be perfect and chose a variety in blues, purples and pinks
I decided to plant them in a couple different containers for different ideas.
I grabbed a bag of potting soil and then was off to pick up containers.

I found the sweetest little white trio of pots planter in the indoor gardening section
Just $9.99~ it was perfect.

I absolutley love galvanized buckets and they are fantastic for planting in~
 just make sure you poke a few holes in the bottoms for water drainage.
A small bucket  is perfect for a single bloom

and  5 or 6 of the hyacinths inside a large bucket fill it nicely
(you can find the galvanized buckets in the paint section at Lowes)

 Add a little handmade tag made from sheet metal
or a simple Valentine card and you have a
 fragrant and beautiful bucket that is perfect as a gift
I also picked up a few other things while at Lowes  and will share another
 Valentines Day gift idea soon.

I might have wandered around Lowes for awhile after picking up the flowers
dreaming about new appliances and elements for the kitchen for a mini remodel I would love to do
Even as I notch of projects~ that list just keeps growing
Guess I better get busy over here.

I was compensated for this post as a member of the
 Lowes Creative Ideas Network of Creators and Influencers  but the designs and opinions are my own.

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  1. Beautiful flowers and heartwarming sentiment.

  2. Beautiful flowers and heartwarming sentiment.

  3. What a beautiful memory of your grandfather! And the flowers are so pretty. It's funny, I was remembering my grandfather as you spoke of yours. He would never open the presents we gave him in front of us. He always shook them and said he was sure a snake was inside just waiting to get out and bite him! Then he would chase us around laughing. Never saw him open a present once. But he was the sweetest. Thanks Courtney!

  4. Gorgeous. You have your grandfathers talent for gardening and flowers!

  5. You always have the prettiest flowers in your posts. I'm looking for something to put in a new large planter that I now have on my dining room table... I thought about going to Lowe's to get flowers but didn't know if they would have these yet. Thanks for the to Lowe's I will go.

  6. What a beautiful story about your grandfather!
    This house could really use some flowers right now. I'll be on the lookout when we go out later!



  7. Love this post. I can almost smell the Hyacinth, ahh. Spring is right around the corner. Thanks for sharing this great project. -Al

  8. I love the story of your grandfather and his indoor gardening. What a thoughtful, sweet gift you gave him. It brightened this grey, rainy day!

  9. I love hyacinths and they look so nice in that bucket–what a great gift idea!

  10. What a lovely story of your grandfather. My grandmother was a keen gardener and I remember how beautiful her garden was I used to help her water her pots and hanging baskets as a child. Then we would have afternoon tea all set out on a pretty table with a tiny vase of flowers. Whenever I see beautiful flowers it takes me right back there as a child.

  11. Beautiful flowers! And a wonderful living Valentine! I'm a Lowes/Home Depot addict as well, I totally understand!

  12. I love the story about your Grandfather. Memories is what life is all about. It is the small things that matter so much later in life. Thank you!

  13. What a beautiful story! Your hyacinths are amazing...they are some of my very favorites. A few years ago, when I first started my job at the elementary school, one of my students gave me the most gorgeous lilac-pink hyacinth. I saved the bulb and planted it, and it has come up every year since then. It's a beautiful reminder of all of the things I love: my students, my job, spring, flowers, and love! Thank you for I need to get out to Lowe's and snag some for myself!

  14. Ahhhhh.....a breath of fresh, sweet spring air, Courtney!

    xoxo laurie

  15. sweet! and I love your green stool too...I have one kind of like that!

  16. What beautiful memories of your grandfather. Thanks for sharing. I will go to Lowe's this week and see what I can find.

  17. You simply CANNOT beat the scent of hyacinth...except maybe with all time favorite! I need to get some're ahead of us here in the East though....haven't seen any yet!

  18. Those are beautiful! That would make the perfect gift!

  19. I love Hyacinths. The fragrance is intoxicating and who cannot be made happy by the colors? Than you for this lovely post.

  20. reminds me of my grandma and her african violets! love the story and the inspiration

  21. I just love the bucket...thanks for the great idea!

  22. What a touching story. I can almost smell those beautiful flowers!

  23. Love the flowers and the terrific gift idea!

  24. Flowers and birds bring me such joy. You have a wonderful eye for presenting beauty. I am totally envious of your skills. I have a project with my own home in Australia which is a classical verandahed colonial which I am sure you would restore with style and panache.
    I needed your touch to my country village apartment in the Loire Valley in France!
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  25. The bucket is a great idea ( I run into starting bulbs then all of a sudden the little containers don't work anymore when the bulb gets going...)

  26. Courtney,
    Beautiful post about your grandather...beautiful flowers too:)


  27. I can hardly think of anything more delightful than a big ole bucket of blooming hyacinths, they smell heavenly, just like spring!


  28. That was such a sweet gift to your Grandfather. My husband works in a nursing home and sees the effect of Dimentia on the person and on the family. Your gift to your Grandfather was quite touching to me. Love Hyacinths! They are amazingly fragrant and lovely. Love how you've potted them. I hope you have a blessed weekend.
    God Bless,

  29. I love that purple hyacinth on the blue and white chair--pretty! Glad that the flowers made your grandfather happy--they would have made me happy, too.

  30. Beautiful flowers Courtney!

    Enjoy your get away!



  31. Beautiful post. You know, you really have a gift of story telling. You occupy my attention immediately. I really like that :-)